2018 Thursday, November 22 - Thanksgiving in USA


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Enjoy!!

Besides Canada and the US, which other countries celebrate Thanksgiving? And what date for each?

I should have said this here. There are thousands of people in California whose homes burned down. There won’t be family get-togethers over turkey and pumpkin pie :frowning: The best they might get is a dinner from Red Cross or other relief agency. Let’s all remember them and their loved ones.

Could we also remember their pets, many of whom are lost or never got out. And the wildlife who ran for their lives. May all the living find water and foodstuffs in the burnt landscape. Be safe. Fires continue.

Firefighters and rescuers & those away from their families, bless you and be safe.





My daughter works for an insurance company. One of their long-time customers just lost his wife 2 weeks ago. His son has to return to his home and work which is out of state. The gentleman is 94 years old. My daughter told him she would bring him a Thanksgiving meal as soon as we were done eating. My wife said he will get the first of everything that’s served and it will be kept hot in one of the ovens (we have two, above and below ovens with separate heat controls, etc.). The food will be kept hot with the hot/cold bags we use for grocery shopping. When my daughter told him she was coming to his house with his meal, he began to cry. I suggested to my daughter that she invite him to eat with us, but she told me he doesn’t like to go out as he has several health problems. I told her that was fine and to respect his wish to stay at home. This may be the first Thanksgiving meal without his wife in decades, so I can see his not wanting to leave his home. My daughter is bringing lots of food wrap to make enough “leftovers” for him for several days as well.


Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US! (Canada celebrated ours October 8th!).



FYI. I will spend the day dropping in (literally, from the clouds) to each of my good friends’ homes.

To make it easier on you, I prefer:
white meat
drier stuffing (wet sticks to my whiskers! yuck!)
drier mashed potatoes (mushy is, shudder, bleh!)
turkey gravy yummmmmmm
no cranberry sauce (poisonous! bleh!)
corn, peas, or green beans

I bring my own “kitty bag” for seconds, so I won’t get famished in between visiting homes.

I might need a boost onto my cloud when I leave.

I will start my route at 1pm. Please be ready by 2pm. I will visit between 2 and 6 pm.

mew :heart_eyes_cat:


The earlier the better. We’re delivering a turkey dinner to a 94-year old man who just lost his bride of 70+ years. First Thanksgiving meal without her. His son just left for home a few days ago (out-of-state) so he is alone today. So lick your paws and get here before we - and the food - take a little trip. My daughter did not say exactly where this gentleman lives… :thinking: Must be a secret. :shushing_face: Maybe she has a little trip planned for us? :neutral_face: Will try to get back shortly after dark. Wouldn’t want anyone to say I was out gallivanting all night. :laughing:



Can’t move. Feel so full… so loved… Great food!


That reminds of a comedy series we used to watch years ago - Vicar of Dibley.
The Christmas special was The Christmas Lunch Incident when the Vicar just didn’t have the heart to turn down 4 separate invitations to Christmas lunch from her parishioners :laughing:


Happy Turkey Day to our friends in the US of A…
I always think of this whenever Turkey is served, even Thanksgiving…

This is actually meant to be a Christmas entertainment… for more mature audiences… treat little kids cautiously though… I’ve seen a few that took it the wrong correct way…

I’ve been invited for Christmas aka the Turkey Song

There are OTHER Turkey songs for small kids… so they might get them mixed up…





hrrrump… Guess nobody likes leftovers. LOL


Doug, I checked that song out. Liked it a lot. So then I just had to check out some videos/songs about same subject and found a few that I copied the links to. These are okay for the kids. That led me to checking out some other videos on a different topic altogether, and then another topic… :roll_eyes: When I finally realized it was 1 AM I figured I’d better get to bed so I’d hear the alarm go off a few hours later. Checking out that video cost me about 3 hours of nodding. :astonished: Guess I was easily distracted last night. :unamused: :laughing: