2018 Weddell Seals Part 3 - Russian outposts


I am collecting outposts. Not sure to whom this one belongs. There are two orange buildings at the bottom center of the poly and a large complex to the right of it.



I am definitely collecting outposts! Zoom out, the outpost is to the left of the poly. Interesting example of no darkness as time stamp is 1:33 AM.

( www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/229919 )


Not sure why I got the TN logo in the above post. It is image 229919. If you click on theTN logo in my post you might be taken to the poly I was referring to. Time for bed as I am not typing straight! :sleeping:


Put parentheses around the URL.


Thank you @cageycat. Still mastering all the ins and outs :slightly_smiling_face:


No problem. It’s a bug that started in the last months. It caught me, too, and I didn’t know why until others told me.


Not sure who these buildings belong to, storage tanks I’m guessing (just outside the poly) - there’s more buildings up and to the right…



Welcome to the Russian outpost, @Helen. If you zoom out and then look to the right and above the tanks you will see 4 oblong buildings. When you zoom in on the buildings you will see CCCP on the roof of one of them. :grinning:


That’s the Davis station Bev - co-ords: -68.576813, 77.967792

Quick facts
The Davis Station, commonly called Davis, is one of three permanent bases and research outposts in Antarctica managed by the Australian Antarctic Division.Wikipedia


LOL, I spotted the tanks, zoomed out and saw the other buildings, but didn’t actually think to zoom back in over the buildings… if I had done that, I would have recognised it straight away! :rofl: