2019 - April 1st to Jun 30th - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Start using this on April Fools Day. :wink:



It is April Fools Day …in Melbourne…

and here’s their weather:




I knew my comment would expose who the smarty pants is in this group… like there’s not more than one? :roll_eyes: :innocent: :laughing:



5:00 AM and it definitely does not feel like spring! It’s down to 31F/-0.5C but the wind gusts are between 20-30 mph/32-48 kph making it feel like it’s 29F/-1.6C. The wind is howling in the tree tops and every wind chime in the area is either playing nicely or just being “clanked” around (those do not sound musical). The only animal I’ve spotted outside all night has been a lone fisher. It ran across the street from between two houses on the other side of the street over to this side. I like how they hold their tail out fairly stiff and horizontal as they run. It ran into a vacant lot about the equivalent of 3 houses down. It’s probably heading back up over the hill toward the Hannacroix Creek where it runs past the cemetery to my south. Not even a single feral cat out.

Today will be partly cloudy with a high of 43F/6C. Winds are expected to die down to 15-25 mph/24-40 kph later this morning. Clear tonight with a low of 26F/-3C and breezy. But on the bright side, Tuesday’s high is supposed to be 52F/11C!


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-2 C -7 WC (19 F) light snow.



Ah but it may be funny to those who know Jim :wink:

Welcome to the newbie; why not head over to the Nodder Introductions and introduce yourself :smiley:



computer%20coffee image shock
Snow is not allowed now :sun_with_face:



I agree…we are getting it too!!!



We’ve got sunshine…and I’ve got plans for that unforecasted sunshine…out in the garden garden :sun_with_face:



Summertime in Scotland: it’s cold, starting to rain and snow is forecast. :frowning:



That’s “Sprinter” - half spring and half winter. :laughing: When you have very hot days in autumn, it’s called “Sumtumn” - half summer and half autumn. I guess half autumn (fall) and half winter will have to be called “Falter” - when the snow’s flying and the leaves have turned but are still on the trees. Don’t I make up good seasons? :upside_down_face:

Edit: Our low last night was 32F/0C but with the wind chill made it feel like 28F/-2C. After sunrise the winds have died down a little - after taking a tree down across the wires and onto a road across town. Still, it’s a little blustery. The sun has had the sky pretty much to itself for the better part of the morning so far. Just a few clouds. The high today is supposed to be around 43F/6C. Winds are expected to pick up again this afternoon to 15-25 mph/24-40 kph. There’s been white caps on the muddy brown river all morning. Yesterday’s white caps were quite high looking at them from 3 blocks away.

Tonight: Clear with a low of 25F/-3.9C.
Tomorrow: Partly sunny with a high of 52F/11C.
True “sprinter” weather. :grinning:



35F mostly cloudy
But feels humid, damp, colder.
Sunny, with a high near 41. West wind around 6 mph.

Barometer : 30.34 inHg. rising

Humidity : 54%

Wind : W. 9mph

Wind Gust : 11mph

Wind Chill : 28°F

Dew Point : 20°F / -7°C rising

Visibility : 10.00mi.

Sunrise : 7:05 AM

Sunset : 7:46 PM

Moon Phase : Waning Crescent Moon

Partly cloudy, with a low around 26. Calm wind becoming southeast around 5 mph after midnight.

My bones hurt.



My muscles hurt… cleaned up the street, sidewalk and apron of the driveway after the town chipped all the limbs and brush we dragged out Saturday or Sunday morning (can’t remember which (senior moment?)). Just finished at 2:25 PM.
It’s still mostly sunny and very breezy with strong gusts. At 2:25 PM it’s up to 41.0F/5C. When a cloud blocks the sun and the wind blows at the same time, it “almost” feels like winter again… very chilly. I don’t think I’ll be sitting on the porch in the shade without a winter coat on. And then put a lighter one on when I do something.



Well the forecast came true…windy,:wind_face: cold, overcast :cloud_with_snow:…currently -1 C feels like -6 WC (21 F)…snow tonight :cloud_with_snow: starting around 9 pm. …yuck!



And did you think that was an April Fools Day joke? :laughing: Send it down here (snow)! I’m all out! :frowning_face:
Our high today was 42.6F/5.9C. Currently at 9:42 PM it’s down to 32.0F/0C and falling. (Oops! It just now dipped below freezing!) Low tonight of 25F/-3.9C, clear and mostly calm.



Unfortunately…my white lawn and blowing snow says “this is not an April fools joke”…still snowing.
Just when you let your guard down, and think you can put the shovel away…oops…that’s April for you!

Currently -1 C -5 WC (21 F).



My wife wanted me to put our snow shovels away this afternoon. I just laughed and said what a good April Fools joke she made. She just shrugged her shoulders and said how she was tired of winter and couldn’t wait for warm temperatures… especially at night. But what about the snow? :worried: I’ll put the shovels away at the end of the month. :wink:

Edit: 2:23 AM and it’s down to 25.5F/-3.5C, clear and mostly calm. Should get down to about 21F/-6C at this rate. Good night! :sleeping:



Don’t do it …I did…and we are covered in snow! If the temps get up today it will melt…
currently -7 C -12 WC (10 F)…water is iced over again…thin layer but geese are walking on the ice.
We are suppose to warm to 1 C .



7C (45F) We’ve had rain, hail and lots of sunshine in between. More rain for the next few days the, fingers crossed it’s back to sunshine :sun_with_face: Come to think of it, I don’t recall using my snow shovel at all this winter :thinking: