2019 April 1st to June 30th - Animals, Birds & Insects


Start April 1st… and I don’t want to hear of anyone reporting seeing a large dinosaur roaming about on this day (April Fools Day). Just stick to your everyday, modern animals, birds and insects please. :wink:


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While watching how fast our little chipmunk friend can fill up his cheek pouches, run back to his den, unload and return, I imagined how many seeds and nuts he was stuffing into his face… then imagined that in my hand. Thinking about how many handfuls of seed I can take from a 2-lb/0.9kg container and toss on the ground, I estimated that within a day, that little guy can “snitch” nearly a pound/0.45 kg a day - or more! He seems to show shortly after sunrise and continues all day until dusk… save for a short rest (a “munk” nap? :grinning:). He must have a cavern for a den in order to store that much! I hope he reinforced the ceiling to it… seeing it’s directly beneath my driveway. Don’t want to have a cave in. :worried:


Sooo… instead of throwing seeds, why not just measure 1 pound then make 5 little mounds with seeds as a path connecting each mound. Unless your arm needs exercise?


I did drop one handful directly down the hole in the driveway. After the chipmunk went down to empty its cheek pouches, he must have stored what I dropped down because instead of returning in 12 seconds, he took about 2 minutes before coming back up. :rofl: Maybe I’ll do that for him so he has less chance of getting nabbed by one of the red-shinned hawks that’s been showing up. :wink: One sat in the hedges waiting for the chipmunk to come out of the rock wall beneath the pine tree - until Donna went out clapping her hands at it and then throwing pine cones at it! What a sight that was! :rofl:


They usually store them in several places…trees, ground, my flower pots! I wonder what percentage germinates.


We have one chickadee my wife and watched taking peanuts off the porch banister and actually hiding them by tucking them between the underside of the rain gutter and the house. The bird practically had to hover like a hummingbird to stay in one place long enough to set the nuts. I’m sure I’ll be picking them out later. Bluejays seems to think if they drop a peanut in the rain gutter and place a dried leaf on it, it will be there days later when it can’t find other food (in a hurry). We laugh when we watch one bird hide something and within 30 seconds another bird or squirrel will come and take it. At my son’s house - in the maple tree out front - a chickadee was “hiding” seeds in the crotches of the tree. A few months later I noticed strange things growing out of the crotches. There was even a corn plant starting in one! At least it wasn’t a 12’/3.6 m. sunflower. :upside_down_face:

Edit: At 4:20 PM I looked out at the corner of my front yard and the side yard (east side). The lawn and beneath the pine tree was a constantly moving, swirling, black mass! Then a truck came down the street and the entire mass of black took to the sky… grackles, red-wing blackbirds, a smaller species of blackbirds, cowbirds and starlings. I’m thinking maybe I should just pour out a 40-lb/18 kg bag of bird seed and let them have at it. :neutral_face:


I’m hoping this is an answer to an ongoing issue;


I always wondered why they were so quick to put down injured horses. I would be good if this helped. It might be even better if some of the injuries - eg in jump racing - could be eliminated entirely. Prevention is better than cure.


Yes, some of the sports that once were “accepted” are being revamped or eliminated.
Endurance racing is one that I never liked, or this mounted shooting…not my cup of tea so to speak.


Don’t get me started on unacceptable “sports”! How on earth can trying to cause your opponent a brain injury be called a sport? :rage::rage::rage: Boxing is for hares in spring, not humans in rings.


Some years after Mohammad Ali (Cassius Clay) passed away, a radio network (NPR?) interviewed his widow. She explained how he thought that if he got punched in the head over and over that he would be “desensitized” to the blows. He would go to the gym and have men punch him in the head over and over. It’s no wonder he had brain injuries that caused a lack of “quality of life” as he grew older. Sad.

One of the things that really burns me is dog fighting. We actually contacted a friend of ours - a police detective - and alerted him to a dog (pit bull) possibly being raised as a fighter. The dog was chained to a cable that was stretched between two trees in the yard. The dog had food placed in a hole dug in the ground. Huh? No bowl? He did have a water bowl - too small for his size and which was empty. The dog was constantly trying to flip the bowl over hoping to find a little water. It was in the middle of summer and the dog was barking constantly. His owner wasn’t at home. I walked to my daughter’s house, got a jug of water and walked back to this house at the end of the street. When I walked up to the dog, I spoke gently to him and he knew I was going to help him. I worried he would attack and bite me, but whatever… he needed water. I flipped his bow over and as soon as I started pouring the water in he came over and began drinking. I refilled his bowl twice and topped it off before I left. The dog did let me pet him. About a week and a half later, the detective arrested the guy on charges of promoting a dog fight. Several others were also arrested. The dog is now in a foster home and being very well taken care of. As for that guy… that S.O.B., he spent 2 years in jail, 5 years probation and isn’t allowed to have a dog in the future. The police and judges around here don’t take kindly to this kind of mistreatment of animals. Cock-fighting is another “sport” that should be outlawed everywhere also.


Well done, @Jim7. The dog’s lucky to have had you looking out for it. :innocent:

Hare coursing is another dreadful “sport”. Banned here but not yet stamped out.


I understand… A lot of people that are involved in dog fighting apparently travel some good distances at times. I’m glad when I see a news article about a dozen or more getting arrested during a raid. The people tend to be from several states. They must be a tight-lipped, close-knit group.

Oh, if you edit your post and change “halo” to “innocent” it will show the halo emoji. That is one of the differences in this batch of emojis we’ve been switched to. :neutral_face:

Edit: After dinner my wife and I were talking about the chipmunk and all the trips it was making. She told me she watched it yesterday climbing up onto the pile of Dutch paving stones we have next to the foundtion, then hop on over to the bird bath to get a drink. She was commenting on all “… the hard, dangerous work that poor little chipmunk had to go through just to get a drink of water.” In a sarcastic voice I asked, “What do think I should do? Build it a ramp?” With that I saw a slight smile start to form in one corner of her mouth. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Oh, no! I am not making a ramp up to the birdhouse… no way… no how! If I did, the next thing she’d want me to build would be a multi-level bird feeder to set on the ground. That way the taller birds wouldn’t have to lean over so far to get their seed, and the little ones could still get their seed off the ground or the bottom level. That gives me an idea… I could put different seed in each level to see which type they like best. Or… I could just throw it on the ground like I’ve been doing. :rofl: Of course there’s still the hanging feeders for those who want to eat with a view. :grinning:

Edit 2: (8 hrs later - 1:05 AM) My wife showed me a photo of a black bear that was spotted on the end of a village street. It was a short distance from the cement plant’s conveyor belt that runs from the escarpment on the west side of State Route (SR) 9W, over SR 9W and the railroad tracks to their plant. A 2nd conveyor runs from that plant over the NYS Thruway and SR 144 (River Road) and down to their plant on the river. That’s where they load bulk Portland cement onto ships and ocean-going barges.

My wife started in about the hanging bird feeder and putting seed and peanuts on the ground for the birds. Then I showed her emails from ENCON from the past 5 years. The beginning of every April they issue the same thing about black bears and taking down bird feeders. I pointed out that in the past 40+ years we’ve been here, there’s been black bears sighted every year and only 4 times they actually came into the hamlet or the village. I told her that’s like saying don’t drive your car because you could have a blow-out and go off the road. It could happen at some time or another, but should you stop driving your car? And then I asked her what are we supposed to do about the fishers, the coyotes, red fox, skunks, raccoons, coy dogs and feral cats? Oh yeah, I said, and what about the bobcats? Then I told her that not one of these trash barrels that everyone has from their rubbish companies is bear resistant. All a bear has to do is tip one over and everything inside is available to it. All she said was, “Good point there.” I guess I still feed the birds…


Over-ripe Banana Recycling for Butterflies



Great idea… I’ll just have to remember to take them down before they get all moldy. And to think my wife uses slightly over-ripe bananas for banana bread. They are a lot sweeter than when white. As a matter of fact, just a couple of weeks ago one of my granddaughters didn’t want to eat a banana because “it has a brown spot on it.” Both myself and then the nanny both convinced her the brown spot was sweeter and that’s why it changed color. She tried it and agreed. Now she doesn’t care if they start to turn a little brown. Heaven forbid a food has slight imperfections (apples, pears, etc.). We always ate them - and once in a while a worm in an apple (not on purpose :laughing:). Now everything - according to marketers - have to be “perfect” and in some cases, so shiny they look like they’ve been waxed and polished! Ridiculous! I prefer apples, peaches and pears right off the tree - so long as the trees haven’t been sprayed with poisons. Backyard growers are the best for these. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Kids are the original natural recyclers.