2019 Autonomous



I want one! Now to find enough landing areas without a web of electric lines and trees. :laughing:


likewise,it would be so cool to fly out and visit friends.


On the downside, after a while the skies would be filled with “Sunday fliers.” :laughing:


Wouldn’t it be great to get out of the traffic jams (not that we have those in Sask!!) and get to your destination in half the time! I cannot get the “Jetsons” out of my head!!!


Even the Jetsons had traffic jams on their flyways! I remember watching their traffic snarls as he went to and from work - stop (hover) and go! :wink:


Exactly…could get to that point…:smiley:


At least if someone runs out of gas they wouldn’t block the flying lane. :laughing:


That was my first thought as well!

Terri, you can have some of ours… I’ll see if I can send a few over for you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nope, I don’t want one . . . I want everyone else to have one so I can drive the roads in peace and quiet, at my own pace, with the reduced risk of crashing . . . of course there’s always the risk of air ragers coming crashing down on top of me :upside_down_face: on second thoughts, maybe I do want one after all :confounded:



I would have loved to have had a plow that wide on the town truck I used. One pass and my roads would have been cleared. Of course there couldn’t be any traffic on the road. :rofl: I know that it would have been too wide to do the hills with their winding roads and snow drifts. But still… I can always dream (snow… snow… snow…) :grin: