2019 Climate Change - CO2, Hot, Cold, Cycles


2019 Climate Change - CO2, Hot, Cold, Cycles





Climate has changed drastically not just this year its been continuously changing since the past. The winters have become colder and summers in amazon (https://freeaccountsonline.com/free-amazon-prime/) have become more humid. This seems like the effects of global warming.


Very true. The ice cores taken in Antarctica are proof of the changes in climate. They contain thousands of years of chemistry of the atmosphere that has been undisturbed in the layers of the ice. Here’s a great explanation:



At her young age, she makes the right points…



And think of all the bacterium and viruses that haven’t seen the sun as well. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now to check out those images of Canadian Arctic ice. Would that go well with “Canada Dry” ginger ale? Just a thought. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Many agencies are warning this is going to be the future of winter weather for many areas and governments etc should start preparing for this being the “norm”.


While AU and NZ are sweltering. They are expecting horrific fires now.



From the article:

“The estimates used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are intended to protect the region from a storm similar to the one that hit California during the rainy season of 1861-1862. That’s when a series of intense storms hammered the state for 45 days and dropped 36 inches of rain on Los Angeles. So much water fell that it was impossible to cross the Central Valley without a boat, and the state capital was moved temporarily from Sacramento to San Francisco.”


That’s a lot of water! Imagine if that had turned to snow? They’d have snow up to the tops of utility poles - like they did in 1949(?) in North Dakota.


he has snow on the brain!



He would have, if it were to the top of the utility poles :slight_smile:


Wallace (Wally) Broecker has died. Here is his groundbreaking article from 1975 on global warming:

And here is an obituary:

He wrote a response in 2017 to his 1975 paper: