2019 Crabeater Seal POI & odd images


(sideways view)


Stop crying! Everybody gets ice cream!


Oh good! You started an image topic for this! I already have a few! :stuck_out_tongue:
I took this only because I like the way the light played on it. It sort of reminded me a microscope slide a little out of focus.

And here’s where the seals are hiding… in their disco ice cave. They had to leave the draw bridge down because one of them ran out of gas in their white pickup truck as soon as they started onto the bridge. Note the elevator to the right which brings them down from the top of the ice to the lower level. :crazy_face:

And here a seal’s lost lower dentures in the snow. I’ve warned them about those clam shells being hard to chew on! :unamused:



A very large one-half of a maple leaf? or oak leaf?

Oh noooooo! Enlarge this! There’s a little man curled up on the ice, lying on his side!! He’s all in white, head to toes. Hint: Look at the smallest ice piece.

Scooby-Doobie-Do where are you? (outside the poly!, right side)
Then there is @Doug4 inside the poly (just head and shoulders), trying to coax Scoobie to get inside the poly!


What…did you run out of ice cream…again Jim :rofl:

Think he might be hiding from this…


I’ve seen tracks like this before. A drunk person walking home and wondering why it took him 3 hours to walk a 30-minute walk. :smile:


You have the right URL, but copied the wrong image. There are 2 bigger floating ice, and between them is a small piece. Enlarge, you’ll see the little white figure lying on the ice.


Looks like someone lost some of their soft ice cream :open_mouth: and someone else took a scoop out of it. Wasn’t me! :innocent:
(Just outside the lower right corner of the poly.)


Here’s a little troll. (A little right of top center of the poly.)


This looks like cave graffiti, but done on a wall of ice. Must have been some bored seals. :laughing: (This is in the upper right corner of the poly.)


Right side up? Or upside down? (From Jim’s post)


Right side up (from my post)… They even drew a cartoon man (maybe an Antarctic explorer?).


Seals built a waterfall-up and a L-R diving board.

Down at the bottom, they trapped a porpoise, then called in some weird-looking men to sort out what to do…


unhappy gorilla (sideways)
How many faces do u see?


Just like the image…



I told my wife this would make a challenging jig-saw puzzle for her - a good 5,000-piece wall-size puzzle. She’s usually up to a good challenge, but she just shook her head. (I think she’s getting old and decrepit. :shushing_face: :laughing:)

We all saw that ice disc that formed in the river. Here’s Antarctica’s version of its ice disc. (upper right in the poly.)


Aw now see, they’ve picked up our vibes, they know we’re on to them and they’ve scarpered :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Think maybe they were camera shy :thinking: :laughing:



So far I’ve searched 1.42k and found seals on just 1 poly. Guess I do the “elimination” part of this elimination. :laughing:


Well, at least you’ve done more than me at 172…I’ve not been around much lately :roll_eyes:


Oh for the love of mother, would you look at that!!! :flushed:

Do you think they’ve been getting tips off the Weddells?
Or maybe that is a Weddell :roll_eyes:


:laughing: I found a couple of seals (actually 3 or 4) on an ice chunk - above the poly. Maybe I’ll get those little buggers on another poly.


I found them :smiley:


I got all excited because it reminded me of one of the campaign examples (below)…but I’m never 100% certain :confused: :roll_eyes: