2019 - E-mail Folders and Friendly Foibles


Yes, it is. Everyone must be busy nodding. :roll_eyes: I am actually able to go through an email account in which I forgot I set some messages to go directly into their respective folders - which I constantly forget to check. Ouch! I had over 17.8k messages in one folder (FBI)! :grimacing: Right now I’m down to 16,957 left to just read the subject line and either save or delete. I think I may be up most of the night… :tired_face:


2019 Hobbies and Interests - Webmaking

You don’t use filters, and let them sit in your in box, then archive them from there?



I use filters which will put certain messages directly into their respective folders without sitting in the Inbox. I archive the individual folders as necessary - after I go through the messages. Some get deleted and some stay and get archived. As a matter of fact, earlier tonight I archived several folders in another mailbox. I really wish some of these senders would keep the size of their messages down a little. Photos may “look nice” in their newsletters, but they dramatically increase the size of the message. I can look at 4 or 5 messages and see that they take up 1 MB - just those 4 or 5! And I could have 70 messages sitting there. :grimacing:

Maybe I’ll stop with the FBI folder when I get down to 16k and do some more late this morning. I did actually read about 4 or 5 messages. :laughing:



I have one friend who deals with long messages by replying “TLDNR” (To Long. Did Not Read.) He says subsequent messages tend to be shorter and more to the point.



I’ve actually tried to contact some senders to:

  1. Let them know their messages were too large;
  2. Inform them (a couple senders) that they had broken links to their graphics;

and in a few cases - after going to their websites - I found they do not have a contact email (one or two I can send a snail mail (which I plan on doing). I can try to send a message to “webmaster@whatever.whatever” and see if that goes through or gets bounced. But a couple of these sites seem to strictly be “informative” with no comment sections… you can see/read what’s on the sites and subscribe to their newsletter… and that’s it. Due to there only being 24 hours in a day, I will have to limit myself to trying to contact them at the rate of maybe 1 per week. :laughing: It’s 3:11 AM here already and I do have to get some sleep. (I think my wife wants me to go grocery shopping with her in about 6 hours. :grimacing: One or two of these sites may have a telephone number in addition to their snail mail address, so I could call them… but I’ll probably get someone on the phone that wouldn’t know what I was talking about. :roll_eyes: Still, I’ll try.
Most messages are sent with a “Do not reply to this message. It is sent by an unattended mailbox” or something along those lines. :neutral_face:



Another technique which comes to mind is attributed to the Civil Service. Open all mail and take a mental note of the sender and subject then throw it in the bin. If in future you get mail from the same sender on the same subject then they’re bothering to write again so it may be important or worth reading.

Oops! Apologies if this is thread drift :upside_down_face:



Well, the title is “2019 Hobbies and Interests - Webmaking” and this is an “interest” and does have a remote reference to “Webmaking” in the sense that some emails have broken links. Where’s there’s a will… there’s a way (to include things so they’re no off-topic). :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face: