2019 Family Day


Monday February 18th is Family Day in Canada. It is also the start of the week long winter break for school aged children and reading week for University Students.


Yep, it’s half term here for the kids too, daughter is off down to London for a few days to see Hamilton with her uncle for her birthday :grin:


That would be great! Lucky her!


Today was the last day of school for our granddaughters… spring recess. They’re coming down on Saturday for a “sleep over” at grandma and grandpa’s. I wouldn’t put it past Olivia to suggest they spend several nights because of having a week off. :grinning:


Only one of our granddaughters could come this afternoon for a sleepover at grandma’s and grandpa’s house. Before she arrived I had gone down to my workshop, measured and cut a board to make two nesting platforms for cardinals. I drilled the holes for the screws for the girls to put together. I’d rather they use screws instead of swinging a hammer. :worried: about fingers and my head/face. :grinning:

The girls can assemble the platforms and either paint/decorate them as they want, or leave them "just plain ole wood. I think Eva (5) wants to paint them… and I’ve already been told by grandma, “Not in the kitchen!” :laughing: When they’re done, the girls have to decide where they want their father to mount them. I told them to make sure they’ll be able to see the nests from a window. :wink:

During the week it’s building for the robins, blue birds and… :roll_eyes: The girls seem to be making a list. I think I’m going to have to make a trip to the lumber yard. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: