2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


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Okay… I didn’t post this until Feb 1st. :innocent: :smile_cat:


Now it’s the 1st of Feb. so I’m safe. :sweat_smile:
At 12:25 AM the temperature has gone down to -4F/-20C - which was supposed to be our overnight low. I think they messed up as every personal weather station for miles around - and on both sides of the river - are reporting temperature from -4F/-20C to -15F/-26C. The temperature is steadily dropping as the sky is clear. It’s mostly calm with a few gusts to 1 mph/1.6 kph. Tomorrow’s high is supposed to reach 19F/-7C and dip back below 0F/-17C again tomorrow night… how far we’ll have to see. Tomorrow night a few clouds will move in but it will remain mostly clear. Now to finish my bowl of vanilla ice cream. :yum:


8:00 a.m. -16 C -27 WC (-16 F). Winds are NNE 29 kph (18 mph) We are now under a Snow Warning! 10-20 cm Friday to Saturday…second storm moves in on Saturday . Travel not recommended on the highways. Even on the local circle road in Saskatoon they are warning of the icy roads. The wind has polished them through the night and now blowing snow over them…bad combination for staying “on the road”.


6:30 AM and the temperature was down to -8.6F/-22.6C. Thank goodness the wind was almost calm - just enough movement to make the smaller wind chimes tinkle, but not enough to get the larger ones singing. By 9:05 AM it had risen to 0.F/-17.8C and a steady breeze had come up. Haven’t checked to see what the wind chill is… too busy sitting on the porch with my coffee watching the birds - mostly juncos - having their breakfast. Just wish my coffee wouldn’t get cold so quickly. :grinning: The high today expected to be 19F/-7C and dropping back down below -1F/-18C tonight. But tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 35F/1.7C. Oh no! My snow is going to start melting… then freezing tomorrow night when it drops to 21F/-6C.
For our extended forecast, the next several days will go from sunny to mostly sunny to partly sunny. No precipitation until next Thursday when the rain moves in around 4 PM (time always subject to change) and ending Friday morning.
Now I head down to my workshop to turn the heat up a little down there. I had turned it down when I was doing some work the other day and forgot to turn it back up. Just checked the temp. on the 3-channel wireless thermometer and it’s dropped down to 58F/14C. Too chilly to work down there woodworking.


It is neg-19F here. It’ll start warming this afternoon and eve-night.

2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions

OMG------ it is 6 now!

Irish jig!


3 AM and -6.5F/-21.4C. Actually nice out with just a slight breeze with mild gusts. Nice clear night with lots of stars. I could sit outside for quite a while if it weren’t for these blue jeans attracting and hold the cold in. The only part of me that gets chilly is my lower legs. And every step I take the jeans touch my skin with the sensation of someone put ice cubes on my legs. So I just stand there and look at the stars and look for deer, fox and whatever - but I think all the animals are at some warming station somewhere. Actually, the deer should be here between 4 and 6 this morning. I don’t think I’m waiting up for them though.

We heard on our local TV station that they found a homeless man froze to death while trying to take shelter in a city bus stop shelter. They’re only plexiglass on aluminum frames with wide openings on each end of the street facing side. There is a bench in the back of it, but they’re only meant for protection from rain. Wind blows right through and there is a gap of about 12"/30 cm from the bottom of them to the ground. No way to stay warm in those. The poor fellow…


Today, the news said a 70s year old woman went to Sav-a-Lot and in 10 minutes got back in her car---- 26 hrs ago. Either natural causes, or froze to death. :frowning:

Oh, it’s going below 0 tonight. But 40s tomorrow— whoooo hoooo.

Over 21" of snow here in Jan, Jim. hahahahaha

On a more serious note, I wonder how @Pastor_Ruth has been doing on her mountain…


Temperatures are dropping -18 C -30 WC …snowing …winds still NNE 27 so less than earlier.
Looks like the snow is going to keep going until Saturday morning and the other storm moves in Saturday evening.


I just checked my weather log… 21.7"/55.1 cm of snow and 3.12"/79 mm of rain for January. So far this winter we’ve received 42.4"/107.7 cm of snow. I think we’re behind from last year. Hoping for lots more - snow that is! :wink:


Dang, I think you beat us for Jan by 0.4"


Don’t worry, any new snow I get is usually “leftovers” from you. :smiley: Unless… we get some “lake effect” snow from Lake Erie and/or Lake Ontario. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: At 1:20 PM we’re up to 13F/-10.6C. The high is supposed to be 18F/-7.8C. We have about 90 minutes for it to get up there. No snow today. :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: Our high today reached 20.7F/-6C at 2:30 PM. By 3 PM it was down to 19.2F/-7C. A few clouds started moving in around 2:30 also. Still sunny with a mild breeze.


Oh my---- it’s 14°F -10°c Maybe tomorrow the BR will warm up enough to start thawing the pipe, el natural.

I’m still cold. Lungs hurt. Cough.


It was 7F/-13.8C at 7:30 PM - that was 10 minutes ago. Supposed to go down to 0F/-17.8C overnight, and then the warming starts. Saturday’s high: 33F/0.6C (Hey! It is above freezing!), overnight into Sunday AM 22F/-5.5CC… and here’s next week’s forecast. :unamused:


Doesn’t look good… for snow. :roll_eyes:


How do they not freeze when getting out of the hot springs?

The Atlantic photo gallery today:

Water buffalo bathe in a hot spring near the village of Budakli in the mountainous Bitlis province of southeastern Turkey on January 24, 2019. Residents of the village, which has some 60 homes, walk hundreds of buffalo up snow-covered roads to geothermal springs in the winter. Villagers say the hot springs heal buffalo’s wounds, alleviate discomfort in their breasts, and help make quality milk. The village’s main source of income is cheese, butter, and milk from the buffalo. #

Emrah Gurel / AP(



He needs a water pik!

Still cold here… will be below 0 then warming.


-19 C WC -31(-23 F) NE 26 kph (16 mph) Storm Warning but has not reached us yet…soon…10-20 cm tonight to Saturday sometime. Hopefully I can get out of the driveway tomorrow…otherwise…hibernation for another few days.


10:15 PM and it’s 2F/-16.7C but no wind. Clear skies again and no meteor shower :unamused:. Supposed to go down to -3F/-19C.
An observation: Looking at the Big Dipper in the summer, the “handle” is to the left of and above the “pot”. Looking at the Big Dipper in the winter and the “handle” is directly below the “pot” :thinking: Looks like someone (my wife) is ready to bop you on your head! :open_mouth:


Today was milder and damp but not really rainy… just mist mostly… and the odd snowflake… not counting me of course… I chopped a lot trying to open some poorly designed drainage systems and a block of user caused Ice piles in the parking lot… helping out the poor handyman… who hasn’t mastered ice and snow removal… but is making good strides at it… and I took time to point out that we haven’t had the same amount of snow at this point that we got in the first snowfall last year… ha. he is exhausted and I keep shoveling and chopping with the right tools… I should finish his task tomorrow if it keeps to a thaw…

Saturday night and Sunday into the week should produce colder temps… double digit C temps.
But we’ll see what happens… only supposed to be 10cm max Sunday… and barely 1cm Sat and Monday.

@Jim7 I think you will find that the dipper orientation is based on TIME… and location… ha
The whole sky near the North Pole (North Star) goes around the whole circle everyday… but often you can’t see it for the sun and often the local horizon… So the handle moves around it as well… top, bottom or sides… but it might be true… for a single time of day and location… I usually use Cassiopeia for a quick reference… as well. Less annoying Auroras I think… but I have poor vision these days…