2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


We just had 45 minutes of flurries to snow and back to flurries. Then the sun peaked out - only lighting up the trees on the island in the river. Now it’s going down over the hills to the west and the temperature is dropping. The winds have finally died down from 15-25 mph/24-40 kph all day. Just realized that the river was muddy all day. Yesterday the water looked black… a big change. There must have been a lot of snow melt yesterday and the waters finally reached the river.
As for vehicles… yesterday saw a lot of motorcycles, on-road dirt bikes and a couple of convertibles with their tops down! It definitely was tee-shirt weather yesterday - and winter jacket weather today. What a difference a day makes - as that old song goes! :smiley:
Edit: I forgot to mention that yesterday afternoon I saw an old black Studebaker pickup truck. It was flat black… definitely needs to be rubbed out and polished. That would make it super!


They have warned many in Alberta and Sask that there could be some flooding if we continue to have such a fast melt. They have closed some of the roads near Revelstoke again for avalanche control…when it is melting this quickly that is a big issue!


Not being up to our son’s house babysitting anymore, I haven’t had the chance to see how the little brook is doing behind his property. I imagine it was flowing rather quickly with the snow melt. Just glad we didn’t get socked with a lot of rain on top of the warm weather. That definitely would have caused problems.


Morning weather -12 C -19 WC (-2 F) High today +3 C (37 F)


Having been in temps of around 22-29C for the last couple of weeks, it’s now back to the reality of UK weather…


I suppose when the clouds move in and remain, they mess up the predictions of what the overnight low was supposed to be. They said it would go down to 23F/-5C, but it only went down to 30F/-1C. By 11:00 AM it has shot all the way up to 33.8F/1C. :wink: With the wind chill it feels like 26F/-3C. It’s cloudy with a stiff breeze blowing at 9 mph/14 kph and some fairly stronger gusts. If I were a couple of decades younger I’d be flying a kite right now… okay… several decades younger. :roll_eyes: Our high today is supposed to be 38F/3C thanks to the sun supposed to be making an appearance this afternoon. I may have to get outside and rake some of the yard before it gets too hot. :laughing:


Out cycling today on dry roads and sunshine. Cool breeze, though.


It would have been good weather for cycling here on the south coast as well, dry with sunshine, a little breezy but not the horrendous winds we had yesterday.
If I hadn’t just “subjected” myself to the higher temperatures abroad, I’d probably have been more than happy with temperatures today… :upside_down_face: I just need to re-acclimatise myself!


We’re playing the violin with our fingers. :laughing: Talk about rubbing it in (the high temperatures you were "playing in). :roll_eyes:

Edit: Our high today reached 39.7F/4.3C. The sun did come out all afternoon but there was a steady light breeze which blew all day. Great for the farmers… drying out their fields - for now. Currently at 6:30 PM ET the temperature has eased down to 34F/1C. Tomorrow’s high is expected to reach 43F/6C, but tonight’s and tomorrow night’s low is to be 24F/-4C. I only have about 10 wheelbarrows full of snow left… maybe. There is ice beneath the snow, so there’s probably less than that. :frowning_face:

Edit: Maybe I can talk my wife into heading way up north for a little “down time.” (no pun intended).


Good great golly gumpher goats! -9F is cause for rejoicing? You guys really know how to have a good time!!


Gales :astonished: What do you mean “gales”…they’ve only just stopped. Virtually none stop wind and rain for a week :anguished:
It’s supposed to be sunshine and showers now :anguished: according to the radio :unamused:

13C (56F) Well actually…we are getting the sunshine and showers…just more of the showers than sunshine :roll_eyes: Radio obviously doesn’t use the same forecaster site I do :smile:


Great week…although those double digits they were forecasting seem to have disappeared.



Ooh, think you’re getting all the sunshine we had last month :sun_with_face:


Thanks for sending that our way :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Ah but, does that mean next month you’ll get persistent rain and high winds we’ve been having :grimacing:


It will die off by the time it comes around!!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


It finally made it’s way around the world. :crazy_face:


Cooling down -2 C -7 WC going down to -13 C (8 F) . Last full day of winter tomorrow!!! Yeah!!!
I was out for a while…no northern lights so far…early…I may go out again in the night…we will see.


I went outside at 8:30 PM ET… snow squall! It lasted for 10 minutes and was gone. Still mostly cloudy and mostly calm. Temperature at 1:40 AM is 26F/-3C. Only supposed to go down to 23F/-5C by sunrise.
Monday saw a high of 43F/6C but there was a mild breeze that never ended until around 10 PM. Tuesday’s high to be 46F/7.8C, then back down to 26F/-3C overnight again.
The first day of spring is also my granddaughter’s birthday! How fitting. :smiley:

Edit: At 2:00 AM ET, the clouds are mostly gone… clear with some scattered clouds. Lots of stars and the moon is bright. A slight, cold breeze is coming from the northwest. Temperature is still holding at 26F/-3C.


The moon was very bright last night, may be one reason we couldn’t see the Northern Lights…
Currently -4 C -9 WC (15 F) should be another beautiful day!

Spring Solstice Wed. at 3:58 pm. !!! Yeah!!!