2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


I haven’t checked any forecast at all and tonight I got a pleasant surprise. When I finally checked the forecast at 8:30 PM, I saw there was a winter weather advisory issued at 3:04 PM this afternoon. Beginning at 9 PM and continuing until around 6 AM Monday morning… SNOW! :heart_eyes: 3"-6"/7.6-15cm! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hoping for the greater amount… keeping my shovels… er… fingers crossed! :laughing: When I checked the radar I see the snow to the south is already approaching Coxsackie and to the southwest it’s at Greenville. Both are less than 20 miles/32 km away. Yes! :laughing:

Edit: It’s been about 4 hours since posting the above. The snow began falling here a few minutes after 9 o’clock last night. Still coming down, but twice it slowed down to just a gentle light snow. Snowing again a little harder at the moment. So far we’ve received 1.8"/4.5 cm. They said it was supposed to end around 6 AM, but from looking at the weather radar it looks like it will end a couple of hours earlier. The is a lot of rain to the south… PA and New York City are getting that. Guessing at the way the storm is tracking, it looks like @cageycat may have gotten some snow. Looks like the rain may have stayed south of her also. Was this a good guess, Cagey? The storm appeared as a vee with the snow at the nose and upper arm and the rain as the lower arm. Ontario also got snow as it headed past.
I just quickly checked the radar again and it shows the tail end of the storm just over me. Snow should end in a short while - just shy of 5 hours early. I did mention to Donna that it looked like this storm was moving fairly quickly, and that more than likely we would get the lesser of the 3" to 6" /7.6-15cm. :slightly_frowning_face:


No @Jim7

No snow, no rain. Just cold.

A chance of snow. Cloudy, with a low around 26. West wind 8 to 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

For Mon
31°F -1°c
weather conditions : Freezing Drizzle


Wow! Then the snow started forming over the Great Lakes? How did miss all the “good stuff?” :grinning: It’s still snowing here… a light, but steady snow. We’re up to 1.9"/4.8cm, but we may just make it to 2"/5cm. Snow clouds keep on popping up out of nowhere and drift across me. Usually when they pop up, they disappear just as they reach me, and then reappear on the other side of the river. (shaking my head).


-27 C -35 WC (-31 F) and fog…Apparently our warm up will be around -23 C … :unamused::unamused:


Got to -23C overnight… lot colder than forecast (-17C)… now up to -20C / -4F and rising…
Should get to -7C or so… in sun…

I feel robbed @Jim7 They now have dropped the 15cm plus around next weekend… I hope it is just being held up… the storm seems to have fizzled and the one that was going to arrive has changed path somewhere… I can use the rest… we will still get some on and off of course… until it gets rescheduled… Did I mention that the forecast also changed drastically, while I was watching it? and that was online, not the TV… who still warns of that big drop…


We’re also getting robbed… or at least I feel that way… maybe the only one to feel that way. :grinning:
Just before going to bed last night what do they put on the screen? “Snow starting around 6:15 AM.” Huh? First they said everything was supposed to end by 6 AM. It ended a few hours early but with an occasional light snow shower. But since I’ve been up there’s been a steady light snow falling - all the while they’re saying we’ll have “snow showers”. (I think someone left the “snow faucet” dripping. :laughing:
At 12 noon we’ve only received 2.4"/6.1cm of snow. Now they’re saying “snow ending by 6:15 pm”. I should check with our local meteorologist as to exactly what we’re expecting, but I have a little girl here who wants to work on her bird house. Later! :grinning:

Edit: Our overnight low was 20F/-6C and at 12 noon it’s 24F/-4C. Not going to be any warmer today. At least relatively calm with just a hint of air moving once in a while.

Edit: 6:00 PM ET: Total snowfall for this long drawn out and sometimes “forgetful” storm was 2.9"/7.4 cm. I say “forgetful” because most of the time when the snow clouds were overhead, nothing fell - at least on me. :unamused: Everyone else was reporting snowfall, but somehow it just never seemed to reach the ground here or it slowed to just a gentle light snowfall. Everyone else seemed to be getting more! :anguished:
Our high for today was 30.6F/-0.8C. The “major” snow ended at 1:40 PM, but we did get many snow showers (some mostly flurries), and then the sun came out. That’s what raised our temperature up so high. Currently at 6:17 PM it’s down to 24.3F/-4C. Overnight low tonight is expected to be 13F/-10.5C. We still have a few snow clouds passing overhead, but nothing falling. This is starting to get annoying. At least a few flurries to break up the monotony.
Winds today were between 10-20 mph/16-32 kph after the sun came out. Now they’re down to a slight breeze with a light gust once in a while, although a little later they’re supposed to pick up again to 10-15 mph/16-24 kph. Humidity is currently (6:17 PM) at 66% and BP has come up to 29.53" from a low of 29.28".

Our outlook for the next week is: dull (partly sunny) on Thursday, dull again on Friday, dull again on Sat., and rain on Sunday (0.3"/7.6 mm), then back to dull weather for a couple more days, and finally a mix of rain/snow next Wednesday. Fairly warm during the days, but below freezing at night. Seems like more and more people are coming down with head or head/chest colds with these temperature swings.


@Doug4 and @Jim7 have to laugh at you two feeling “robbed”…of snow…while here in the uk they’re forecasting record temps for February over the weekend :sweat_smile: The garden is certainly loving it :sun_with_face:

Currently at 8C (46F)


-28 C -42 WC (-43 F)…cold…again.


Yes… I feel like I was ‘robbed’… they keep crying wolf and then yank it away… weather forecasters are naughty little boys who think it is funny to do that… I notice that they are starting to reap the storm on the lower mainland area… that they thought was gone away… karma I guess… we will get a bit of that… but still no sign of the big one that vanished… although there is one due to start here about 4 pm our time… it’s 10 am now… but only a fraction of what they called for to come… but one storm fizzled and the other, the current one dropped further south and has to cross the mountains differently I think…

And I was not at all displeased at the lack of snow… I’ve got plenty already down and I’m taking my time cleaning up the stray bits… there are things one does on the first pass… and others when the day is nice and sunny. Like the lady whose car was inadvertently buried in the next apartment over… not badly, but she wasn’t going to back it out to drive very easy… but she was brushing it off regardless… then realized the futility… but I showed up and moved enough that she could move it… but didn’t…
I hope she will today so I can get in there with the slider and move some of the big pile over a bit… otherwise they are not going to be able to plow tonights snow… anywhere easy…

@TerriB we are running just about the same but maybe 5 degrees © warmer… so I won’t repeat much
other than it is already up to -22C and rising towards -7.


I suppose - in our gardens - we could always grow ice cream and Italian ice plants. There are such things as "ice plants.: :smile:


uhm @Jim7 if you get here by midnight, we’re going to get 100% snow!!

But hurry!! By afternoon, rain and rising temps will start to melt it.


Tomorrow we’re getting a mixed bag - snow/rain mix - then changing to all rain. :unamused: And it’s going to get warmer and warmer each day. :grimacing: Soon we’ll be up to 50F/10C! My snow! :sob: Yet it still drops below freezing at night.
Currently at 6:25 PM it’s down to 21F/-6C from a high of 28F/-2C. Tonight a low of 13F/-10.5C.
And after this last 3"/7.6cm of snow my lower back decided I wasn’t going to shovel it. So nothing is done except for the steps coming off the porch. :roll_eyes: My wife says not to worry, that it’ll melt. Yes, but as some melts during the day and sinks through the snow, it freezes beneath. Each day the ice builds up. Oh well, it will make it interesting when we come down the hill and pull into the driveway. Just have to make sure we don’t do loop-d-loops and go backward down into the gully. :grin:

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Hey, that’s not on - you’ve got higher predicted temps than us!

I’ll take our temps over Terri’s though…


Our snow’s melting so fast during the day even the garden statues are sad.
“Don’t worry sis. Maybe we’ll get some more snow before spring.”


Tues., 19th Feb.: @cageycat, looks like a nice storm heading your way (first). I just zoomed out on the radar and that storm stretches from Colorado all the way into the Atlantic Ocean! Northern areas getting snow, those in the center receiving a mixed bag of snow/sleet/freezing rain, and those in the lower part of the storm getting rain - some heavy rain in areas also! Better get out your snow shovel and salt or hip boots & row boat… or all of the above! :laughing: It’ll get here soon afterward.

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Yeah I know, told ya so.
(2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions)


Snow is supposed to start here in the afternoon and change over to the wintry mix in the evening. It’s going to remain below freezing all day tomorrow, so my snow doesn’t melt any more. Isn’t it odd how I seem so possessive about the snow? :laughing: Maybe that’s why I like to get snow cones in the summer. :thinking:

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But I get snow FIRST on a west to east US front… haha.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :unamused: :frowning_face: :confounded:

If you were a real friend, you’d stay up all night watching… then let me know what the snow looks like. So stay up all night, will ya? :laughing:


Every hour on the hour??