2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


I think @Jim7 should make tiny lifelines for the squirrels so they aren’t swept up in the winds. Take twine around the garden statues, then put long lines out from there, like the strawberry plant runners. At the end of each line, tie one squirrel’s leg. Make lines long enough they can still climb trees. :wink: If you need help, I can bring my cat friends to make em get real tired.


Lovely weather…for early morning -18 C -23 WC light snow showers…we will have a high of -14 C…spring is coming!


I swear when the weather is really bad I can hear music coming from the carriage house. I think the squirrels hold barn dances in times like these. They have “squirreled away” lots of nuts. (pun intended) :laughing:

This was another storm that petered out. They told me - now I’m getting annoyed with the forecasters - 1" to 3" of snow (2.5-7.6cm), then 0.1"/2.5mm of freezing rain. In total I received 1"/2.5cm of fine, granular snow (okay, that was the bottom amount) and 0.09"/2.3mm of freezing rain. They couldn’t even come through with the freezing rain! Glad I slept through it anyway. What a bother having to go through the motions of cleaning off the steps, walks and vehicle for such a small amount. :unamused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, I never knew I had an ice plant in the bottom of my garden :smiley: Was just looking up your mention of them and the first one shown in the BBC plant finder is mine. I remember buying it 18 years ago when we moved in here because it was an easy for beginners so thought it would be a bit of easy colour because I wouldn’t get much time for gardening with a new baby and settling in and all. It’s still growing strong been divided and put in other parts of the garden and the original is still growing in shaded part of the garden…where it’s not supposed to be apparently :open_mouth: It’s supposed to have full sun :laughing: Well, it’s offspring have got plenty of that :grin:

So can’t wait for the weekend to get out and do a bit in the garden, nice and early…for me…for a change :grin:
I’m not letting any of this fine weather go to waste, so I’m gonna be out…a lot :sun_with_face::sunglasses:

Oh and for you Fahrenheit folks over the pond, that would be…


I’m afraid we don’t get to do any gardening for another 4-6 weeks… unless you call digging through crusty snow and ice, frozen leaves and frozen soil gardening. :laughing:

Edit: At 12:15 it’s up to 44.2F/6.8C, Partly sunny after a mostly cloudy morning, and a mild breeze with some light gusts. My wife is shopping for two baby showers so I’m going to walk up to our son’s house to see the girls for a few hours. :kissing_heart:


Nice clear sky this morning… -15C at 6am… went out to enjoy the morning sun and by 9am it was -18C…
now rising up to -12 and really nice sunshine… only a dusting of snow… however the garbage dumpster was filled to over flowing due to contractor debris… and the food waste was being assaulted by a massive number of deer… shooed them away except for the one eating… who left when I suggested she was going to be the next meal if she didn’t go… about that time to tenants came out with more to add to the pile… one left and the other guy said he had lost his key fob remote into that mess and dump day is tomorrow morning… he said he spent time looking yesterday in the dumpster…
Told him that if he came back after the kid to school run we could gang up and remove stuff and look again… meanwhile I tried to decide what could come out in order to put the smelly household stuff in…
While looking, my eyes got into Nodding / SAR mode… and found the errant fob only a short way into the mess… grabbed it easily and pocketed it… when he came home he went inside and I went in the closer door… knocked on his door… and asked if this was what he was looking for… wow… how did you…says he… Trade secret says I… Then I suggested once he had his life under control again and free of the loss stress… we could work together to re arrange the bin… but I went ahead on a few pieces and was able to get it done in a few minutes… 4 large contractor bags came out and the household stuff went in… could move more if needed but the 4 bags of carpet underlay wont appeal to the animals left outside… I was a bit shocked at how much in the way of good recyclable material was simply dumped in there… almost all air… unflattened cardboard boxes, corrugated box board, tin cans, bottles and jars… sad people will not take stuff more than a few feet from home and that badly…


3 months here…some plant their gardens May (20th) long weekend, others wait until the first weekend of June…short growing season…by September we have frost…by Thanksgiving (Oct 14) the garden is no more…

Current -15 C -23 WC


yikes! Gently gently…

WOW Great find!

Hard to train people what to do…if they don’t care…they just dump.


This one guy I used to work with - that everyone used to “bust on” - always had the best vegetable garden in town. When we asked him how he did it, he said he starts planting on “Frog Chirping Day.” We all started laughing until he explained that when the “peepers” (little frogs) start “chirping” in the ponds and along the streams, that’s the day to start planting. He said you have to wait until there’s a lot of them and they’re quite loud. Several of the guys did follow his advice and admitted they did have a better crop that next year. :smiley:

Edit: And to stay on topic… This afternoon the sun came out and the temperature rose to 48F/8C. Instead of walking to my son’s house and visiting my granddaughters, I decided I had better shovel the walks and at least the apron of the driveway before every froze tonight. So I spent 3 hours shoveling and did finish what I planned on doing, plus some of the driveway… about a little more than half of it. My wife returned from shopping, helped her carry in two armloads of packages and went and finished a small triangle of the driveway at the wye and stopped. Coffee break!

Overnight temperature tonight to be 29/-1.7C, high tomorrow of 42F/5.6C and tomorrow night 20F/-6.7. Now there shouldn’t be too much to refreeze.


In that case I’d have already started planting! (reference my post here 2019 Jan to Mar - Animal, Birds & Insects)

@EmeraldEyes, it still looks like you’ve got better predicted temps than me…
…but not better than my “soon to be” temps (sorry Jim, couldn’t resist! :sunglasses::desert_island::airplane:)


And when would frog chirping day be, we don’t hear any frogs round hear :confused:

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When you hear the frogs chirp! Sometimes changes from year to year because of the weather so you really can’t set a date on the calendar for it. Are you trying to say there are not even any small ponds of water that have attracted frogs? Bummer! I guess you’ll have to go by @Helen’s frog chirping day or take daily drives out to the country back roads where there are streams, or better yet marshes or bogs. :smiley:


33°F 1°c
weather conditions : Overcast

Partly sunny, with a high near 43. Calm wind becoming northeast around 5 mph.

I invited Jim to come see the snow, but it alllllllllllll melted. raharaharaharaharaha :cloud_with_rain:


Mine is almost gone as well. But fond memories of it I still have. (sigh). :smile:


WOW, I didn’t know you could remember so many years back?!


Hey, I remember my first day in kindergarten! I :cry: when my mother started out the door. I told my teacher that the pin in my name tag was sticking me in the chest. :laughing: And I remember swinging my bottle and smacking one of my sisters in the face with it. I just can’t seem to remember which sister. I had too many of them… 4 when I was a baby… 2 more came later on. Being number 7 of 11 everyone always said I was the “lucky” one. Little did they know that being 7 of 11 gave me “special powers.” Woooo… :laughing:


At place 7, they give out “magic pills”. :wink:


I suppose you can call it magic. I can make ice cream disappear… like the big bowl of cherry vanilla I have in front of me at the moment… but not for long. :yum: Have you ever tried to make a milk shake using cherry vanilla ice cream? For some reason the cherries seem hard to get up through the straw. :laughing:


A Canadian friend posted this on Fb today.

be jealous, Jim, be jealous


That’s what I used to plow! Where’d you get my picture? Oh wait, the smoke stack isn’t in the middle of the hood. I was using a 1945 Oshkosh. Set the wing arm out straight and locked, “leaned” right into the snow drift and watched the flame shoot 2+ feet/.6 m out of the stack! One time we had to use a Vee-plow just to punch a hole in the snow, went back and switched to a one-way plow and then opened the intersection on the hill top.
I have to laugh. This reminded of this one guy who built a house on the hill I’m talking about. He insisted to the builders that he wanted his garage dug into the hill and under his house. They repeatedly tried to warn him away from this, but he wouldn’t listen. The first winter the snow drifted in between the banks on both sides of his driveway, completely filling it in… right to the bottom of the house. You wouldn’t even know there was a garage under the house. :laughing: He had one car inside and it remained there for several days while he picked away at the snow with a rented skid-steer loader. After that he parked on the side of the road. His driveway still drifted shut with almost every snowstorm.

Looking at that photo, I wonder why he’s not moving the snow over to the leeward side of the road. Lessens the chance of the road getting drifted shut again. Of course a 4-way plow helps in those instances - but they’re not always high enough. Only once did we have to use a CAT 966-C front-end loader to scoop the snow out of a couple intersections because there was no place to plow the snow to. Had to take a scoop out, dump it over an embankment, repeat… about a hundred times. Then the road got plowed. Funny how all the old-timers living on this hill take it in stride, but the “youngsters” who built on the hill have a fit if they can’t get out to rent a movie.