2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


But British frogs are, like the human population, generally silent.

On second thoughts, does that mean I don’t have to accede to Mrs T’s requests to work in the garden until we hear the frogs? Yippeeee!


-24 C -32 WC (-25 F)…a few clouds, mid afternoon -13 C (8 F)


But I’ve never heard frogs chirping here; we’ve got ponds and streams and lakes in the area but I’ve never heard any frogs there. Couldn’t you just tell me when you hear them…oh no I suppose that wouldn’t work 'cos you’re in the wrong country…heck :slightly_frowning_face: @Helen let me know when that frog spawn starts chirping…well, at least when the frogs start anyway :wink: I love testing theories :grin:

Several years ago, someone mentioned about acorns (or was it chestnuts :thinking:) keeping spiders out of your house (can’t remember if it was on here or FB) so I told it to my sister over in hold…she hates spiders :roll_eyes: Anyway she’s been testing it out ever since…and it works :astonished: So she’s even got them in the garden shed now so she’s happy :grin:

Woops, forgot we’re on the Weather post…so…today has been sunny and currently at 13C (56F). Been out in the garden doing a bit of tidying up…careful not to do too much so I don’t get told off. No rain expected for a week so I guess I’ve got a whole 7 days to be nipping out there and doing a bit of planting in between some nice long walks up the hills :sun_with_face:


In early spring after the frogs come out of hibernation, you’ll hear a few of them calling for mates. After a few days - usually warmer temperatures - more and more of them will be calling. In my area they can actually be so loud as to be a minor annoyance. But that is usually just in a marshy area where there are literally thousands of them. In areas where there are fewer, they’ll be chirping non-stop. As they start to lessen in the numbers calling, then the toads seem to take over with their own melody.
Do me a favor and check on what type of nut that was… not that I’m trying to keep spiders out of my house. But I think my DIL would love to do that. She is afraid of them and the 5-yr old has to get rid of them for her mother. :laughing: My DIL loathes having to go down to the basement to retrieve something, always fearing she’ll see a spider. :roll_eyes: She usually has one of the girls get things for her. Chicken!

Today is a very cloudy day with a high so far of 38.5F/3.6C. Very little, if any, filtered sun making it through. Winds are mostly calm with mild gusts once in a while. (The wind chimes are mostly silent.) The snow pack is slowly sinking down to nothing. :grimacing: The expected high today is 40F/4C, a low of 21F/-6C tonight and a high tomorrow of 43F/6C.


I never actually HEARD them chirping this year… just went out on the morning of Feb 15th to find that they’d been busy on Valentine’s Day!

Most of the time, yes, they only get heard when the fellas are trying to impress the ladies :wink:

Definitely horse chestnuts (aka conkers)! I have them all around my house for the same reason…

Weatherwise, we’ve apparently got a few days of sun coming up…
It’ll be good to actually SEE the sun, it’s been foggy here all day.


At first I was thinking, "Great! I know just where there’s a lot of trees on a hillside! Then I remembered that those are beechnuts. :frowning: I think I may have to go out to the western end of town to find those. Around here there are oak trees, beechnut, butternut, walnut and one other I think, but no chestnuts. Well, I’m not going out of my way for them. I like spiders and so do “my girls.” My wife doesn’t mind them - so long as they stay outside. I’m always asking her, “Do you see any mosquitoes in the house?” She’s replies, “No.” Then I say, “See? The spiders are trapping them in their webs.” (She never falls for that. :neutral_face:)

The sun peaked out for almost 2 hours this afternoon and the temperature went up to 40.5F/4.7C. But by 4:05 PM, the clouds moved back in and the temperature started dropping. At 4:34 it’s down to 38F/3.3C. At least the winds have died down now. Just a mild breeze with a light gust every once in a while.

Saturday will be cloudy again with rain showers starting about 11 PM… turning into steady rain around 3 AM. About 0.23"/5.8 mm of rain is expected. There goes more of my snow! :grimacing:


Same here. I don’t wish them any harm, they do a lot of good keeping flying insects in check. I just need them to do it away from me (i.e. outside the house!)

Still foggy…:fog::fog::foggy:


Helen’s right, definitely conkers; my sister collects them in the woods at the bottom of her garden and has them in every room in the house…as well as the shed :slight_smile:

Personally I’m not bothered, though my daughter…well…surprised if you haven’t heard her scream over there…though we haven’t had any in the house since the autumn, but I’m sure they’ll be climbing out of their hidy-holes in the near future, so listen up :wink:


Thank you @Helen and @EmeraldEyes.


It musta rained here?? – I hurt and slept. No… gonna rain!

A chance of showers, mainly after 1pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 45. Southeast wind 9 to 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 50%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible.


Currently -19 C -26 WC (-14 F) clouds moving in …snow here tomorrow…colder temperatures!

I hear from friends that the storm that passed over Phoenix early this afternoon has left lots of water sitting and flooding in the area.


Just washes…



-16 C -27 WC (-16F)…

Until at least Wed. we are back in the -35 C (-31 F) during the nights. We keep hoping for more than one day of a “warm up”…soon!!!


Woke to -8C and flurries… light breeze, so feels like -11C… not much accumulation of snow overnight though just a light dusting… forecast says it should stop with the light flurries this afternoon, and the snow that was forecast for Sunday seems to have been moved back… still showing 5cm for Monday and small bits all week… but nothing too serious.

Just had a look at Albany area… rain and some snow… @Jim7 must be getting cabin fever… I’ll just say that this is Neapolitan IC weather… good for the days when it can’t make up it’s mind… what flavour to serve up… weather or Ice Cream…

@TerriB I thought you were kidding… all I can say is use it up and make it go away… -35C at night is not desireable… maybe March will break the cycle… BTW now just at 6.2k on the WW… trying to get to 20%… while it’s quiet… depends a lot on WHETHER the WEATHER cooperates… :sunglasses:


Had another early night last night, but woke up to 22F/-5C. Morning clouds started giving in to let the sun shine through - although at times it was just strong filtered sun. By 11:10 AM the temperature has gone up to 36.5F/2.5C. Supposed to get up to 41F/5C today. Rain showers tonight and rain tomorrow… for a total drop of 0.33"/8 mm. It’s supposed to stay just above freezing overnight tonight. Most, if not all, of my snow will be gone.
One of the things most people don’t realize is that when there is no snow cover, the ground freezes deeper and more solidly. This affects tree roots, damaging them and restricting their ability to draw up water. Sugar maples are especially affected. It also helps to kill off many of the ticks. I want my snow back! :laughing:


Here’s hoping…we have broken weather records that stood for 83 years!


:triumph: Oh wait a minute… that’s not a good record break. :cold_face: You need a nice warm hug. :hugs:
Here’s hoping you’ll be needing these very soon. :sunglasses:


I was just looking at the weather thread for June 2018. Why? I haven’t the foggiest. :confused: One post caught my eye and made me laugh. @TerriB said her “weather didn’t materialize.” (Post 103). A few posts down she explained (after a smart aleck remark by yours truly :innocent:), “Just sunrise and sunset. Nothing in between.” Had me laughing - again! So everyone on here does have at the least a hidden craziness that peaks out once in while. :laughing:

We did hit 41F/55C at 3:07 PM. Five minutes later it slowly started to drop. At a couple minutes before 4 PM it’s now 39.9F/4C. Not looking forward to the rain @cageycat keeps on sending me. Had to cut two grooves through the snow bank to drain some water from the wye in the driveway.


Wait until you get the winds!

:wind_face: :wind_chime: :rewind: :wind_face: :wind_chime: :rewind: :wind_face: :wind_chime: :rewind: :wind_face: :wind_chime: :rewind: :wind_face: :wind_chime: :rewind: :wind_face: :wind_chime: :rewind:


Sitting outside having lunch at the top of a hill in +15C. Rather pleasant for the middle of February in Scotland.