2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Don’t even remember what that is like!!! :smiley::rofl::smiley:


We have a high wind warning: High winds 25-40/40-64 kph with gusts up to 65 mph/105 kph. I guess I’ll be picking up tree branches and limbs on Tuesday - and clearing them from the roofs. :grimacing: Are you sending this after you’re sending the rain? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: At least the ground isn’t water logged… still frozen safe for a few inches at the surface.

High Wind Warning
Issued: 3:25 PM Feb. 23, 2019 – National Weather Service


The National Weather Service in Albany has issued a High Wind Warning, which is in effect from 7 PM Sunday to 7 PM EST Monday. The High Wind Watch is no longer in effect.

  • Locations…The western and southern Adirondacks, Lake George Saratoga Region, Mohawk Valley, Greater Capital District, Helderbergs, eastern Catskills, Schoharie Valley, eastern Greene and western Columbia Counties, and the northern and central Taconics of eastern New York.

  • Winds…West 25 to 40 mph with gusts up to 65 mph.

  • Timing…Sunday night into early Monday evening.

  • Impacts…Strong to damaging winds are expected, which will likely blow down large tree limbs, trees and power lines. Widespread power outages are possible. Travel could be difficult, especially for high profile vehicles.

Edit: I also received an email from our electric company saying we should expect some power outages in some areas. Bummer! I could lose my Internet! I could end up with “nodding withdrawals!”


It is (waterlogged) here.

This site kills me!—>

A chance of rain, then rain and possibly a thunderstorm after 11pm. Low around 43. Southeast wind 11 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

And, see the Canadian front, plus the Gulf Stream? We’re getting this late tonight…Looks like a mean black cat!

Wind can’t decide which ways it’s going!


BTW, because of high winds, all of east coast and over to Chicago will have disruptions in air travel.

PSA: Walk!


I just realized @Jim7 loves snow like I love rocks. Now, I understand :rofl:


I guess I have to start checking the weather forecast every 4 hours! I looked at the radar about 30 minutes ago and saw snow and sleet heading my way… in about 30 minutes! At 10:50 PM it arrived… all sleet and still coming down at 11:15. The last I knew, we were going to get rain tomorrow night and Monday. Checking the forecast - it’s been changed again - we’re to get a wintry mix starting around 10:45 PM and continuing into Monday morning. Then the high winds arrive. :unamused:


Back in that “Extreme Cold”…-32 C -44 WC (-47 F) …Family week over and kids back at school tomorrow. School buses will not run tomorrow and the cold weather also means “indoor recess” continues. Teachers have become quite inventive to get students exercising and de-energized …dance videos… the entire class participates.


Jim 9 am lost power and cable due to high winds. It’s coming for ya!


-14C / 6.8F climbing up to -8C / 17.6F and sunny for the first part of the day. Not much in the form of precipitation today at all… on and off dustings forecast by WN but sunny mostly all week similar temps.
Still have our power here, That gets dicey sometimes in the Spring when avalanches mess with the power lines in the mountains… still to come though. They have learned how to build them and how not to over the years…

Have to start prepping for Lynne Day… we do a lot of stuff Sundays… for her… I Drive! as always.


@Jim7 hasn’t commented on the weather (or anything else) for 20 hours! Hope the winds didn’t blow him into Canada to be in snow!!

Dorothy, Dorothy, you get Toto and come on home now. We’re worrying about you.


Edit: I got a like – he’s backkkkk!


I actually came down sick! :open_mouth: Aside from an annual “spring” head cold that lasts a day or two, I never get sick. I was the only one at my son’s house to be able to take care of the baby and the girls when everyone in the household had severe vomiting for 48 hours, including the baby and the girls… 3 adults and 3 little ones! Since Friday night it got worse and after going to bed, I’ve slept for 10-12 hours at a time, got up for 30-60 minutes and went back to bed. Now I’m starting to get achy muscles from sleeping so long. Going back to bed in about 15 minutes - after I have some chicken soup.

The wind seems to have decided not to show up until Monday… the day they first forecast it. :roll_eyes: I don’t know why they changed it to Sat. night and all day Sunday. But - like the rain and snow - they always change the forecasts two or three times and end up back to their original forecasts.

Our high today reached 41.5F/5.3C and since around 4 PM the temperature has hovered at 40.5F/4.7C. It just now dropped to 39.9F/4.4C. It’s been cloudy/overcast all day and is currently the same. But the breeze is damp and “cuts right through to the bones.” (I remember my mother using that phrase when I was growing up. See? Long term memory I have. It’s the short term memory that seems to be giving me a problem. :thinking:)

Can’t think (or type) straight (thank goodness for spellcheck), but here’s our current situation at 7:30 PM:
Rain changing to a wintry mix (snow/sleet/(freezing?)rain… ending around midnight. Of course all the straight snow has to be north of me. BP 28.75", 84% humidity, Winds 10-20 mph with some higher gusts. Snowfall last night and up to 2 AM this morning was 0.4"/1 cm, but with 0.12"/3 mm of rain, the snow is melting… melting… melting! :grimacing:
Monday brings the interesting winds.


Real sorry you are sick. At least you didn’t go with Dorothy and Toto.


Not yet, but there’s always tonight and tomorrow. And now our rainfall is up to 0.15"/3.8 mm. By the time the sleet gets here I should be in “La La Land.” :sleeping:


Currently 6C (43F). Glorious sunshine this weekend, been out trekking round the moors, tidying up the garden and clearing the drives of moss, getting beds and pots ready for planting…
…and all done without a hint of pain at the end of the day…yaaay…I’m amazed I can still walk after it all. Can’t wait to get out there again tomorrow, I’m going to get loads done really early this year 'cos we’ve got sunshine 'til the end of the week and my new hip is loving all the activity :sun_with_face:


That’s great! :triumph: Now if we can just talk a certain person into rewarding all your hard, pain-free work by taking you with her on her next holiday… (hint… hint… @Helen:laughing:) And what’s good is that she wouldn’t have to bribe the captain to make a small, out-of-way stop across the pond - like he/she would have had to in order to pick up @cageycat. Don’t worry, Cagey, I’m still working on Helen. :wink:

Seems we have a break from the rain and sleet. After a 20-minute break in the clouds… and with a large blue/pink patch heading right at me, it does what it always does… disappears just before it reaches me. :unamused: Now they’re saying the wintry mix should end by 12:15 AM. (Original forecast was 12:00 AM, then about 3 or 4 “earlier” times, and now this. I do believe from now on I’m going to stick with their original forecasts. Micro-managing this seems to cause a lot of headaches for them… and me.
At 9:20 PM it’s down to 37.6F/3C. Overnight temperature tonight will be 28F/-2C, overnight Monday into Tuesday it’s going down to 18F/-7.8C and Tuesday night 9F/-12.8C (no WC involved).


:open_mouth: No, no, no, we’re just coming out of the winter hibernation here, nobody’s taking me anywhere…not with this kinda weather on our doorstep and bumbly bees nockin on the windows…
image image Sunshine and clear blue skies, what more could I want. Just gonna finish checking the posts then I’m off out and I’m not coming home 'til the kids are due home from school :grin:


Our highest winds were at 61 mph yesterday. Still running at 23-33 mph gusts.


-33 C -47 WC (-52 F) Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…:cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:…I hope at least through this Extreme Cold…we have killed off the “flu bug”??? Although, measles have now made their way from Vancouver to Edmonton and NWT…luckily, in my family, we are all vaccinated.

Swimming this morning, if my car starts…ugh…

EDIT: Car going YEAH! …probably 30 mins warm up time until it will actually move and then the square tires to deal with.


Nothing new, but it did get a little colder than forecast overnight… now -22C WC -28 / -7.6F WC -18.4…
Already bright sun and light breeze rising up to -8C / 17.6F with some light snow forecast late day…
And the same sort all week… IF you believe them.

@TerriB Please remember to close the Freezer door! :penguin::sunglasses:
On the ‘whether’ question… Now past 20% on WW… 7.1k
Just need free time… sigh!


I thought you were “retired”? :smiley:

I woke up every couple of hours during the night and checked to see what was happening… snow showers… snow showers… snow showers… all night and all this morning. Over the coarse of almost 12 hours we got a whole 0.5"/1.3 cm. The winds really didn’t start to pick up until around 11 AM. Currently steady at 29 mph/46.7 kph with much stronger gusts. I’ve only heard of one call on the scanner for a tree across the road in a town at the northwestern part of the county. No wires were taken down which was good. So far I don’t see anything lying on the ground around my house. It pays to train the squirrels to drag such stuff away. Only have to feed them peanuts.
Looks like we’ve reached our high for the day - 34F/1C.