2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Sounds pretty good to me! :woman_cartwheeling:

Wrong holiday, Jim! :passenger_ship::snowflake::iceland: That one’s later in the year, the next one is from the airport! :airplane::sunglasses::desert_island:

This is what we have at the moment…
too much rain and dark cloud for my liking! :wink:


“Wrong holiday, Jim! That one’s later in the year, the next one is from the airport!”

So Cagey and Em should be purchasing plane tickets? :thinking:
How do you ever get any work done with all of this gallivanting you do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:
Here’s what we’re looking at for the next few day.

And @cageycat, our maximum sustained winds were 36 mph/58 kph with gusts of 60 mph/96.5 kph. I thought I had paid out enough peanuts, but the squirrels seem to have taken a union break. Not one in sight! Guess I’ll have to pick up the rest of the branches myself. :unamused:

Edit: It took me 3 tries to post my reply here. Kept on getting an error message about a possible Internet connection, but I have no problems with it on my end. A friend of ours up in the back woods in the next county just posted by cellphone that she lost her power. There are a few other areas 10-15 miles/16-24 km away that have lost power. Good here so far. The winds are dying down a bit with sustained winds between 20-25 mph/32-40 kph with some stronger gusts. Just looked out front… several fairly large limbs were broken off the tops of a couple trees and are lying on the snow. I think I’ll pick those up myself as the squirrels will probably want me to build them a dolly to cart these away and then want a raise (in peanuts and sunflower seeds) because of the size of these. (I think they’re getting lazy. :roll_eyes:)

At 5:15 PM the temperature is down to 30F/-1C.

My wife just told me they have snow in Arizona and are using road graders to plow the roads - they don’t have snow plows there. :grimacing:


:rofl::smiley::rofl::smiley: I wish that was all it took!!!


What’s that weather you’ve got on Wednesday Helen, floods :astonished: I don’t think I’ve seen that one before confused6


Work? Ah you must mean that thing that I do that pays for all of the gallivanting…

Fog, apparently. Not seen that symbol before either, even when it was foggy all day (last Thursday I think it was), the fog (sea fret) never lifted.


So glad to hear you are moving around so very well. I have a brilliant idea! Why not get a metal detector and go walking to find some of that buried Norse treasure they are always finding over in your fields? You could probably get the kids involved as well!


Those abysmal temps are one of the main reasons I quit driving. Lying on the ground underneath the freaking trailer in 4 feet of snow whacking on my tandems to get them to break free when it’s -24F up in Edmonton at the age of 65 was just about the last straw. Then I broke my wrist in three places up by Buffalo and was facing another winter. Not that hard a decision by then.


As long as she doesn’t have any metal parts in her hip. Her kids would have a ball swinging the metal detector around mom and listening to it squeal like crazy. :grinning:

It’s now 1 AM and the wind is still blowing fairly hard. After most of the clouds had moved out - and I could see lot’s of stars - they’ve decided to return. Now the forecasters are saying there’s a chance of snow around 3:45 AM. I’m not staying up for that. Still under the weather (pun intended). Heading off to get some more sleep. My wife told me tonight that I look like death warmed over. I told her it’s because I’ve only had 3 cups of coffee in 3 days… coffee’s my fountain of youth. That remark only elicited a half-frown and half-smirk. (I knew she liked it. :wink:)
Current temperature is 24F/-4C. Got a little way downward to go by morning. Supposed to remain below freezing during the day, then drop down to 9F/-12.8C overnight into Wednesday morning. Oil tank is at least 3/4 full. Did not lose our power with the winds yesterday which was nice. If we did, I would have had to snuggle up with my wife! :grimacing: :rofl:(Glad she’s not reading this… :wink:)


My hubby and I occasionally watch a programme called Ice Road Truckers on the History channel.
Boy, they are some hair raising conditions they have to drive through. I always stand in awe and admiration when I see truckers over here; how they manoeuvre through some of our most narrow streets, turning into the tightest of corners, it’s amazing, I’m fascinated. Just my parking abilities are horrendous by comparison, you put me to shame :sweat_smile:


-32 C -42 WC (-44 F)…and I hope my car starts…again…they are teasing us with -8C Wed.

EDIT: They just said on the news we are “SUPPOSE” to have an “Above normal spring” starting mid March to April…OMgoodness could it be true???:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


:laughing: Last night when our daughter picked up her dog from our house, she told us about this one customer (she works at an insurance firm) who was wondering why his rates had gone up. She asked him if he thought it may have had anything to do with the 3 recent “accidents” he had - all while backing up. And the fact that he added his teenage son to the policy. He said he saw no reason that this should have affected his insurance premiums. :confused:

Last night the low was 19F/-7C with a wind chill making it feel like 9F/-12.8C. That’s supposed to be our overnight low tonight! If the wind will ever finally die down, then it won’t feel much colder. I can sit outside a while with that! The daytime high for today is supposed to be 27F/-2.8C. We’ll see… It’s currently partly cloudy to mostly sunny - I’ll stick with the latter as that’s how it seems to be so far this morning. Lots of branches are strewn all around the house with a few hung up across some wires and a few hanging down from some branches. I have a little work to do later… after I feel better.


Temps peaked at 19C (66F) today (currently dropped a degree), clear blue sky, so I went for hike up the hill then did a bit more tidying and planting in the garden. It’s been a good few years since I’ve been able to get out there so early, doesn’t normally stay dry for so long. But there’s rain on it’s way for the end of the week and the radio forecast mention a drop in temps too :unamused: Everything’s budding and spring flowers are opening :sun_with_face::sunglasses:


This week we’re getting a mix of conditions. Currently at 12:25 PM is up to 25.7F/-3.5C with a wind chill making it feel like 16.7F/-8.5C.



The WN has been saying that about the Spring… but says that the end of Winter will be ‘ferocious’…

Proof of the bit about March… in like a lion, out like a lamb… might be truer than I thought.

Was -22C again last night… but now warming up… -15 last I looked… sunny with a breeze today… same or similar this week still but a little warmer.


Our high got up to 25.2F/-3.8C and at 3 PM it’s down to 23.9F/-4.5C, but with the wind chill feels like it’s 13.9F/-10C. They also changed our overnight low for tonight from 9F/-12/8C to 3F/-16C. I’m hoping the winds are gone by then… it will be chilly trying to feed the birds in the morning.

Snow and then rain starting Wed. night going into Thursday morning. 3"-5"/7.6-12.7cm - of which I’m sure we’ll get the lesser amount… always do. (sigh) Of course the temperature always has to go above freezing after the snow - just so it can melt everything on me. :unamused:


I heard on the news tonight that the UK is experiencing its warmest February on record. The highest temperature reached was on Monday at 20.6C (69.08F) in Wales. :smiley:
Positively tropical in comparison to US and Canada.
Oh heck, hope you guys are not gonna send some of your freezing temps over here :cold_sweat:
I’ve even put my hanging baskets out and they’re looking all pretty and colourful and summery :sun_with_face:


Here’s a new twist to a tsunami… an ice tsunami! This happened on the 24th of February both in western NY and also along the Niagara River in Ontario. (My wife told me, “Oh yeah, I saw that on Facebook.” You’d think she would have told me about something like that happening. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


It happened 5 yrs ago in MN and in CA


Cool! Er… Cold! :neutral_face: I’m guessing, but I think it was around 1994 to 1998 when we had an ice jam on the Hudson River and the river (and ice) went over its banks here. The ice and water went through two marinas here in the hamlet… as well as flooding three homes. Nothing like this of course because the ice didn’t pile up… it just overflowed with the water and traveled across the road, through the woods and an athletic field and a marsh. It did ruin a maintenance building the town parks and beautification department had at the end of the field. We watched as several (5 or 6) boats were lifted up and carried away. Eventually, all the boats - save one - were rescued and returned… badly damaged by the ice. I think one had been pushed down into the Town of Athens in Greene County. Half of the permanent dock at one marina was destroyed by the ice. When the ice jam finally broke, boy how the water and ice rushed down river! What a mess that was to clean up!