2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


-15 C -26 WC (-14 F) a WARM UP DAY!!! but winds will be 30-50 kph this afternoon…:unamused::unamused::unamused: Back to the cold tomorrow.


The Meadows in Edinburgh is a big park near the city centre and university. You usually see plenty of people sitting around on the grass on warm summer days but I’d not seen it happening in February until I cycled past fairly late this afternoon. Hundreds of people sunbathing in Edinburgh in February???


We got snow right now! It started at 12:55 PM, a steady light snow. After I took care of our daughter’s dog, I took a swing around her block and past the elementary school where two of our granddaughters attend. There was a large number of children playing outside with hula hoops. Some rolling them and others chasing them. Lots of laughing and screaming (as kids do). And it was 18F/-7.6C and snowing. The kids were having a great time. I hope they were all bundled up good! :smiley:

So far we’ve only received 0.1"/0.25cm out of 4"/10 cm they’re predicting now… 2"/5cm today and 2"/5cm overnight. Winds are light and variable. I hate that term they use… in reality it’s mostly calm with gusts of 1-2 mph/1.6-3.2 kph. We’ve already hit our high for today… 19.8F/-6.8C and it’s has since dropped to 18.3F/-7.6C. It should hold there for some time with very little fluctuation. Our overnight low last night didn’t go down as low as what was forecast but bottomed out at 11.7F/-11C.


Ice tsunamis! Just this past year, I’ve newly learned about two of Earth’s natural phenomena- ice tsunamis and that rotating ice disk in the river.

I just love our planet and all that we still have to unearth and discover about it :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


I also thought that was cool. That was the first time I had ever heard about that phenomenon… as well as the ice tsunamis.


They happen on our lakes - especially in the spring - when the ice has just broken away from the shore, and the winds pick it up and will push it across the lake into homes/cabins along the shore…can be very dangerous and damaging.


I really couldn’t say if we’ve had that happen around here or not. I don’t ice fish. I think the last time I saw ice in spring was when I went to a mountain lake on opening day of trout season - April 1st - and one 1/4 of the lake still had ice on it with some ice on and against the bank… all on the shaded west side. I guess that was the closest thing to an ice tsunami. It was a small lake. I can imagine what happens on Lake Champlain or even Lake George (in NY). One more thing to try to remember to take notice of. :grinning:

We’re up to 0.4"/1cm already. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It is 7:00 a.m. and it is…-12C -14 WC (10 F)

Can you believe it??? Out of the deep freeze for two days!!! :slightly_smiling_face::smiley::wink::slightly_smiling_face::smiley::wink::slightly_smiling_face:

But, there always is one, we are going back into cold temps. :roll_eyes::persevere::unamused::persevere::persevere::persevere:


The snow is over. It ended at 2:15 AM (I was awake), but a little more dropped after 5 AM, for a grand total of 4.6"/11.7cm. At least this snow is nice and fluffy - easy to move at the moment.

Overnight low bottomed out at 12F/-11C. By 9 AM the sun was out as most of the clouds have moved east. Only a slight breeze blowing so shoveling snow shouldn’t be a chore. (Did I just say that out loud? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) At 11:50 AM it’s up to 24F/-4C with an expected high of 29F/-1.

I guess I better get shoveling before it gets too hot out there! :roll_eyes: And much to my surprise, someone driving down the hill moved up onto my sidewalk and plowed the snow off… all the way down past my driveway! That will save a lot of time (and my back). I think I have an idea of who may have done it. It’s someone I don’t know, but he stopped after the last storm just as I was finishing up my walk up by the corner and he pushed the snow off and away from the intersection. It was very heavy and wet. We talked for about 30 seconds before he said he had to get going… lots of driveways to plow.


Hey, lookie, lookie! More snow for us on Sunday night into Monday morning! 5"-8"/12-20 cm! I should be finished shoveling this batch by then. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing: I still have the short set of steps off the porch, the walk from those out to the street, in front of our front door (we don’t even use that in the winter), and about 80’l x 15’w/24m x 4.5m of the driveway up by the carriage house. My back finally gave in around 5 PM. Of course I had to run up to my daughter’s house to let her dog out… and shoveled the high, heavy ridge of snow the village plowed across her driveway and did a little touch up here and there for her.

Our high today reached 31.8F/-0.1C - just below freezing. The sun was very warm as the clouds all disappeared by 2 PM. It was hot enough to start melting snow even while it was at 26F/-3. The water was running down the downspouts, down the street and with the slight breeze most places in the sun actually dried up! Currently it’s down to 23F/-5C and our overnight low is supposed to be 16F/-8.9C. Clear tonight and mostly sunny tomorrow with a high of 39F/3.9C.

Pot holes are appearing all over the roads, both old ones and new ones. My grandson has a bent control arm from hitting a very deep one. I saw a panel van hit one while I was on my way to the hardware store this afternoon (bird seed, peanuts, etc. :shushing_face:). It almost knocked the steering wheel loose from the driver’s grip! And how that van bounced! Ouch! And now there’s extra tractor-trailer traffic through the village with all the road salt deliveries being made to all the municipalities around. Even they are experiencing a lot of bouncing around. Not good for their ball joints and tires either. Darn this above freezing weather causing these pot holes! Go away and stay below freezing - until summer that is. :sunglasses:


Woke up this morning, having gone to bed with a forecast of 1 to 3 cm of snow… and not too cold (13C)
Well the temp was OK but no sign of the snow… so I came over to TN to try some of the new seal thing… and drink a coffee… by the time I did some and then went for breakfast… some time had passed… and I saw an email from the lady friend… in fact two asking what time we were going out to the bank… what was wrong said the second… was I busy shoveling snow… what? there was NO new snow when I woke up… but wow… in the course of the hour or so I was nodding… all of a sudden there was almost two inches and still falling fast… wow… but I shut down and we got out to the bank and lunch and home by 3… I tell you, one just can’t trust forecasters these days… I hear more is in the new forecast but I was in no hurry to look at it… after our trip, I came home to shovel some stuff… hah!


They surprised me tonight by saying we could get some snow late tomorrow night. (pant, pant, pant… :laughing:). It’s only a 40% chance, so probably nothing will become of it. Now on Sunday night into Monday is a whole other ball game… That storm I’m looking for to. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

One of my neighbors was telling me tonight he’s leaving in the morning to go up on the mountain to work on his house up there. (He’s eventually going to move there… about 70 miles/112 km away.) He said he plans on coming back down Monday morning, so I asked him if he knew we’re supposed to get 5"-8" of snow Sunday night into Monday. He didn’t know. He said since they usually get a lot more on the mountain than down here, he may have to stay a little longer, but he didn’t want to stay away too long because he has to clean the little boxes for the cats and make sure they have food and water. Then I reminded him we do have a key to his house (and he has one for ours) and either my wife or I could check on and tend to the cats. (We did that for his dog before she passed away.) He said that would be great… if he’s not back by Monday night he would appreciate if we’d tend to the cats. No problem…


From north of Bay Area:

GUERNEVILLE, CALIFORNIA. - FEB. 27: Rich Willson paddles through the miniature golf course in Guerneville, California, after the Russian River flooded Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2019. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)


Looks like me trying to get away from my wife after one of my corny jokes. :roll_eyes:


We are on that slippery slope to cold…-19C -30 WC (-22 F)…it has been snowing off and on since Wed. and none was forecast .

EDIT: As the day goes by, we are getting colder…-21 C -35 WC (-31 F) 2:00 p.m. :unamused:


Oh, you’re going to hate me, but we got up to 39.2F/4C today - for about 35 minutes. Since then the temperature has been slowly going down. Currently just above freezing at 6:43 PM - 33F/0.5C. It’s funny how a weather reporting station a few miles to my south is 5 degrees (F) colder than here. They’re reporting 28F/-2C. They’re only two or three hills over. :smiley:

Keep warm…


sigh…:open_mouth::disappointed:…hoping soon!

EDIT: Obviously not today…-25 C -37 WC (-35 F)


I had a feeling you wouldn’t like my temperature - well, you would if you had it. If it’s any consolation, we’re down to 29F/-1.6C and ever so slowly dropping. Clouds are moving in so it will take hours to get to our low of 25F/-3.9C tonight. Today it went from sunny and mostly clear, to partly cloudy and currently mostly cloudy. I just checked and now they’re saying there’s a 50% chance of snow by 5 AM. Ah, that storm isn’t supposed to happen until tomorrow evening… unless it’s making a test drop. :laughing:


Yes I would! :slightly_smiling_face:

And the temp just dropped…-27 C -38 WC (-36 F)…“Deep freeze”…

Saturday Morning EDIT: -35 C -48 WC (-54 F)


Working outside in Edinburgh yesterday in my short-sleeved shirt and still too warm for comfort. Much the same temperature today but wet and windy.