2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Today the sun is out, and the temp started at -22C and has now got up to -20C on the way to -9C

Not much but a dusting last night early for snow… hardly worth mentioning but they had a poor driving warning out in the late afternoon… I suspect we missed most of it… but visibility and black ice was a concern…

@TerriB We are supposed to have days around 0C / 32F starting Thursday, but milder days by Tuesday… I see the projections (14 day) look like you will get some about 4 to 5 days later (next week) so hang in… but in the meantime look forward to single digit minus © days… hope they come to both of us but mostly you…


It appears that the storm that moved up the east coast (inland mostly) stayed just to my south. Not a thing when I woke up at 6:25 this morning. While watching how it was tracking, I really didn’t expect it would get far enough north to affect us here. Overcast skies during the night kept the temperature up. Our overnight low was 30.2F/-1C. Our high today - around 12:35 PM reached 41F/5C, but currently at 1:44 PM it’s dropped to 39.9F/4.4C and slowly dropping. Winds are calm… very calm… like “the calm before the storm” kind of calm. While the birds were all actively singing this morning, it’s deathly quiet. I don’t see any hawks sitting in any trees, so I’m not sure what’s going on with the birds and squirrels. The slow-moving snow storm that’s been tracking east has made it into NY state and is just now reaching Rochester, NY. It’s now expected to get here until tomorrow afternoon. Local forecasts call for 8+"/20+cm from Sunday afternoon into Monday morning. Seems like our sidewalks stay bare for a week before it’s time to shovel again. Overnight low tonight of 27F/-2.8C and tomorrow another 39F/3.9C day - before the snow arrives.


Yeah!!! We had one day last week and everyone was basking in the sunshine and then it changed overnight!


They keep on messing with my forecast! Arrrgh! When I went to bed last night they were still calling for 8"+/20+cm of snow for today and tonight. A couple of hours ago I checked again and now they’ve lowered the snowfall to 3"-5"/7-12cm. I wish they’d leave the good amounts alone! :frowning:

Overnight low was 29.1F/-1.6C with an expected high today of 39F/3.9C. That snow better get here before what’s still on the ground melts away…


-25C -37 WC (-34 F) …now they are saying Friday it will warm up. I think as soon as I plan something on a day it is suppose to warm up…they move the day further down the week. Arrrgh…:roll_eyes:

In the winter we get “sun dogs”: We have had them regularly in this cold weather.


and of course because of our “deep freeze”, we do this best:


Ours seems to be holding steady, but not sticking to the script re temps… Last night was forecast for -24 and clear, but when I woke up the same site says it was -27C Now up to -22C sunny and rising…
No snow forecast for a few days or at least very much… Supposed to be -24 tonight (like last night) and then start trending up the scale… Of course nights will always be somewhat cooler this time of year, but that is normal. Hanging in for warmer to come… but that usually brings snow…


From The Atlantic magazine photo gallery:

A man wearing an orange trench coat views Lake Van under a snow-covered tree in the Ercis District of Van, Turkey, on February 27, 2019. #

Necmettin Karaca / Anadolu Agency / Getty


Shriek! Hanging baskets in Feb.??? You guys are really pampered over there. Very cold and snowy here. +19F last I looked. And we have calves coming almost every day. 13 so far.


A little warm up -17 C -29 WC (-20 F) a big diff than yesterday… maybe that warmer weather is actually going to materialize



Well, at the same rough time, you are finally warmer than here… -23C sunny and going up to -5C later…
That is already 4C warmer than yesterday morning… for us… should get to 0 in a few days in the daytime… only dribs and drabs of snow forecast this week… just dustings… so of course I’m expecting more…


Now I feel bad that we are actually having this warm weather - during the days. Just finished shoveling snow at 12:10 PM… started at 4:30 AM. And I just realized I didn’t do in front of the front door and the one walk from the short set of porch steps out to the street. Sigh… The first thing I did this morning was the sidewalk out at the street - so the school kids didn’t have to walk in the street and could stand on the sidewalk at the corner while waiting for the school buses.

We received a whooping 4.1"/10.4cm of fluffy, great packing snow. Perfect for building a snowman, but I’m almost hoping the girls don’t ask me… my lower back is killing me and now I’m walking with a limp… right leg pain. Darned spine!

Currently at 12:15 PM it’s up to 37.4F/3C, the sun is shining bright - and strong - and there’s only a couple of scattered clouds once in a while. Guess you could say it’s sunny and clear. Snow is melting fast off the rooftops and my driveway is practically bare. I even did up to within 15’/5m from the carriage house… a lot farther than the last two storms. I had no help shoveling this time… the wife is still sick (got what I came down with last Friday, Saturday, Sunday…).

Wouldn’t you know… just after I got inside my wife told me our son called and said he just finished his driveway and walkways and said he’d be down to do our driveway and walkways. My wife told him everything is done. He was impressed (that his old man could still do it?). :laughing:

Overnight low tonight to be 12F/-11C, high tomorrow of 30F/-1C and again overnight of 12F/-11C tomorrow night. Still seems funny hearing redwing blackbirds singing in the trees with all this snow on the ground. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeh, pretty primrose baskets…looking good between the sunshine and showers :smile:

10C (50F)
Currently a bit sunny but with some heavy duty rain clouds hovering loitering around sinister and threatening way :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
image and they’re threatening us with snow next Tuesday :astonished: Wonder if…I photo shop that day out and replace it with a bit of sunshine…will that make it come true :thinking: :rofl:



-9 C -16 WC (3 F)…the only problem is that as the day goes on it will get colder…:disappointed:

-12 C -20 WC but better than -40 :roll_eyes:


If I could I would - give you some less rain, but we’re not getting above freezing until Friday, and even then it’s below freezing at night. Not cool (pun intended) for hanging baskets.

It went down to 12F/-11C last night. Currently at 10 AM it’s up to 23.9F/-4.5C. Mostly sunny so far with just a slight-to-mild breeze… enough to make music with the chimes, but not enough to drown out all the different birds’ songs.


Well, at least today’s rain held off 'til about an hour ago, thankfully :grin:


We are so tired of the cold weather…there is nothing more to say about it…a long cold Feb and March has been a rollercoaster of cold and then a tiny tiny warm up…ugh…
-23 C -28 WC (-18 F).


Our overnight temperature last night only went down to 14F/-10C. The day was mostly cloudy to mostly cloudy with snow flurries teasing me for hours. :unamused: Our high reached 26.4F/-3C and at 3:20 PM it’s already down to 24.4F/-2C. The winds were a little brisk today with some gusts making you turn your back to the wind. A good “drying day” as they say. Tonight’s overnight temperature will be down to 9F/-12.8C, tomorrow’s high to be 29F/-1.7C and tomorrow’s overnight low to be around 11F/-11.7C. Very slowly starting to warm up. Spring is almost here - according to the calendar. But Mother Nature seems to like to mess with our dependence upon a “set” calendar. :grinning:


-20 C -30 WC

Starting to warm up…possibility of -1 C temperatures by Monday.


Currently -5C here, snowing lightly and rising to 0C / 32F today… and will keep doing that with cooler nights for the next 14 days by the long term forecast… some days with flurries some not, mixed sun and clouds… but holding above freezing in the daytime… To me that means melting… and related problems.
And that means drainage…


You must be on duty every day now …moving snow, ice, water…don’t over do it!!!