2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


:triumph: :sunglasses: :sweat: Yippee for you!


I’m ready!!!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


:sunglasses::heart_eyes: -14 C -23 WC (-9 F) Heading to - 6 C This afternoon and partly sunny :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

The number "“0"” has been forecast for Wed’s weather next week??? :thinking::thinking:Could it be the start of the “real spring”??? …please, please, please, please…


I think that means you won’t have any weather next week. :crazy_face:

Our overnight low was 10.4F/-12C. By 9:45 AM it was up to 25.9F/-3.4C thanks to lots of sun. Just a slight-mild breeze moving the wind chimes a little - makes them blend in well with the birds singing. Our high today is to be 38F/3C and down to 18F/-7.8C tonight. Looks like we’re getting more days above freezing than not. Here comes spring with its mud… :unamused: I suppose I’ll have to pick up the downed tree branches in the early hours while the ground is still frozen from overnight lows. Of course if I don’t pick them up, that would give me a good excuse for not mowing the lawn later on. :rofl: I don’t think my wife would appreciate that very much. I would never let the lawn get too high. :innocent: :roll_eyes:


Computer glitch??? :rofl::smiley::smile:


I hope so! I shudder to think if Mother Nature was to throw you into a “Twilight Zone” where there are no clouds, no sun, no moon or stars, no breeze… just an eerie gray fog in which people seem to “disappear”. :open_mouth: I wonder if it would be cold or warm… probably stay at whatever temperature was at that moment. Okay… let’s stick to the computer glitch that said you have “0” weather - 0 temperature, 0 sun, 0 wind, 0 clouds, 0 moon, 0 stars… Oh wait a minute! That put you back into the Twilight Zone! :hushed:


Will probably be out doing my ‘exercise’ most days… Thursday I mostly went around looking for what might happen ‘later’ and then touching up some items I found… that drain on the corner of 21 ave and 12 St N was plowed shut again… and just some hints about a small puddle, so I ‘DOUG’ it out again… not much work there, and the ‘marker notch’ I made in the shrubbery made locating it easy… good.
Then off to touch up the local sidewalk… I like to keep track of the edge of the sidewalks the last 4 years ( I guess it is now 5 winters though) so far it seems to have filtered down to the locals to do that at least better than in the past… funny to walk up one side walk that is open and the curb lane is piled high with snow, ice underneath and cars parked at all angles of tilt crammed as far up the bank as possible… and all trying to reach the sidewalk… on the other side of the road, they actually park completely blocking the sidewalk and act as if YOU are stupid for challenging their right to easy parking. I tell people trying to use the sidewalk to phone both works and the bylaw office, and the group whose volunteers it is… who also don’t like the parkers… I mean when I can, I clear the road edge of the sidewalk, and the City sidewalk plow does the sidewalk there since the business is closed. and it’s not really frontage at that point ha ha. more like sideage. Anyway going out last night says there is an area at 10th st and 21 ave that is forming a lake again… I had done a little prep in past efforts, but the city plows and operators think with their usual disregard for pedestrians and mobility device users… I do what I can to help… usually advising them to try crossing a few yards to the North at the two bus stops I keep as passable for them as I can… or if not, to use the street side where it is shallower except for one narrow ‘drain’ I make… less than a foot wide, but under hard Ice to chop…
but it does limit the overall size and depth of the main lake… the rest I’m going to start leading down 21 av to the drain I opened earlier… The other big thing was that strip along 12 st. that flooded last time… I have had it under control since the last storm until the last plowing dumped it’s gutter full of ice…
Took up what I could yesterday, I will go back to that as the sun allows… already warming up for us except over night cooling… as I forecast (well they did at WN) Had to drive Lynne this morning so it is cooler than I usually see in the morning… -7C at 7am… Now at 11 or so… it is -3 and rising and the sun is out fully… time to go do somethings… Hope yours goes well… from one of todays comments on the 0 iin the forecast… that would be the P.O.N.W index rating… like POP… and sadly the probablility of Nice Weather is probably 0 :penguin::duck::sunglasses:


Corny! Yup! We do seem to think alike at times. :laughing:

At noon time it made it to “0” as @TerriB would say. So now I have “no weather.” Thanks, Terri! :crazy_face:
I’m going to wait until early tomorrow morning - before the ground starts to get mushy - to clean up the tree debris. I have plenty of things to do inside until the bees start to fly - just have to get my wife to stop adding to the list. :roll_eyes:
Looks like it’s going to be a nice day after all. I’m glad I don’t have to go through what @Doug4 has to with cleaning the city catch basins. One would think that would be a job for the city employees to perform… part of their winter “maintenance” schedule. I know things change over the years when it comes to such things. Our highway department always had two people on a plow. After the storms we had to go around our routes and open any plugged up catch basins and culvert pipes. Otherwise, we ended up having to clear debris washed across the roads - if the roads themselves didn’t get partially washed out. For some reason, they don’t do that any longer. (Maybe the new highway superintendent is keeping costs down to get re-elected? :shushing_face:)


Hmmm :thinking: I wonder what it would be like to have absolutely no weather whatsoever…may I should nip over to Terri’s to see what it’s like :rofl::cold_face::flushed::cold_sweat::crazy_face:


Frustrating that they keep doing that!

I hope not…the afternoons lately have seen near -10 C however once we hit that 6-7 pm when the sun is going down, the temperatures drop by 20 degrees. Our mornings are still very cold…frosty! I hope the warm temperatures materialize and it starts the “spring” process.

You are on that “Full time” quest to keep the drains open, water running in the right directions. Hopefully soon, you are on the “warm side” of spring also.


Last week we were sunbathing; the forecast for Sunday is snow. Welcome to Scotland!


It appears we’re going to get snow on Sunday on this side of the pond as well… 1"-3"/2.5-7.6cm. Supposed to snow from around 6 AM until shortly after 9 AM ET (0200-0500 UTC). It also appears the WN messed up and also inserted the “snow” icon on Saturday also - even though they’re showing sunny and clear for that day! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Notice the daytime temperatures are all above freezing as are all but the first two night. Spring may just about be here, but we still have several weeks before mid-April arrives.



Thanks… I don’t have to… it is their job… however I know of only 4 catchbasins in my area… maybe a 5th if I travel way down the road… Standard installations… catch basin is located at the high point and water drains away from 3 of them… barely makes into 1 and 2 are effectively deactivated… but needed… after today I am within reach of the critical one… but not sure if they should be refurbished or not… they are just served by short culverts and would drain the road right into a creek… which seems to be an ESA… so I won’t unless the water gets away from me… so for now it flows 100 m or so and then runs into the same creek… so I’m inclined to say open them up or connect them to the storm drain if they want to preserve the creek ecosystem… Our city infrastructure is failing badly… here, but they focus on making it convenient for cars not pedestrians…

Anyway, I’ve managed over two days to move the water from over the centerline (3.5 m lane) to just the north edge of 12 st… not too much flowing down the sidewalk, but there is a wide mass of ice / snow along part of it and the water follows the ‘groove’ down the middle of the lane regardless… of my efforts to move it over… however it flows in such a manner as to go between wheels rather than under them and quickly as well… also a wide flow but not a puddle… not to much of a problem.

At the other end of 21 ave the lake has diminished, but I have to take my pick up there to move some ice that is blocking it from the ditch system… they might do it, but it is still much less than past years… I hope to get it open before we get any rain… but we might get some more snow flurries.
Supposed to be nice mostly for another spell… today was forecast to be near 0C but we pulled off +3C… great. anyway, I slept after an early dinner with Lynne… so from 5 to 9pm… dead to the world… but I’ve been up… only got splashed once today… while suggesting that an older gent who stopped to watch me that it was not a good Idea to stand there if one can’t move quickly… away… and as I said to him right after that…"That’s Why! "…

Anyway time to get back to sleep…
Hard to believe that this is a light snow year… just cold… ha ha. and it is not even spring yet.


You do for the city catch basins what I do for the catch basin in my backyard. When the town installed the 14’/4.3m culvert pipe (vertical) down into an opening they made in the box culvert (where the original top broke), and placed a cast iron collar and catch basin grate (circular) on it, they somehow decided that they would grade my level driveways (at the wye) and lawn toward it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The driveways should have been left alone and if anything, “maybe” grade the lawn toward the grate. However, that wasn’t really necessary as the grate was already at the lowest part of the lawn. (shaking my head) Now I have water that sits on one side of the wye facing the catch basin which floods the edge of the driveways and the lawn. For the past couple of winters I’ve had to take a spade shovel and cut several grooves through the lawn (sometimes through snow and ice first) and drain the water toward the catch basin. This year we are having the driveways stoned and brought back up nearly 6"/15cm - and leveled, and then having several loads of top soil brought in and build up the lawn from the driveways with just a slight pitch toward the catch basin. And to think that when they did the work on this project (storm drain), they hauled out at least 10 loads of top soil (mixed with mushroom dirt (AKA horse manure) from the old mushroom farm of years back). Now we have to buy the darned soil! Will probably have to spend about $1,000US just for the soil. For the driveways, I think 4 loads of crusher run (stone) and 1 load of stone dust to go over the top of that should do the trick. Thank goodness I have a few nephews with dump trucks (a couple of them are tandem axle). That should save a few hundred bucks. Once that’s done, it’s work on the house… over a dozen projects I’ve come up with (not including my “honey do list” from my wife). :grimacing:

At 2:25 AM the temperature is down to 18.1F/-7.7C. Should drop to about 12F-14F/-11C to -10C by sunrise. Skies are clear and winds are calm. Sunny and clear tomorrow with clouds moving in at night… then snow late Saturday night into Sunday AM. And two of our granddaughters want to spend Saturday night - again. :laughing:


-16 C -24 WC (-11 F)

High -8 C for the afternoon.


Will start with my weather… clear and sunny this morning… sun is now clear of the mountains and it is warming up… going above freezing last I looked… some snow on the horizon for Tuesday to Thursday, but may only total a few cm if we get any… or more if they blew it again… sigh.

Yes I’m going out to see what can be done… no point until the sun gets into the ice and water underneath, then it lifts… even a mm or two will do that… that is why all of us that do it let the water run under and then take that piece out… work smart not hard… Should take a walk further to see how my ‘fellow’ snow removal addicts art doing… saw one yesterday… but I wonder about him… always leaves the tough spots for me… duh! but he does a bunch to the east side… on 10th st and helps by touching up my areas on his own if it needs it since he watches his street… we also have stirred the other residents to do a bit… very little consistently… but the kids do… like building canals to drain the water away… more fun than damming which usually gets them yelled at…

I don’t do it for the city… but they do appreciate it I think… when the union guys give you a thumbs up you know that they can move to somewhere that needs it… Even had an RCMP stop and thank me the other day when the one puddle was huge… seems people called them rather than works to complain about the driving… but not about me draining it… go figure… today I’m going to try to find that buried catch basin… I know where it is and with the pick and / or previous work should find the grate… but it’s what is clogging down below that matters… I can access the other end but when I looked last year it was full of crud… don’t want to disturb somethings nest for example… they can be nasty whatever when defending home… there is lots of critters in that creek… saw muskrats there a few springs ago…

Got to go get ready… later



that is hopeful that there is help!

Glad to hear your work is recognized and appreciated. You certainly help everyone out doing this!

Currently - 10 C -18 WC partly cloudy.


Just a quick observation before we babysit for 3+ hours. At 1 PM it’s up to 42F/5.5C… and the snow cover is lowering all over. Sunny and clear - for now. Clouds should be moving in later this evening for our overnight/early morning snowfall. Just a mild breeze blowing.

@Doug4, I do clear all the snow from the corner of the dead end street where it meets my sidewalk out front so the school kids don’t have to walk through a pile of snow/slush left by the town plow at the intersection. It also helps to keep the water flowing around the corner and down the hill instead of puddling and freezing at the intersection. I know the parents and some of the kids appreciate it. Got to go and see our granddaughters. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: 1:45 AM: Looks like the snow is not quite 100 miles/160 km southwest of me and closing. Originally they said it should start at 6 AM. Then they “micro-managed” again, changing the time to 4:45 AM, then 5 AM, then 5:45 AM, and now they’re back to 6 AM. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m sure they’ll change it a few more times before they get it to within 15 minutes of it reaching here.

The temperature had gone down to 27.7F/2.4C at midnight, but shortly thereafter it has started to rise slightly. Forecast did say it would rise to just below freezing by the time the snow arrived. Time to go back and finish my 2nd bowl of ice cream. It’s getting hot out there! It’s up to 31F/-0.5C! :sweat:


And… we fell back into the "deep freeze…-22 C -31 WC (-23 F)
However, this is suppose to translate into -8 C (17 F) by this afternoon.
By tomorrow that **“ZERO”**C is going to appear by the afternoon !!! I’m ready :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


As I get ready to leave to get Lynne for her busy Sunday activity… I woke to -17C and it is already up to -6 C under sunny skies again… but still looking for snow on Tuesday / Wednesday… but things are heading the right direction… I think we are at least in the average temps now…

No work today… although I’m going to eyeball the problem areas, I likely won’t be free again till late afternoon… YAY!..