2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


I have to shovel everything. Although it’s only 2.1"/5.3cm, it’s heavy, wet and good packing snow… the kind that bulldozes ahead of the shovel as you push - instead of just piling up in the shovel. I think I’m just doing the walkways and the car for now. Have to head up into the village to pick up a Rx for Donna before I even think of starting the driveway. I just hate to have to drive over the snow twice before I do the driveway. Hard packed tracks are a pain to get up. Oh well…

At 2 PM it’s gotten up to 36F/2C. Should stay close to this and start dropping within an hour. Just a mild breeze with an occasional light gust, but it actually feels colder with the humidity up to 77%. BP is at 29.47".

Edit 9:15 PM: Our high today reached 38.1F/3.4C around 5 PM and hung there until after 7 PM before slowly dropping to our current 36.7F/2.6C. I finished nearly all the shoveling and 90% of what I did is completely bare now. The rain stayed well to our south - hugging the coast - so we didn’t get any of that. Still, the snow was heavy, wet and great packing (if one were into building snowmen and/or having snowballs fights :smiley:). By dinner time I started getting cramps in my lower back. I guess I’m not playing basketball tonight… :rofl: Just kidding. I’d probably break something just jumping up and down. :roll_eyes: The breeze died down just as I started shoveling and remain calm until after I stopped. I knew I had to take a break to keep from overheating when I loosened my jacket and my eyeglasses steam up. :laughing: So a 30-minute break with a cup of coffee while I replenished the bird seed out front. I got treated to a nice song by one of the song birds - a junco. Must have been a mating song as they’re usually pretty quiet. Low tonight of 26F/-3C and a high tomorrow of 43F/6C. At least the front walk is already dry for the kids getting to the school bus stop at the corner. :wink:

Edit: 11:15 PM: Wouldn’t you know it? I don’t bother looking outside or checking the weather radar for a little over an hour… and we got rain! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I was right it saying that the rain from the snow storm passed well to our south, but around 10 PM rain clouds moved in from the west/NW. Should be over with very soon if they are correct, but you know how that works. They said the rain should end by 11:15 PM and here’s it’s 11:20 PM and it’s still raining - a steady light rain. We received 0.1"/2.5mm so far.


Well I can say that today went well…Lynne set her clocks right and was ready… to go…

I had my tools in the car and got over there about 15 minutes early so I parked and walked to the corner of 10st N and 21av N where the big puddle was… and I have been working on reducing it…
Anyway, I just had the shovel out with me and was happy to just remove the snow off of the top ice layer.
maybe about two feet wide and 6 feet long… to let the sun get in while we were out most of the afternoon… Then went and got her and we went away for the afternoon… even dinner and a trip to her pharmacy to collect her meds… That left me both full and home with plenty of daylight available.
So back to the puddle which had now grown to small lake size but smaller than the first day, even yesterday when I finally got the water to flow away seriously… Short story (Hah!) is that I took my pick axe with me and started taking out 5 inch thick ice blocks in big chunks… I like to let the water get underneath and then it breaks up easily… better now as I get used to the pick… anyway each chunk caused the water to flow faster… and much of the water has flowed away, but some is flowing in as well… that’s the melt way… but I started looking at my markers that I use to judge how much… and wow, that was a big pile of snow and ice to move… so I’m resting tonight… ha… after I finish my pizza… that is.

Weather is supposed to hold about the same for tomorrow… now dropping and -1 C still clear so we will probably get back down to double digit -C again… that means refreeze of the puddles… but also return of plus temps most of the day after sunrise… I guess we can work on these some more… 12 st looks like it was a bit damp today…b ut I’m almost to the one catch basin I think is clogged… I located the drain end and it is exposed then mapped it at right angles to the sidewalk and then the area the grate should be in … right in the curbing… I have the sidewalk margin and the top of the curbing… so just a bit more should get me there…

Did some more seals tonight… but I don’t know how much of this is useful, but for the experience…
Still haven’t seen anything I would call a seal of any size… but the small black dots are sometimes looking better… over 300 which is a lot for my seal efforts … just trying to figure it out… and when tired like this it isn’t pretty… but I’m trying…


It’s hard for me even when I’m not tired. Nobody comment on me having cat eyes.

:roll_eyes: mew


Well, everyone knows cats can’t see anything close to them. And to be fair, most dogs can’t see very well past 75’/22.8m (or was that 75 yards/68.6m?). :roll_eyes: But I’m saying “nuth’in”! :innocent:


-14 C -23 WC (-9F)…look at our temps coming this week: :sunglasses::sunglasses::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunglasses::sunglasses::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Time to get the bikinis out! :laughing: Okay… maybe not quite yet. But it’s looking a lot better than the past several weeks.

After the rain stopped last night, the temperature dropped to a low of 31.8F/-0.1C, then began creeping up slowly. Once the sun came up this morning it got warmer and warmer and windier. By 10:40 AM it’s already up to 45.9F/7.7C. What’s weird is that our high for today was forecast to be 45F/7C with fewer and fewer clouds during the afternoon - translating to even warmer temperature. But we’ve already reached that “high” point. I think it’s going to be warmer than predicted. Such as it is in the Capital Region. One area can be above freezing and another below freezing - all within the same county or even here within this town. Winds picked up shortly after sunrise and will have gusts 10-20 mph/16-32 kph. A good drying day. Here’s our extended forecast:



Woohoo!!! Finally!!!


Last night I went to bed at 10pm MDT (ha) and felt genuinely tired… woke up at 9 am MDT slept right through until nature called… actually it screamed at me… to move it…
Anyway no precip over night, and it was -5C when I looked at the temp… and is now -2C and climbing up to a projected high of 5C… and will probably do better based on recent results… sky still qualifies as clear and sunny, but is partly cloudy already… our Tuesday snow event is now showing to start overnight tonight… and taper off on Wednesday… maybe 7 cm max for the event but 5cm on Tuesday (24 hrs) . I’m hoping for a quick resolution so I can get back to touching up things rather than a big dig… That is, before the city can plow it back onto the sidewalks and gutters and plugging the drains.
Later in the week we are supposed to get into the high single digits and next week they are forecasting another snow event… but not much… This is the start of real avalanche season… heavier wet snow over light fluffy stuff and then nice weather to bring out the back country crowd… snow mobiles, skiers and snow shoe fans… even quads with snow traks… I hope the mechanized boys pay attention to the areas that are now closed to them in the areas used by various endangered species like mountain caribou and others.

@cageycat I find it is easier and more fulfilling when hacking large amounts of hard packed snow and ice… if I imagine it to be someone or thing that I’m annoyed at… like the dummy that hid that seal under ice image… that is one image I’m going to enjoy hacking on today… ice has to go… besides all I see there are some confused cat faces… one white, one black, and looking up to the ice flow but not seeing anything … but my eyes are shot…

Almost spring time though… snow season arrives soon.


:innocent: Wasn’t me! I just happened to find it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now I’m starting to (almost) feel bad for you and @Terri - okay, definitely Terri. It’s 1:40 PM ET and the temperature has risen to 49.6F/9.8C. Maybe we’ll reach 50F/10C within the next hour. Snow is melting rapidly and I had to cut two channels through the lawn to drain the driveway at the outside of wye. Water is moving right along now. Of course when I came in I heard, “Take your boots off… I just mopped!” Gee, I did sweep them off, even the treads. Oh well, if I want dinner I suppose I had better humor her and do as she says. :unamused:

Seems the gusts have stopped… for now anyway… and there’s just a mild breeze blowing. It’s still mostly sunny and turned out to be a beautiful day. I wonder if I can work on my tan. :thinking: :sunglasses:


I saw on the radar and public alerts about snowfall - was looking at Vancouver first - but see it is near you. Maybe the last spring storm??? Last year my daughter travelled through from here to Quadra and hit one storm along that highway to Hope…usual.
I’ve been in that Panorama area mid to late March and it is iffy with avalanches through that road this time of year.

…still more snow to come here, even though this week’s weather will be fabulous :sunglasses::heart_eyes: We can get many snowstorms in April. Two years ago we had three! So we don’t put away the shovels until May 1st!!!

Did you try those orange sticks /flags from the dollar store??? Do they ignore them??


Here in NY (and throughout the U.S.?) utilities are “color-coded.” Blue is for water lines, yellow is for gas lines, red is for communication lines, etc… Red tape is used for surveyors. I think for homeowners to mark out things here, we have to use pink. I have 100 of them banded together. Somewhere around here (my old computer room/radio shack) I do have a couple of wallet cards from UFPO (Underground Facilities Protection Organization) with all the colors and showing what each is reserved for. There is a toll-free number everyone has to call before any digging can commence. You tell UFPO where you want to dig and they notify all the utilities - who then come out and mark their lines. And then you can dig. If you dig and break a line you’re responsible for paying the repair bill (which can and is quite large - thousands of dollars (US)) and you can also get fined on top of that!
When we had the addition to our home built, I took measurements from many different reference points for the town storm sewer, our new sanitary sewer line, and even our neighbor’s sanitary sewer line which runs down their lawn, turns and cuts through our property to the town main. When I was finished I drew a map of it all - thank you for taking mechanical drawing in high school. :wink: There is a clean-out for their sewer line and I’ve put in a reflective driveway marker so no one drives over it with a riding mower or pushes snow over it with a 4-wheeler (my son). When we mow we just pull it out and return it after we make the pass.


We follow these colors (alberta also)

  • White – proposed excavation
  • Pink – temporary survey markings
  • Red – electrical, lighting cables
  • Yellow – gas, oil, steam
  • Orange – telephone, cable, TV, signals, alarms
  • Blue – potable water
  • Green – sanitary and storm sewer, culverts
  • Purple – reclaimed water, irrigation, slurry

Current weather: -6 C -14 WC (6 F) :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


That looks exactly like what I remember. I couldn’t run upstairs to find my cards in my desk drawer as I got the orders to go to our daughter’s house to let her dog out - and give her treats… and treats for both of the cats. Just got back and did a little touch up with the two drainage channels out at the driveway. Water’s is draining away! :grinning:

It appears we’re not going to reach 50F/10C. It got up to 49.8F/9.9C and then started dropping. It’s all the way down to 47.7F/8.7C at 3:15 PM ET. Brrrr… :rofl:


Still saying that it is 4C but clouding in now… the snow is supposed to start later on… and most of tomorrow into early Wednesday… Fine with me… I only had to do a few small touchups to the local projects… still moving along well… Later I thought that I’d see ‘whether’ I could get the battery into the Jimmy and start it… that went well, almost… long story and walks… to the local CTC…store. let’s just say that I had bought an adaper set to match the battery posts to the cable ends… the first was missing the clamp bolt… the replacement had a bolt / nut, but it was too short after all the effort to replace it… I had to hit my spare parts for one that fit properly… the first four replacements we looked at were also missing stuff… and they heard about that as we made one that was complete… good quality controls there… I also found that the reason the bolt didn’t fit length wise is that either they make fatter battery posts in the old days or smaller clamps… I still have to see if there is miss marking on the package…

Anyway the Jimmy started and ran well… almost out of gas though… I had to pump one known soft tire and noticed that the other rear tire was completely flat… out the compressor and filled up the first one… and then went to fill the other (it was the spare) and the stupid valve stem and it’s core broke off right at the rim… grrrr… so need to find a new used tire… maybe…it will fill… but need to fix the stem and core… ha ha… also spotted a small oil leak on a line by the oil filter… been there before… only need time and patience…

Anyway… I now will cease with the shoveling and vehicle tales… and take those to PM again. I was guilty of trying to not have to start more threads to keep track of… sorry.


Rained very hard Saturday night.

Today was supposed to be 40s and windy— but it feels COLD. Spent all day raising and lowering the thermostat-- up two… down one… up one…down two…

I gave up finally. So it feels too warm or too cold, so…
blankets on…
blankets off…
blankets on…
blankets off…
blankets on…
blankets off…
blankets on…
(senile… Who’s that?)


Sounds like my wife and our friend when they both went through menopause. :laughing: Oops… didn’t mean to laugh, but :laughing: :wink:

Edit: Almost forgot (senility?)… My wife and I were just outside (11:30 PM) and there’s snow flurries coming down pretty fast. I know it did go from partly cloudy to cloudy, but I haven’t checked the weather in a few hours. (Checking) Yup! Snow showers which are supposed to end shortly after midnight. THey’re coming from Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes, moving southeast. Guess it’ll just be flurries. :slightly_frowning_face: Currently 35.6F/2C with a slight breeze.


No, it’s SpringOpause, a UK disorder.


:heart_eyes: Wait for it…:tada::tada::tada:

Almost 7:30 a.m and a beautiful morning at -5 C -11 WC (12 F)…Spring has sprung…at least for now!!!



This morning is -1C and light snow flurries… and they just issued a regional heavy snowfall warning…

Hard to tell which applies to us, the forecast or the warning… probably both though… the area has large differences in altitude and snow zones… Cranbrook tends to be in a snow shadow much of the time, especially this year… We are still told to expect 5 to 10 cm (up to 4 inches) but the regional alert says we might get up to 20 cm (8 inches) and some rain… in between the snow… also going up in the daytime… might get as high as 14C next week… ha. Sounds like we will expect a good sized melt episode… Enjoy whatever you get…


Oh Oh…I wondered whether they would include your area in that warning. Yesterday on the public alert warnings it did not include your area…a shift…maybe it will be “around you”…

eDIT: almost noon -3 C -9 WC…YAhoo!!