2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Just wanted to make notice that in the summer the Big Dipper is more “inviting” - as a server of food - since it’s the way a pan is used… usually. :wink: But in the winter, it looks more “threatening” as I said earlier as if someone “is ready to bop you on your head!” :grinning: Funny how I just noticed that - when my wife was on the porch with me? :thinking: :rofl:


IrishDance2 :laughing:


and the temps …-19 C -31 WC …same temp as 11 h ago…ENE 29 winds…which have now changed direction as the snow storm moves in. EDIT: now here…Our core temperatures will drop today and Sunday making it into the -45 C range with WC. It will be cold all week.

If you believe in the groundhog theory… Image result for cartoon on groundhog day

…spring is coming early…


Our overnight low was -3F/-19C but the air was just barely moving (read as mostly calm). The sky was clear once again - until around 4 AM when some high-altitude clouds moved in. That’s when the temperature stopped dropping and sat at -3F/-19C for over an hour… then slowly went up to 0F/-17.7C until sunrise.
Noon time saw 16.7F/-8.5C. Currently at 1:40 PM we’re up to 24.6F/-4C. Clouds seem to be increasing as there is more filtered sun than direct sun at the moment, so I guess I can call it as partly cloudy now. Ice sickle formed late yesterday afternoon and evening as the hot sun melted snow on roof tops and the dripping water refroze. Most are small, but a few on some other houses are large. (I used my snow rake to knock off the ice sickles from my house last week. They were big and were starting to put a lot of stress on the gutters by the downspouts.)
It is supposed to make it to 32F/0C today and go down to 26F/-3C overnight. Then it warms up for the rain. :unamused:


11°F -12°c
weather conditions : Partly Cloudy

It’s 11, can we have 15? Someone gonna bid 20? 25? 50?


I have a 30 at the moment (it actually went up from 27 two hours ago), and a 26 overnight. I will be able to bid 40 tomorrow afternoon, but you’ll have to accept the bright sun that comes with that. Sorry! :smiley:
(And for those who use Celsius, the numbers above as they appear would be: -1C, -2.8C, -3C and 4C.)


We’ve got -3C at the moment, well actually it’s just dropped to -4C and frost on our snow remnants :roll_eyes: But it’s going to climb as high as 8C with a bit of sunshine and a lot of rain for the next week. Could the cold snap be coming to an end and spring heading our way perhaps :thinking: We can live in hope :blush:


-24 C WC -34 C (-29 F)…it will get colder this week…by Wed. -40 C not including the wind…ugh…
It has stopped snowing and I think we are finished until the next round Sunday.


All of this is quoted.

Patchy drizzle before 9am. Patchy fog before 10am. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 49F. South wind 6 to 8 mph.

Thick ice has developed on most area rivers. Ice may start to break
up over the weekend as temperatures warm leading to the potential
for ice jams.

There is the potential for heavy rain late next week which could have
possible significant impacts to the rivers and streams across the


Oh, I hope not! :worried: We still have to get the February, March and sometimes April snow yet! Let the rain hold off until April, then everyone can sing “April showers bring May flowers!” :smile: I know… I’m not right… :shushing_face:


-24C -36 WC (-32 F) Brrrrr…this whole week will be an endurance test of cold! Core temps will be close to minus 40 on Thursday plus windchill. Extreme cold warnings.
I hope spring comes early…:roll_eyes:


Want some of our heat? As of 12:30 PM we’re up to 39.2F/4.0C. Should go up a little bit more. Everything is dripping because of the melting. Over the past two days/nights ice sickles formed again on everyone’s homes. And I had just knocked off all of them with my snow rake a few days before that. Now to head out and thaw out one downspout in particular, the one that take the most amount of roof run off. Hey! The sun is trying to peak through the cloud cover (cloudy/overcast). Git! Get away sun! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: My snow is melting away much too fast! :hushed: :grimacing:
Tonight’s low (overnight) will be 32F/0C and tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 50F/10C! Nooo! We’re having our January thaw in February - a second one! :astonished:

Edit: 2:10 PM and it’s now partly sunny! Temperature has gone up to 42.8F/6C and the snow is not as deep as it was yesterday. :scream: At least it’s good packing… as in building a snowman. I should go up and do that with my granddaughters, but I still have to do a “little” chore at our daughter’s house first. I’ll probably run out of sunlight by the time I’ve finished.


ha ha 49°F 9°c
weather conditions : Mostly Cloudy


I hope we don’t get that high! :sweat_smile: Now if it would just go down to about 20F/-6C, that would be fine with me. Maybe I’ll see if the snow will still be good packing tomorrow while the girls are in school and surprise them with a couple of snowmen looking at their bay window. Maybe three… one for each of the girls. :smiley: Bet my back gives out by the time the first one is finished though. :grimacing: But if I can manage the three, I’ll have to find enough branches to make the snowmen appear to be holding hands and the outer two waving at the window. :laughing:
It’s now up to 43.5F/6.4C and still going up slowly, but I hope we don’t get up to where you are. That would be devastating! :grimacing:


If it gets too warm, you may have to make the girls these cookies:


That sounds like a good idea! Let me go get Grandma! :rofl:
Caption should read, “Save me!” (That’s what I say when the girls chase me! (Granddaughters that is.:wink:)

Our high today was 44.4F/6.9C… it’s down to 42.3F/5.7C at the moment. My snow is still melting! Arrrrrrgh!


Our snow today didn’t amount to more than light flurries… a little more is coming down right now, but nothing much is forecast again… hopefully it will warm up a little bit. I’ll edit this when I get time later to look at the current forecast… I’ve been quite tired today… @TerriB ordered that… and I have been getting some rest in between Lynne’s orders… I’d like a little more melt before any real snowfall comes.


-24 C -36 WC (-32 F) :cold_face::cold_face: light snow…I haven’t heard the official amount but we received somewhere near 15 cm (5.9 inches) of snow :cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow:on Saturday. Last of the snow clearing today…unless we get more accumulations tonight and tomorrow and then is starts all over again :roll_eyes:

EDIT: High to day -24 C (-11 F) and then we plunge into the -30;s to -40’s for the rest of the week. Long range looks like things start to warm up next Sunday


Woke up to some dusty snowfall… -16C now starting to get some sun / cloud mix… up to -15C…
Only forecast snow is around Friday… and not that much then…

@TerriB Sorry that note should have said “I need to get some rest” and gone on to L’s needs… ha

Anyway, I have to get moving today… but it’s cold and the ice is frizzed… saw that frozen toilet tank in the other thread… neat… but scary… I’ve seen cracked porcelain, but not cracked and shed completely… my!


Yes after all the shovelling, chipping, etc. you needed a “rest day”. But now cold, good thing most of the water drained off the street already!!!

We had a “dusting of snow” this morning, although they say the total for the day will be 2.2 cm maybe this evening? Currently -24 C -33 WC (-27 F).