2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


I had been watching winter storm Ulmer and it looks like it’s going to “peter out” on us! Waah!

Our day turned out quite well - I guess… if you don’t like snow. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The morning started out with part sun and as the day wore on, more and more of it. By 2:30 PM it was sunny with very few scattered clouds. High today was 39.9F/4.4C. It was windy with strong gusts, but they’ve died down once the sun started getting low on the horizon. Currently at 7:43 PM it’s 33.8F/1C. Overnight low to be around 21F/-6C… and clear.


Despite the earlier warning, we only received a light set of flurries… the alert is still in place and now back to only expecting 5, maybe 10 cm tonight… however the area just east of us closer to the AB border is taking a fair hit overnight but it is moving north to south…

Sorry to hear @Jim7 is maybe going to miss his blizzard… ha… but I bet the people in northern MI and across the lake in Ontario won’t mind if it dies off… based on the radar projection for early tomorrow…

For me I’m glad that the temps are dropping down to -3 tonight and then back up to +3 tomorrow…
means I won’t have to exhaust my self… on doing the same things…

I haven’t checked the east thoroughly, but I do hope there isn’t much rain out of it or big storms. I just saw a quick ‘future’ news report on the detroit station that seems to agree with my first statement… maybe the second… so keep your eyes out guys…


Looks like you’re going to be warmer than me tonight. We’re going down to 21F/-6C. It’s 11:21 PM ET and we’re down to 29F/-1.7C already. The winds had died down earlier, but about 10 PM a slight breeze started with a few light gusts. Maybe the “leader” to the approaching storm? Or are you three (you, @TerriB and @cageycat) trying to blow the white stuff to me? :laughing: The temperature is actually going down 0.2 degrees F every minute or two. Almost like watching a count down clock. :wink:


I notice it was for Cranbrook and Elkford…it is the only alert for all of Western Canada!
They have forecast a “skiff” of snow in the south for the next few days…less than 2 cm…I will not see any in our area.

Our current temp is 0 C Can you believe that after the “deep freeze” we have been in for over a month. Roads were slushy today, melting everywhere. So nice in the sunshine :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Keep your chin up. It’ll get warm eventually. And here’s to a fairly long summer for everyone to enjoy. (Let’s skip spring and all its mud and soggy ground. :wink:)


I think that given the rapidly shifting systems right now that we can at best deal with what we get… warned or not…
@TerriB I do hope that spring gets there, and maybe earlier than normal…

@Jim7 I looked at your post… closer… I see that that refers to a different front / storm than the one I was talking about… so you may well have lots to look forward to…

Late Edit: 3 am nature call report… took a look outside… several inches of fresh powder snow and falling fast… better get back to sleep so I can get up later and shovel… then probably paddle.

Oh… the weather radar show it is clear right now… snow or not. Silver Star seems to be not sending any data…


7C (45F) today but, oh boy, it was windy last night…and cold reallycold
It’s recycle bin day today, so everyone had their wheelie bins out last night. Needless to say, they blew over so we’ve had bottles and cans and paper blown and clattering down the street all night long. Fortunately, because I don’t put ours out until they are full (about every 6 weeks), they were well anchored down so remained standing when every other one was blown over :confounded: So needless to say, no one could leave for work this morning 'til the road was cleared to get the cars out.


After my last note, my multi focus glasses decided to disappear off the face of ''my apartment". I know this… I had them when I finished a late night jigsaw puzzle at 12:40 am… I know I had them when I edited my post… I know I had them when I checked emails this morning and browsed the news…

I’d say that they were HERE this morning… early… I still have the case and cleaning cloth… they are seldom far from the glasses except when I take the glasses into another room and set them down…

I’m just starting my Spring housekeeping early, since I can’t see much… I do have this old pair of readers and I am positive I was not using these… they pulll the eyes out of my head at times…

At worst I need an current script set of readers asap. Then I will find the missing ones.

Was a warm day today and got some touch up working done… tomorrow I need to drive Lynne to another appointment md afternoon. stops everything… We did get a burst of snow at dinner time but only a small accumulation… but enough to coat the van windows while we ate… Water is behaving itself… if the drivers are not. More warm weather coming up they say maybe 14C by Tuesday or somewhere there… My eyes are aching now… sorry see you later. polys are out.for a bit now.

Edit: Still no sign of the multifocals, but I did find a usable pair of readers that I’ve repaired a bit… but they are still way better than the ‘eyebreakers’ I was trying to use… still looking though… but I’m searching for a double box end wrench… to make it easier… still has two holes in it… ha… with a cross bar… :wink:


Shouldn’t this be in the thread “You know you’re going senile when…” :rofl:


going to be 70F degrees today… omg… too early!

Is writing “70F degrees” redundant in good writing and editing?


Oh Oh…did you check “in” the puzzle box? I’ve been known to do something like that!
Hopefully you find them. They are at least contained in your apartment…somewhere!

+3 C (37 F) was our high yesterday …and then during the night it can dip pretty low.

Currently -12 C -16 WC (3 F) High today 0 C And clear skies from Victoria all the way through Manitoba!!!

:airplane:So many people travelling yesterday, so many people stranded! My son was 14 hrs late on his flight, but at least he got a flight back home! one :luggage:missing… Safety first!


They probably sent it on it’s own holiday somewhere where it’s warm as toast. :laughing: Glad he’s back safely.

Last night from 10:40 PM until almost 1 AM this morning we had a wintry mix come through from Lake Ontario - 0.11"/2.8mm of sleet, snow and mostly rain. Currently at 1:45 PM ET it’s up to 55.9F/13C. They said we could hit 60F/13.15.5C today… guess they’re right for a change. (My snow is melting fast! :slightly_frowning_face:


I am too…there was “chaos” at most airports once the Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 were grounded.
His luggage is still on vacation!

Current Temp: -2 C -8 WC (17 F)


NO WAY… we would need a new one… like you, I am already that way… or just nuts!:sunglasses:


At least I can use the second pair I did find… and the apartment (box) is a bit cleaner, actually a lot neater… I still have to get back to cleaning… just puzzling… Lynne asked about whether I might have left them at a restaurant on the table… possible, but we didn’t eat AFTER I used them the other early morning… I don’t want this to be an epic derail though… so I’m going quiet.
On that subject… Only.


agree…you’ve covered your bases already. Spring cleaning early!!


I’d say it was common but close to improper use…
Saying 70 F would imply that it might be degrees in the absence of the degree symbol,
Placing the word degrees after that tends to imply that as well, but… to me it describes a number of degrees in the Farenheit scale, but not which ones… much the same as ‘1 dozen donuts’ but who is watching… so here fine, but not in your thesis…


Today we reached 59.4F/15C. Sunny all day until just before the sun started getting near the horizon, then clouds started moving in. Currently at 5:25 PM ET it’s cloudy with a mild breeze and light gusts.

Lots of water running across the roads from snowbank melt and from people yards. Large puddles were created in many areas as the ground is already super-saturated. My daughter’s driveway, when I walk near the edge, actually has water bubbling up through the blacktop with each step I take. Now that’s super-saturated! She had to have four pine trees taken down along her driveway after a wind storm… one ended up against the neighbor’s house - separating the rain gutter at a joint - and three other trees were leaning toward that house. There’s really nothing there by her driveway to soak up the water now - other than grass. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I told her to plant pussy willows… they love water and don’t mind “wet feet” (roots) at all!)

Just checked the forecast for overnight and tomorrow. Now they’re coming up with another way to melt my snow… thunderstorms and high temperatures (69F/20.5C)! I better take a couple of pictures of the snow before it’s gone. Maybe I’ll make a “half” snowman with snow all around it, holding an umbrella and a frown on its face. And a sign reading, “Save me! I’m melting!” :laughing:


I didn’t blow away. Tornado warning expired. Hot now-- reading 70 inside at 9pm. Freezing… to overly warm (for me)… wait 2 days because it’ll be freezing again.

Pouring rain… straight-line winds (and rain)…


That’s what we get in the AM… rain showers (now… was thunderstorms) and 20 mph/32 kph winds… and then by mid-afternoon, 68F/20C. By 1 PM the sun will come out through the clouds and by 4 PM, sunny and clear. Clear tomorrow night as well. I think spring is breaking through. Too muddy today to clean up fallen tree branches and limbs. We’re either going to have to get some below freezing weather or it’s going to have to dry out a whole lot more before I bother with them. Donna got as far as pulling one limb out of the snow in the front yard and gave up… and she left it right there. You would think she would have carried it out to the brush pile up by the carriage house, but nooo, she left it right where the deer run through - a tripping hazard. Of course I just had to scold her for leaving it like that! :rofl:
At 9:23 PM it’s down to 50F/10C and dropping a little faster now than an hour ago. Winds have died down a lot more also.