2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Right now here in Cranbrook bc it is already -15C on it’s way up to projected -8… but it is a gray day and a lot depends on some sun making it through… some flurries left a dusting last night and possible today as well… still… so far all of the vehicles have started (haven’t checked mine yet) and I was able to sleep in a bit…


We had a lot of sun this morning, but by 12 noon the clouds moved in. It’s now cloudy/overcast with little filtered sun making it through. There’s a mild breeze with light gusts that actually feel a little chilly… damp. Rain supposed to begin falling around 4:15 PM (time always subject to change) - about a half inch (12 mm). At 12:25 it’s gone up from an overnight low of 28F/-2C to 36F/2C. It may reach 40F/4C before the rain arrives. Once in a while a little filtered sun makes it through, so it is possible to get that high.
Most of my snow is gone! :sob: More and more of everything is becoming “visible again! No snow in the forecast until next week. Over a period of 4 days - beginning Tuesday - they predicting anywhere from 6” to 14" (15 to 35 cm)… but with some rain mixed in as well. No, no, no, no, no! :open_mouth: And the temperatures will be a little over the freezing mark. What comes down will not last for long. @TerriB, can you send some of that nice cold air you seem to be hoarding down this way? (Just loop it over @cageycat so she don’t freeze. :rofl:)
Now I’m outta here for a few hours…


can you send some of that nice cold air you seem to be hoarding down this way

It slowly seems to be moving that way…our warm up isn’t until next week…and by warm up I’m talking -25 C plus windchill…heres a photo this morning (through my windshield and with my iphone) of what -50 C looks like when the sun comes up…I went to swimming! Brave or stupid??


oh my. brrrr

My whiskers shiver to see that picture!


Indoor or outdoor? :rofl: Are you a member of the Polar Bear Club? :grimacing: :cold_face: And no fair! Those snowbanks are higher than mine now! Most of my snow has melted (except for the several inches of ice beneath it) and the few snowbanks I have left dropped down to between knee and waist height almost overnight. And now it’s raining and the snow is really going down! :sob:

Since the rain started (at 3:15 PM instead of 4:15 PM as they first said) we’ve received 0.27"/6.9 mm and it’s not supposed to stop until 1:15 AM. We’re about halfway to the estimated amount we’re supposed to receive (~0.5"/12.7 mm). Once in a while the rain does come hard, but it slowed just in time for me to load all my tools and shop vac back into my car - after tearing my daughter’s clothes dryer apart and replacing the drive belt for the drum. That belt lasted over 10 years. Of course the rain came down hard again as I arrived home and unloaded everything and ran it (literally) into my workshop. :unamused: I decided to come inside for a cup of coffee, check the forum, and oh yes… to finally eat something. Been going on nothing but coffee all day.

So do send some of that cold down here, but please try to “lob” it over @cageycat’s way. She get cold too easy. We’re supposed to get snow next week over several days - anywhere from 6" to 14" (15-35 cm). Of course there’s going to be some rain mixed in with it a few times. :unamused:

I was just looking at the weather radar and over the hill and about 4-5 miles/6-8 km to my west is getting sleet and freezing rain. The cut-off seems to be just east of the Alcove Reservoir. It’s like it’s just sitting there waiting for someone to give it the go ahead. :smiley:

Overhearing the weather on my wife’s iPad, sounds like @cageycat is getting a LOT of rain! 1" to 3"/25 to 76 mm! Keep your fur dry, Cagey!

My wife decided to shovel the snow off our front walk and expose the 1 to 3 inches of ice beneath it. Had to sprinkle some calcium chloride on it to get some holes through it so warm air can get beneath it. A lot of loud popping as the ice started to crack. Had water running from beneath it by the time I made it up to the corner. :grinning:


That reminded me…on the way to swimming - (deep water aquacize indoor pool) - I grabbed a peppermint that was in a zipped lock bag in my car. Tossed it in my mouth… before I could think about it…and it took off like “pop rocks” on a super size scale!!! A millisecond later it split into 100 slivers in my mouth…that’s what -50 C does! I wonder what would happen if I leave Mentos outside and then put them in the bottle of pepsi…frozen …oh wait there’s a you tube video about that :open_mouth:

Currently -26 C -41 WC…that is going to change in the next few hours…back into the -53 WC (-63 f)…range…


:thinking: I wonder what would happen if you put those fizzy candies outside for several hours and then poured them into warm water… explode?


50°F 10°c
weather conditions : Drizzle


It rained yesterday.
It rained last night. Flood watch initiated.
it rained today, all day.
It’s going to rain tonight. Foggy 1/2 mile visibility at nearby airport & military base.
Tomorrow 62F breaking a record. Heavy rain along a warm front with a cold front quickly following… The rain is sandwiched between them.

Though warm, it’s a very damp warm. Every joint, bone, and muscle in my body hurts. Oh, wait… my cheek bones don’t hurt and my eye whiskers don’t hurt. Everything else though… ugh.

@Helen when are we going to Meh-i-co? Wanna swat at some butterflies in sunshine.


Yet… :wink:

Nice try! :laughing:


Today was as advertised… cold but warmed up to -10C or so and then started dropping like a rock…
Ever wonder why it is that people always wait to the last minute to try starting their vehicles… and usually also wait until the sun is dropping to the horizon along with the temperature… that happened again today… same vehicle as the start the other day… he said he would take it in to get the battery / alternator checked… two blocks away… but didn’t do it… there is something in there killing the battery charge… I thought mine was bad… but it still keeps starting and people want me to boost them… I offer to charge it for them… but today we didn’t have time to get that done… want to pull the battery inside, clean the outside of it and the terminals etc… like I did with mine… the battery can charge while we play… but he doesn’t intend to assist… he needs to go curling… I said that is OK I have to take lynne to the doctor… (just presciption renewals)… I’m going to offer him a drop off a the rink… and he can either taxi or hitch home… he can’t walk far… or he can set a time and we can get him on the way home… I think we are lunching…after .the appointment. Then we will finish the cleaning / charging… Have fun guys… I’m heading for bed early tonight…


Sounds like one of several things could be draining his battery or… the battery is sulfated and it won’t hold a charge for long, much less take a full charge. I had a pickup truck where the starter motor had a partial short and that was draining my battery. Another vehicle had a bad coil that was constantly draining the batter. In reality, there could be quite a lot of things that can put a constant drain on a battery: Coils, motors, heater fans, radio, among just a few.
But the very first thing he should do is have his battery checked for sulfated plate. My son bought me a computerized battery charger for my birthday several years ago. It tests the battery before charging and will adjust the charge accordingly. You can manually set it to charge at 2, 10 or 30 amps, but the lower the charge the better for the battery. It will also attempt to de-sulfate the plates if it senses that condition while charging. (It does perform a battery check every so often while charging.) Really a nice charger. It will also handle the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. Pretty cool! I use it to not only recharge a battery, but to check alternators also. Oops! That’s another possible cause for a drained battery - the alternator.
Always the first thing to check is whatever he last “played with” or repaired. :wink: One never knows…

Edit: And to stay on topic, we received a total of 0.56"/13.7 mm of rain. It started an hour earlier than forecast and ended right on time at 11:45 PM (after they changed the end time 3 times :rofl:). Tomorrow will be cloudy - I guess they’re spending the night :grinning: - with winds at 5-10 mph/9-16 kph. Rain returns tomorrow evening… about 0.41"/~10 mm. Rain, rain, rain… won’t you ever go away? It’s winter after all! :slightly_frowning_face:


-38 C -46 WC (-50 F)… I see @Doug4 posted that the cold has moved into their area. We will see their cold front move our way yet before this polar vortex leaves our area. We will slowly start to warm up with -26 C a high tomorrow and hopefully by Tuesday our highs will be -19 C …20 degrees warmer than this week.
It will feel like spring!!! :smiley::rofl::joy:


I did say that we have a cold wave in town… and area… but I would think that -21C lows would be a warming trend over there… not to mention the highs… around -10 or more… ha.

Actually I think this is just a lobe of the Vortex… and you are almost in the central core… but who cares, cold is cold. BTW did another couple hundred polys in Wildfire… got to get time to commit to that again.

@Jim7 I did say that I considered all of that… and boosted the car to allow him to go to the Dealer for further analysis… but he did not… that’s what 87 gets you… ha. never listen to us kids… just about 70…
I’m taking my time on this one… will only have an hour or two once he wakes up and gets out…
Another buried battery… but I read how to get at it… and discovered it is a maintainable battery…
and allows topping the cells up… with distilled water… might just be he doesn’t check that… and made it dryer than desired… I can see the terminals might need cleaning ‘inside’ but the whole thing is dirty and we had that thaw last week… might just be self discharging to ground…
And we can discuss via PM… now that we have shared this with the ‘whether’ or not it will work bunch…


You are sooo right Doug…I would take that in a heartbeat!
You have done lots of tiles on that Wildfire campaign!


I don’t know what it is about that picture but it’s got me thinking of Shawn Coss art. Although it looks nothing like his works at all. My be the black and white and spooky impression :thinking: My daughter is concentrating on Shawn Coss in her research for her final art exam.

But I do love that picture :heart_eyes:


Looks like it’s going to be between November and March, that’s when the butterflies go there.Will have to be next year, I’m all booked up for this year now, unless by some miracle I win the lottery!


It poured today.

It’s still pouring.

Pounding the house, from the West going East.


Yuck! Muddy spring! Almost all of my precious snow has melted between the above freezing temperatures during the day (and overnight last night also), the rain and the hot sun during the day… even when it was still below freezing the sun had water running off everything. Rain to start again tonight around 11 PM and continue until around 6 AM tomorrow. But on the bright side, snow on Tuesday afternoon continuing into Wednesday morning - only 3"-5"/7.6-12.7 cm, but that’s a whole 5 days away!

Pothole season is in full swing with the above freezing temps during the day and below freezing at night. Some roads are freaking obstacle courses! Here’s what our temps for the next few days look like:

And @cageycat, keep that rain out your way will ya? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Been pouring here! :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain:


Yes, same here Cagey, but it looks like we’ll get a bit of son next Monday for the day :sun_behind_small_cloud: :grin:
Then it’s back to the rain :persevere:
Currently 6C (42F) and it’s going to in the high 9C’s for the next few days :grin: