2019 - Feb 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


My basement is gonna stink so badly from all this rain. P.U. (mildew) Gotta buy more Damp Rid… huff!.

Good news-- it stopped raining (finally).


That’s what I have to buy in the morning… in addition to the Duck Tape I ran out of, and a couple of other items that the birds want me to keep secret from Donna. :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Still raining here. Just had a heavy rainfall for about 10 minutes, but it’s been a constant rain and appears it will continue about another hour and a half. Then we should have a little reprieve until around 5 AM when rain showers return - until around 8 AM or so.
So far we’ve received 0.18"/4.6 mm and there’s a mild breeze blowing with an occasional light gust… just enough to make the wind chimes get loud for a few seconds at a time.
The ground is so spongy, when the deer walk the ground goes “Squish! squish, squish!” :rofl: I know… I’m not right… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

Edit: Currently it’s 39.2F/4.0C. And my snow is 90% gone and still melting away. :scream:


Bedime: -32 C -41 WC (-41 F)

EDIT 6:45 a.m - 37 WC -45 (-49 F)…a little colder than bedtime.


Buying Damp Rid directly from the company is a little cheaper than from hardware stores…


Okay, I’ll check that out. What’s left in the container in the basement should last about another week at most. Cheaper than running a dehumidifier (and less noisy). :wink:

Our rain stopped for now, but the winds have picked up! Sounds like a freight train up in the tree tops. Sustained winds are are at 10-15 mph/16-24 kph with some fairly stronger gusts. Now I can’t hear the “squish, squish, squish” of the deer walking. :roll_eyes:

I was just outside a few minutes ago.Had to get up and do some walking. Put some capsalcin on my lower back because my nerves were on fire. Started having a hard time walking without lower back & leg pain. Thirty minutes later and no pain at all. Great stuff!


Just for the record…


-13C / 8.6F here this morning, gray day again so far, but only a dusting of snow… forecast says it will be similar all week long until midweek when the temps will climb a bit to single digit - again… and a bit more snow.
We will expect some changes to that, but will accept it… and it will be a bit sunnier as well.

Hope the weather will ease of soon… jumping vehicle batteries is work… surprisingly the van is doing well… confirming that what was fixed was the problem, mostly.

On the topic of things falling from the ‘sky’ or at least from ‘higher ground’… Avalanche.ca has put out a Special warning for the Interior Ranges of Southern BC… It isn’t that severe, but enough… the problem is that it is widespread, some areas are expecting more from a storm on the coastal area, and the nature of the underpinning layers… they are warning that even normally safe areas for recreation might not be… that includes smaller slopes and even in the normally safe wooded areas… also the trigger layers and location favour being triggered by human activity… so more people out and high risk will mean higher involvements with sizeable slides… the rating is considerable and that is mostly rating natural triggers… not human… the alerts specify that risk…
The warning is for the back country, but urban dwellers just going about their live should watch out for subspecies slides. roofalanches and treevalanches… as well… they can be very dangerous if you are in the path… even though small.


The rain stopped around 11:30 this morning and the sun came out as the clouds moved off. At 12 noon it’s now 45.9F/7.7C. In total from this storm we received 0.28"/7 mm of rain. My snow is nearly gone, the ground is super-saturated and I’ve been cutting narrow channel through the lawn to help the water drain from my driveway at the wye. It’s going to need a lot of stone to build that up this summer. Another project. Sigh…


So happy my snowboarders are now back out of these areas …

Currently -31 C -37 WC


The alert was mostly for backcountry, I know they have out of bounds areas up there, but also big signs saying that beyond the signs you are on your own… Panorama is no different than other big ski areas in the region… stay in bounds and enjoy… or else!

Are they back at the coast or in transit… I realize they probably went early week. not today.
Or was that the Okanagan bunch…?


@Jim7 We’re back in the 20s. I swear! It’s brrrrrrrrr cold. I know Doug and Terri have me beat for coooooooooooolllllllllllddddddd, but single digits for tonight is cold enough for me!

No more rain today.


We actually hit 48F/8.9C today around 2:10 PM, then the temperature started dropping. At 4:10 PM it’s down to 39.2F/4C and dropping. Overnight low tonight around 21F/-6C and tomorrow high to be 32F/0C, then back to about 20F/-6.7C tomorrow night. It’s going to be cold again, but there’s no on the ground to benefit from it! Wah! :sob: :rofl:


They travelled Monday.


1:35 AM and it’s down to 25.0F/3.9C but with the wind chill feels like 16F/-8.9C… and still dropping. Supposed to go down to 20F/-6.7C. Winds are at 20-30 mph/32-48 kph with stronger gusts. Sounds like the wheels on a passing high-speed freight train as it goes through the trees. I had to use some zip ties on the large wind chimes as they were getting banged around from the wind. Didn’t want the cords breaking. If my back wsn’t so sore I would have climbed up and taken them right down. Winds will continue the same all day tomorrow as well. A wee bit too blustery for flying a kite or spitting into the wind. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Furnace back to 72F and still cold in here! Down in single digits.


I turned ours up to 74 in the original part of the house (downstairs), 72 in the addition and 70 upstairs (where Angel does her nightly sprinting from room to room). :grinning: Now I’m going to bed… 2:04 AM. :sleeping:


We are WARMING UP -31C -32 WC …:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I think this same storm that hit Seattle, is why Victoria woke up to snow on the ground yesterday morning. My family from Sask that live there were so excited…they love Victoria, but miss the snow!



It’s 1:20 PM here and the temperature finally reached 32F/0C. It’s been mostly sunny all day with winds which started out early last night 20-30 mph/32-48 kph with much stronger gusts and continued into this morning. Now the winds have died down to 15-25 mph/24-40 kph with higher gusts. I just finished walking around the property picking up tree limbs and small branches. (I hate it when someone will drive over one branch in the driveway and create a lot of smaller pieces - that still have to be picked up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) Feeding the birds wasn’t too much of a challenge as I only had to stand in one spot and toss the seed. The wind broadcast it for me. :grinning: Now if I can just get the wind to refill the suet cages. :thinking: Not too many birds flying in this wind. They’re mostly going from tree to tree when the gusts die down for a minute. One call went out to the fire company for a tree down across power lines and the river road a little north of here. No power loss here as we’re on a different leg and different substation altogether. Wind are supposed to die down even more tonight with them being 5-10 mph/8-16 mph.
Overnight tonight temperature should go down to 20F/-6.6C. Then we go into several days of above freezing temperatures during the day and below freezing at night. Lovely pothole makers!


-27 C -34 WC …now our warm up has disappeared from our forecast…:hushed::face_with_raised_eyebrow::persevere::unamused:

Tonight -40-44 WC…back in the Extreme cold.

But on the “bright side”…it is 6:30 p.m. and the sun just went down and it is not dark yet!!! Not long ago it was dark before 5:00 p.m. :wink::slightly_smiling_face::smiley:

After it snowed in Victoria …Vancouver and the coast of BC is COLD…very unusual…


If I could I would send you our “warm” temperature. At 9:22 PM it’s currently 22F/-5.6C. Here’s what’s weird… one forecast (all day long) said tonight’s low was going to be 20F/-6.7C. On the radio this afternoon I heard them say that tonight it will be going down to 10F/-12C. Only two more degrees (F) to get to the low one forecast said. The skies are clear now and, thankfully, the winds have died down to just a mild breeze with a light gust once in a while. Unless a magic warm front appears out of nowhere, I think it’s going below that 20F/-6.7C the one forecast has.
Our high of 32F/0C today lasted about 3 minutes before dipping below freezing again. :triumph: At least it wasn’t long enough to thaw anything and make mush. :laughing: