2019 Feb - Crabeater Seal Campaign Posted


Hey!.. You didn’t say the WW was being ended… that was just gettting going for me… hah!

Oh well that’s the way it is… I doubt this will still be going by the time I get in the rhythm well…

Guess try to see these is the best I can do… they seem to be more visible than the others…


Spotted on Facebook.

Post from DigitalGlobe, quoted–
" Thanks to YOUR ground-breaking research in Antarctica, @drmichellelarue and @tomnod launched a new campaign featuring a new seal: Crabeater Seals! These seals are thought to be one of the most abundant mammals on earth – but is that really true? Come learn about these special seals and contribute to citizen science on their population numbers at [http://www.tomnod.com]"


I love the sound of snow falling…it’s soooo quiet :heart_eyes:

:laughing::laughing::laughing: good start to the day :rofl:

Still haven’t got supa-dupa big screen :sob:
image Ok, I’m all set, shame I couldn’t get them through the front door :roll_eyes:

If the Weddell campaign is anything to go by, you should have plenty of time to get in the rhythm :wink:

Yeh but they’ve heard us nodders are out there looking for them so they’ve all gone into hiding…typical…more stealthy seals :roll_eyes:


Oh no…I thought for “eye rest” …I’d go back and forth from WW to Seals. I guess not.


I’ve been switching between H. Maria and the seals… 10+ polys for seals, 1 tile on H. Maria… repeat. :face_with_monocle:


Well, I am still trying it out… 20 polys so far… but not one seal… still early and I have not yet gone to TV… just wiped off the screen… figured out if in doubt about screen speck or image… just scroll up and down… if the spot stays put it’s the screen and gets removed…

I’m not sure if it will improve over time… but what the heck! I would have preferred a bit better resolution as we magnified, but we don’t get to choose… however by the time we get to the 5m scale displayed the images have broken up to near useless… sometimes even at 10m scale… one before the 5m… it is breaking up into pixels… probably a hardware or preparation problem… still it would be nice to get close to seal size before breaking up… I’d also like it if they would do the samples from the actual images… with the scale shown… nice to see samples at all, but would be nice to see the same scaling… so far most of what I see in the tiles scale to more than twenty feet or more… so are shadows of surface items… nothing like the samples… ha… by the way did anyone else see seals in the no seals on the floes sample… I looked and see very similar spots to the seals samples… ha.
I suspect the samples are air photos not sat images… but could be wrong…
All I’m seeing so far are mostly dark, and ‘rough’ ice… or brilliant b/w with shadows and black spots…
Still learning… more later.


Scroll very slowly and it looks like a seal on the move! Did that twice, doing a double-take at what I was seeing. At first I thought I was getting tired and seeing things. Then I thought, can’t be tired… I see things all the time! :crazy_face:

Edit: And @Doug4, I did 355 tiles by the time I went to bed last night… not one seal. They did say this is elimination part of the campaign though. Can’t wait until we get into the actual counting part.


I can do +3 max and even then it is fuzzy. I have had several tiles with seals.

Yes you have to look very closely and as @Jim7 said “sometimes they are shadows”.


Will we…or will the computer do that work?

I thought earlier we were talking about a Penguin campaign?


:laughing: I was joking about counting penguins. Ask @Helen, @EmeraldEyes and @cageycat. The big joke was at one time when we were doing one of the Weddell Seal campaigns, I must have had a “senior moment” and started tagging penguins - not realizing it until I got up to a “pooping area.” I had to go back and remove over 1200 tags! :roll_eyes: Penguins would be really, really hard to count as at times they are crowded together and other times it’s hard to tell them from the poop. I don’t think a computer program is going to be able to tell the difference in those situations - unless the resolution is greatly increased.

As for the counting part of this seal campaign, I think that is going to be our job. One that I look forward to sitting down with a big bowl of ice cream and count away! :grinning:


Good one…that is what stuck in my brain!!! :smiley::rofl::smiley::rofl:


You know rough ice, with all the dots and dashes of black do-hickies all over? Well… I think they all have seals—I can’t tell. LOL

I do best on the “No Seal” tiles. :wink:


On the homepage, after you click on this campaign, it gives you examples - photos with descriptions - of where seals may be found and where they will not be found. The “rough sea ice” is where they will not be found. :wink:

Edit: I think I’ve finally found a poly with seals in it… on my 441st poly.


You may be stretching it with the WILL NOT statement… at best they show rough ice and state that there are no seals in that image… I’m just reading that again thoroughly… but that is how I read it…
It’s similar to when they show smooth Ice and say there are NO seals in that image… but there are… I’m pretty sure using their descriptions… although I suspect that that might be deliberate to encourage people to say… ha I found some THEY missed at least subconsciously…

At the same time… I will say that in the 60 I’ve looked at… dark rough or light rough is almost impossible to tell for sure… just too much spotty clutter… if there isn’t open water nearby, there is low likelyhood of seals… they eat… and are gregarious to some degree… One thing more I’ve noticed is that they like ramps to exit the water (outside research) so they don’t like big cliffs of Ice…

Also despite their name, they don’t eat crabs… mostly krill, larger phytoplankton… and some smaller sea life… that is why we want to favour broken ice or coastal waters… follow the food… lots of info out there… seems there has been a bit of a baby boom since blue whales and others have been hunted so severely… fewer competitors for krill… and in turn they have become hunted by predators…

Amazing story… the TN search is still hard on my eyes but I think I have a handle on it now and starting to pick up my rate…


Thanks all for working on this! I was curious how abundant the seals would be - glad that some have turned up for you @Jim7 and @EmeraldEyes.

(and side note @kateg - of course about Maria - thanks for working on it. We still get questions about this data)



When we count them, do we have to distinguish between “brown” and “gray” seals? :thinking: :grinning:


I just saw the headline says “count”. LOL