2019 - Fracking


I know this is a hot topic. Who knows in the future maybe our campaign will be to mark fracking op areas versus seals???


They stopped all fracking in my state after numerous close to the surface quakes. They were hitting only 1 mile down-- nasty. Same is happening in Oklahoma and other states.

Quakes occur when they start pumping the fracking extraction water back into the channels they made in rock to withdraw gas. The earth resents being messed with…


Compare the Earth’s crust to your house. (I’m just making a observational comparison here… not a factual one.) The crust is sitting on hard bedrock - like your house. They pump chemicals under your house (crust) and turn the bedrock to mush to release the trapped gas. Now, instead of your house/earth’s crust sitting on something solid, they’re sitting on mush that can move about and acts as a lubricant for any solid material above, below and adjacent to this. Time to sell your home because it will eventually, settle (and crack walls/foundations) or just move horizontally. Would you rather build your home on bedrock or on a mile of mud? That’s about what it amounts to. It’s a shame that even with the sudden increase in earthquakes in these areas, the fracking industry remains in denial.

In Pennsylvania they have traced three different health problems to fracking chemicals that have “found their way into the ground water” and thus contaminating it. What do you mean, people have to drink clean water? :unamused: At least a few people made some money off this ludicrous folly before it gets shut down… eventually. That’s what it was all about anyway… money.


Ah, but who’s gonna buy it, it certainly won’t be worth much :thinking:


Definitely agreeing with EmeraldEyes on this. Who’s going to buy it if they’re also aware of these fracking facts as well.


You could always label it as a “starter home.” I believe that’s the term realtors use when selling smaller homes to first time buyers. Still… I wouldn’t sell my home to someone else knowing all the problems they’d inherent. My conscientious would nag me 24/7.

Here’s a solution they could try. Level every building around, make a park for the adults and a playground for the kids. Oh wait… they did that over old toxic landfills at Love Canal, New York. Remember that? People were getting sicker and sicker until they found out what was buried beneath their homes and properties. Fracking chemicals are all in the same toxic group, and some contain radioactive elements. Glow-in-the-dark kids/pets anyone? :smiley:


or a “flip”…either way low prices…


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Fracking was not allowed in New York state - the people fought against it and won. However… New York does allow the import and disposal of fracking waste. What the h*ll? Trying to change that. Let the states that permit fracking keep their own fracking waste and deal with the consequences of contaminated ground water themselves. Nuclear waste and fracking waste are two things the world can do without.


Actually, news last night said NY ships fracking waste water to a town in southern Ohio.


What the heck are we doing? Collecting it here and then moving it on to other locations? If that doesn’t beat all! I’m sure the townsfolk in Ohio don’t want that stuff dumped anywhere near them. Look at all the health problems PA is having near fracking operations. It seems the companies just keep on moving this stuff around which only makes the problems worse. Not giving up… still lots to do… research more and people to contact. Will it ever end?