2019 Getaways with furballs


Hear that, @cageycat? Helen plans on being on this side of the pond! Close enough to swing north, pick you up and cart you along to a island holiday. :laughing:

2019 Northern Lights

LOL, Jim, there’s only one teensy problem with that idea… I won’t be on your side of the pond in the same trip as the island holiday! They’ll probably be several months apart… problem is, I have to go to work in between times, to earn the dosh I need for the holidays.:desert_island::flight_arrival::airplane::flight_departure::passenger_ship::sunglasses:


No problem! You pick up Cagey and bring her over to your side of the pond. When you have to go to work, just send her up to @EmeraldEyes. Then when you go on holiday, @cageycat can meet you at the airport. See? Problem solved. :rofl: Come on Cagey! Help me out here! It’s you I’m trying to get a holiday for. :laughing:


:rofl: you’ve got it all worked out haven’t you?! :thinking::wink:
After the next break (which I’m already just about packed for, not long now, not enough time to get across the pond and back!) there’s a long wait until the next one… and that’s the cold one! (Aurora hunting again, just not by plane…)


I know Cagey won’t want to be on that one… cold… on the water… cold water… meow! Cats don’t like water, especially cold water. And Cagey definitely won’t want to stand out in the cold to look at shimmering and softly streaking colored lights, no matter how beautiful they are. I’ll have to figure out who’s going on a nice warm holiday and willing to take a cat with them. :smile_cat:


Brilliant idea Jim, my daughter would love to have a cat :smiley: Doesn’t matter that hubby’s allergic, he won’t mind going to stay at his mum’s for a week or two :wink:


You do realize the cat I was talking about is @cageycat, don’t you? :rofl:
Hear that Cagey? Em’s saying you can party at her house for a week or two! She’s shipping her hubby out of the house! :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes of course I know you were talking about Cagey :laughing: I can just picture it now, my daughter will have sitting to pose while she draws her. She’ll take hundreds of photos and videos of her and be chasing her all round the house trying to get to play with a bit of string on the end of a stick :laughing: @cageycat will be demented trying to escape her…she’ll be needing a holiday by the time she goes home :rofl:


I think you’all have been blinded into silliness by Northern Lights.

I need a running cat emoji. Stuck with sitting still :cat2:

Edit: @Helen @Jim7 Uh @EmeraldEyes just agreed with my weather prediction of rain. She said it’ll be weather for ducks, not cats. So I will unfortunately have to stay home so my fur stays dry. Plus, riding on clouds full of rain and possibly hail makes for a bumpy ride. :cat:


shock You mean you’re not coming now :astonished: but, but, but I made plans an everything :anguished: we were even gonna go to the cafe in Manchester :disappointed:

Huh, me and my big mouth…I shouldn’t of mentioned the rain :unamused:


Got a rectangular box?


I’ve got one! Well actually, Angel does… a litter box! :smirk_cat:




I will not put a litter box over me to keep rain off. Hrrrumph.


:smirk_cat: :rofl: (19,20 characters)


Ok then, I’ll have my hubby to bash one up for you, he’s plenty of wood in the garage :grin:


Make it lightweight… I gotta hold it over me.


Boy! She wants everything! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: How about if Em’s hubby puts it on short stilts with wheels? Then you can just roll it along! Oh, and little shelves at the front and on both sides for you to carry your catnip and whatever on. Don’t want that stuff to get wet… it may swell and blow up! :smile_cat:


OMG that’s just what I was gonna say, you read my mind :rofl:

It’s gonna need a little window to see where she’s going, wing mirrors to see where she’s been, oh, and a little heater to keep her butt warm :laughing:

Hubby’s found a box he’d like you to try out for size @cageycat :wink:


I sits, I fits?

lolololol :heart_eyes_cat: mew