2019 H. Maria Updates


I’ve finally reached 18K+ tiles on this campaign. I think I’ve only got a few more hundred tiles to go. I think I’ve got about 9 rows of 23 tiles to finish this map. I’m hoping (almost) this is the only map left. It was a BIG map!
:sweat_smile: This should take a few more days since the lag time going from tile to tile seems to be increasing.


In my letter, I asked they leave the H Maria Campaign up for a little while longer. I figured it’d be frustrating for you if you weren’t finished and they took it away. Besides, it might be all we have for months, never know…

But I asked for new campaigns after all the toiling done to id those seals.


Good for you @Jim7…you are tenacious!


Which map are you working on?
I’m working on http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2128/map/1sctxly2l


Thank you. My mother always said I had the patience of a saint. :innocent: :laughing:

I’m on map 1sd1… you mean there are others? I know I did those that had Dominica and another island on them and I thought Puerto Rico was the last map. But… even if there are others, I’m sure (and praying) they’re not as large as this one. Even if there is another “super map,” I’ll still tackle it as long as it’s up. Besides, if I don’t have a campaign to work on, that means I’ll have to (shudder) talk to my wife! :crazy_face: :rofl: (Now where’s that emoji getting bopped? :laughing:)

Edit: I was just thinking about the map I’m currently working on (1sd1). When I got to the right side of a row, I then realized that this map covers the west coast of Puerto Rico - the right side of the map shows that it was cut from a larger map. So maybe then next map I’ll get will the east coast and some of the interior. Of course, there could be the possibility of a separate map of nothing but the interior, but I’ll have to wait and see. Getting close to finishing this map! :wink:


here are the maps I have tagged for Puerto Rico.
The top of the list is most recent, going down chronologically to the first map I tagged at the bottom of the list. 1sd1 is new to me; I’ll tackle that next.






















OMG! I hope many of them were small ones! If so, I may have done most of those. I don’t think Dominica and that other island were more than one or two maps. I do remember doing a lot of little maps. It’s just that I’ve been stuck on this one particularly one big map for so long, I can’t remember. And because the other maps were done on a different laptop, I have no way of going back to find out what they were. Oh well, if there’s more, there’s more. They should keep me busy anyway!
And I accidentally zoomed out - which takes about 10 minutes before it loads (and another 10 minutes to zoom back on to zero) - and I see I have 3 tiles left on this row and only 3 more rows left on this map. I should be able to complete this map today! Yeah! :rofl:
That’s a lot of maps… :grimacing:


@Jim7, I think the time has come has come for you to create @Jim7b

Don’t you want to zip along speedily? :grin:


I’m afraid I might get dizzy! :dizzy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I’m going to bed. It is 4:45 AM and even though I don’t have to babysit tomorrow, I do have to do some house cleaning before the wife comes home in the afternoon. My bachelor’s life may be over for about 18 hours, but I don’t want to catch heck for making a mess - especially on the kitchen table where I move my laptop, some folders, coffee, ice cream and… :grinning:


I finished that map (1sd1) tonight with a tally of 18.1K+. I’ve started another map, 1nkn, and this looks like it’s going to be a fairly large one also judging by the ‘y’ axis count so far. It’s 49 tiles across and at least 108 tiles tall - and if the map is an odd shape, add a few more tiles to it. Oh well, I’ll get a better start on it in the morning while I look over my “honey-do” list. :unamused:


Good for you @Jim7! Great you are still working on this campaign.