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Interesting… and scary to me… but so far the 1987 head injury caused most of the problems… but… I have a few rotting teeth and just broke another one trying to chew a tough carrot slice… the other night… and the root cause is gingivitis… oh my… People say I should get it all fixed up… I ask them if they are going to pay for it? Hmmm… but I can see that working on reducing such things might come about if it can be proved to be related strongly… It’s a lot cheaper to prevent diseases… consider what it takes to care for an alzheimers patient… compared to some dental care… wow…


A local report, but a world wide problem:

The other issue that will eventually lead to a problem: wearing the “ear buds” and hiking up the volume. Most of these kids will have hearing loss in their late 30’s early 40’s …


Another cause for hearing problems that’s been overlooked/neglected is loud low-frequency (bass) sounds in music… although everyone’s mother probably has told (shouted at) their kids to “turn that down! You’ll go deaf!” hundreds of time. For 6 months I got a ride to work with a younger co-worker who always had the car stereo volume “cranked right up.” I swear it felt like I was in a cartoon where the windows would bulge outward with the beat of the bass sounds! I have very sensitive hearing - both at low frequencies and high frequencies (extending into the lower ultra-sonic range). By the time we got to work my inner ears would hurt and I’d have a headache. Dozens of times I told him he would loss his hearing before he was 40. I was wrong… it was 32 when he started noticing he was getting hard of hearing. (I noticed it before that because I always had to keep on repeating myself to him. :neutral_face:) Twenty-five+ years later and he’s told me he “may” have to get hearing aids. :rofl: His wife said he been denying he’s losing his hearing for years.

Another town employee always had his ear buds in while running some machinery. He loved his music and always had it so loud we could hear it. Imagine how his ears felt? The problem was he couldn’t hear what was going on around him. We had a road down to one-way traffic with a line of trucks ahead of an excavator and some behind. When vehicles approached, flagmen would stop them and one of the truck drivers would blow his air horn once for about 1 to 1-1/2 seconds. The equipment operator would finish what he was doing, raise the boom and swing around in parallel with the road. Traffic would then be allowed to pass. When all traffic had passed, the truck driver would “toot” his air horn twice (rapidly) - the all clear signal to the operator. On one particular day, a school bus was approaching and one of the drivers blew his horn… and again… and again… and… This operator just kept on digging. Eventually I exited my truck and walked around to where the operator could see me. When he finally looked over to me, I signalled that we had traffic. I stayed right there until I finished scolding the operator about the dangers of using ear buds/headphones while running this equipment. When I told him guys were blowing their air horns at him for nearly 5 minutes, he just shrugged his shoulders. :angry: On another job he did the same thing, but this time the foreman drove up with a truck to refuel the machine. The kid moved the machine a little, swung it around to dig and crushed the back side of the pickup truck box. Good thing he didn’t wipe out the diesel fuel tank and pump that was in the back! And this happened because he was listening to his music - with ear buds. Needless to say, by the time this guy reached 40, he was hard of hearing also. :neutral_face:

My wife worked as a bartender for several years and every weekend bands would play. My wife used to complain to me about how loud the music was. After only 4+ years of having music pounding into her right ear, she started losing her hearing in it. When she went for an extensive testing of both ears, the results showed greatly diminished hearing in her right ear and diminished hearing in her left. It also indicated that the cut-off for high frequencies that most people can hear was way below for her. She now has a hard time hearing some birds and sounds. She definitely can’t hear a mosquito buzzing near her ear either. :grimacing: I thinks it’s vanity that has been keeping her from getting hearing aids. I just keep constantly nagging her of all the sounds she’s missing out on.

Headphones another cause of hearing loss. They make the music “come alive inside your head!” I did turn up the sound one night while listening to some music. Two hours later both my ears hurt so bad I took pain relievers and headed directly to bed - 4+ hours earlier than usual!


So young… and yet he left it too long to get the hearing aids!!

I have a friend who worked with payloaders, excavators…kept saying …no I’m in the cab, that noise doesn’t bother me, I got my earbuds in…yeah…now he asks everyone to repeat everything
they say.

I took all of my kids to my ENT for hearing tests and he talked and showed them what would happen if they continued to wear earbuds. To this day they all wear over the ear headphones.


I started putting my headphones against the sides of my head. Still heard the music and my ears didn’t hurt for hours like they did with them over my ears. Eyes and ears are the two things you definitely don’t want to lose use of. Of course some people could stand to lose the use their mouths and people wouldn’t mind. :laughing:


They have expensive, noise cancelling…(so glad I didn’t have to pay for them…but at the same time if I thought it would save their hearing, I would have paid for them?)…


Not necessarily Terri; I know with the ear buds my children use, it’s not possible to raise the volume to the levels I used to listen to from headphones when I was a teen and it didn’t make a blind bit of difference to my hearing or my already existing tinitus…which I’ve had since I was around 5 years…though that has got a tad louder in recent years but I just put that down to age. :wink:


These I haven’t seen.

The basic iphone type earbuds are the culprit according to my Ear Nose Throat specialist and the audiologist.

Yes, tinnitus gets worse with age… Darn… I just talked about this with my ENT.


Ear buds don’t last long with my two, so when their original iPhone ones went I just reverted back to the ones that are their favourites for comfort…and cheap. My daughter has just said the Apple ones are rubbish anyway, they always break quick.

Just discussing volume used on her phones and buds, you wouldn’t believe she can actually hear quite well with the volume set between one and three bars (depending on background noise) both using her head phones and buds (phones for at home, buds for outside/school). She says the majority of her friends have their phone volume set to about 10 bars. When they ask what she’s listening to they don’t believe she’s actually listening to anything because they can’t hear it.

So maybe it is true that they’re damaging their hearing. Although my daughter reckons she’s just trained her hearing to be able to hear at such a low volume over the years. And testing her headphones myself, I could hear what she was listening to with the volume set to one bar

Have you tried the sound therapies or the white noise training for it. I’ve not bothered with it myself, had this most of life so don’t really notice it until I actually think about it or I’m ill…then it just gets a bit louder :roll_eyes: :smile:


Do they still call them that… around here they increased fees and started using the other one,

OtoRhinoLaryngologist… or ORL

But I suspect that isn’t what other lesser people say… I grew up with ENT and so I can do either…
Just started wondering if that wordplay makes me bilingual or more like a ‘binomial’ but that is math term… maybe ‘binomenial’ that sounds a bit closer ‘two names’ or just confused.

440 count now… then my eyes cross… ha.


That’s what always got to me… being able to hear what other people are listening to as they walk past (and almost 10 yards/3 metres away). My son wanted me to listen to a song using his noise canceling headphones once. By the time I got through 1/3 of the song, my ears were hurting… and they bothered me for hours afterward. Whenever I see a car go by with music cranked up so loud one can hear it from several blocks away (especially the base), I think of those cartoon cars with the windows bulging out with the beat. :rofl: Then I realize these kids are going to have hearing problems in 10 to 20 years. Don’t get me wrong, I went to my share of rock concerts, but I usually sat up on the hill where the music didn’t make your eyeballs bulge out from the beat. :wink: I think the last band I saw was Chicago… so you know that was just a little bit of time ago. :grinning:


That is good!

The only time I really notice it is when I am tired. The rest of the it is something that is just “there”. It is only in the right ear, and not very loud, but as you age it gets worse he said…oh yeah!


That is what happens to me…(although I do have tubes in my ears all the time …Hubbards…they fall out on their own…cannot fly without them, and they keep me balanced)…but even after a little time, my ears hurt and I take them off. I find them hard to wear on the plane to watch a movie.


He still is going by that, although some in his office are newer and prefer the ORL. I asked him for that reason, thinking am I behind, and he said he prefers it, the ORL is a fancy name for the same thing!!!
He is about 10 years from retirement and seriously has become a specialist in many areas, including cochlear implants.


It’s always been in both ears for me; but when I say it’s gotten louder with age, it’s only a tad louder, it doesn’t really make it any more noticeable…until I think about it and listen :roll_eyes:


Yesterday afternoon up in one of the hill towns, a traveler came upon a car just sitting in the road. The driver got out and approached the car. He or she found 3 people in the car - all unconscious! The driver called 911 and emergency services were dispatched. The rescue squad administered the drug to counteract opioid overdose and it worked. All 3 were taken to the hospital. Later, police learned they had all been smoking marijuana - laced with fentanyl! State Police today reported finding fentanyl-laced marijuana in northern New York. Now there’s another way for people to needlessly die. If it was not for that motorist coming upon the car on that back road, the three of them would have probably died.


Fentanyl-laced Mj has become a big problem. Plus when cops talk about fentanyl, it is the overseas liquid kind (not patches). The well-known country changes 1 chemical at a time, so it’s harder to detect and fight drug mules / abuse. And in most cases, overdose and death are swift, because people don’t know how potent it is, especially when stacked (one hit followed by another hit, etc.).

NARCAN works. Gotta find the person in time though.