2019 Hobbies and Interests - Photography


2019 Hobbies and Interests - Photography

Jan 1st bumping up this thread


I’m obsessed…so different from where I live and love being in the trees, the fresh snow, the creek, the falls, etc.



Beautiful photo! Reminds me of my hunting days crossing brooks like this - and always admiring the beauty of them. Now you’re making me want to go traversing the country side doing this again, but taking photos… almost. :smile: Another photo that would look great for a winter month on a calendar. (Hint, hint.) :wink:


Here are the winners of the Wikipedia Loves Earth Photography Competition. Breathtaking images :heart_eyes:


Stunning photos from all over the world!


This was 2017 Wikimedia Commons Picture Of the Year:

:laughing::grin: It is only natural to anthropomorphize. Add your picture caption here!


“If I can just reach my cellphone without waking her up…” :smiley:


I think I’m going to have to buy a new camera. I still can’t get the back to open up since one of the girls dropped it on one corner onto the stone tiles at my son’s house. It has a small dent which seems to have pushed the aluminum against the locking mechanism, preventing it from unlocking. I’ve tried applying counter pressure again the outer shell (in the corner) while sliding the lock button back and trying to lift the back. No joy no matter how I try. I can still use it for now, but there’s no way to swap out the battery if it dies while taking photos/videos. I will eventually need a new camera… checking… checking… :wink:


Any camera places that could tell you if it is a quick (inexpensive) fix? May be worth it. There are lots of DIY fix videos depending on your camera brand etc.


My original idea was to gently pry it open and - using a small punch and small mallet - knocking the dent back out and reforming the corner. But the corner has been pushed so tightly against the edge of the compartment door I can’t even get the smallest jeweler screwdriver between them. Beside, it gives me an excuse to buy a new (and better) camera. :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: