2019 Hobbies and Interests - Photography


Thanks. I cannot take a chance in the cold weather to be out on the backroads. If my car stalls, or I go off the road, I’m pretty far from help let alone trying to tell someone where I am to get there! Frostbite in minutes! There have been some rotating problems with phone service with the -50 …so that would not help either.
I try to get around and the city and take some photos. It is just so icy everywhere right now, have a fear of falling and dislocating that kneecap again before I get in for surgery!!! would not be good!


So we can expect a calendar for 2020? :grinning: Definitely do not want you to slip and fall on the ice… especially if you’re alone. My wife had a partial knee replacement and wishes she just went for the total replacement. Recovery took time… and a lot of pain according to her. My son would just tell her to “toughen up… it’ll build character.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: She would always have a few choice words for him. :laughing: (She doesn’t take pain very well.)


I’m waiting for a full knee replacement… Haven’t had a meniscus for over 15 years, so it just let go when I took a step and dislocated. Yes I think total is the way to go…if you do the partial now and need another one, they take the old replacement out so both pieces are from the same “lot”…so you have to go through the whole thing again. I’m hoping all my swimming yoga etc keeps my muscles strong to get through the recovery.

Calendar? not sure…maybe will get my blog/website going…we will see…or just more photo classes.


I came across this article that has some very nicely colored maps of river system and drainage systems of the world. It’s divided among continents and regions with interesting descriptions of each. It was completed by a Hungarian cartographer.


Beautiful scenery, some stunning shots there, Terri!

From what I’ve seen, you don’t need to attend any classes! Maybe hold one or two and teach others though…?


Thanks so much Helen! I’m constantly learning new things about photography. Just so much to take in.


Believe me, it does! The better shape you are in physically the better it’ll be for you. Because your knee is going to be depending heavily on the rest of your body to bear the weight, more so than any hip replacement my physio told me. Best advice I could give you is to only follow the advice of your professionals. It’s not a competition to be the quickest one to recover and getting back on your feet. My hubby’s aunt pushed herself too far too soon, even got back behind the wheel before she was ready and regrets it now because her knee is not recovering as well as it should have. It’s been nearly two years now and she’s still hobbling round on a stick. Pay heed to doctor and physio’s advice.


I agree, several have said the same thing. Listen to what your physio and surgeon say you can do rather than pull ahead and break down the replacement. I don’t want to go through it again, if I don’t have to! Thanks!

And to keep on topic here…I’m not out in the backwoods taking photos too cold in case I go off the road or my vehicle breaks down. Frostbite in minutes.


I haven’t done this yet this winter…too cold for the bubbles to stay until the frost shows…between -5 -10 C is the best weather.


You’re quite the little experimenter, aren’t you? :wink:


I came across this photo I took of my car windshield last winter. When I got into the car I saw this nice display of frost on the windshield… and had to run back into the house to get my camera and get back outside before the sun melted everything. It was disappearing fast!


When I was a youngster the inside of my bedroom window was like that every day in the winter.


Not sure why but your post reminded me of a strange formation I spotted in the wheelbarrow in my back garden a few years ago…

I’m not sure how they formed, there was nothing underneath in the water that could have created those shapes (I think the barrow was full of round plant pots before the rains and subsequent cold temps hit).


Cool photos @Helen!!


She can call them “cart art.” Interesting that the lines are so straight.