2019 Hobbies and Interests - Webmaking


2019 Hobbies and Interests - Webmaking

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After being so sick, I am back to a little webmaking.

15 folders/all pages - done and validated 100%

5 folders / all pages - converted but need validated

15 folders, 2 of which are huge, need everything done.

20 loose pages, need everything done.

Feel like I’m never going to get done. Pout. Sad. But it’s worth it. My friends on webmaking lists gave me high praise for my tenacity to learn CSS. Whoo hoooo!


See? Little by little you’re making progress! You’ve made a big dent in your “little” project! :wink:


[quote=“Jim7, post:5, topic:5838”],… Little by little you’re making progress! You’ve made a big dent in your “little” project! :wink:

Jixed me… reached an 18d dry spell. Crisis! Gnashing of teeth!

Thank you. Now I have no more excuses.

bTW, I’m joking. Hit a real dry spell. At this rate, it’ll take me a decade to finish.


shhh now…

I’m looking for then <…b><…h2> (no dots)
Got to delete the “b” code (bold)


k, deleted hundreds of h2 b

What’s next? hmmm

hey— now discourse says I can’t talk to myself WT…!


That’s because you did what I did in the Tavern… made 2 consecutive posts. I had to wait until someone else posted and only then would the forum software let me reply. Temperamental software! I’m going to pull it’s AI if it doesn’t stop harassing us. :open_mouth:


Well, its like I was saying in the “naked jogger” post, you’re all talking in a different language you mathematicians and computer geeks…err…geniuses :flushed: I’m just lost for words or is that bits and bites or whatever :laughing:


That’s bits and “bytes.” :face_with_monocle:


I managed to do webpages last night---- all 3 pages! I saw an underline between a word and coding— so searched for project_ to delete the _ from 21 pages. duh

I did find an image to use for one folder. Yay. Small steps.


Ah… It’s called a folder icon. :face_with_monocle: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve started doing some Wikipedia editing: linking women geologists who have a Wikipedia page to the Wikipedia page that is a list of geologists:

There are hardly any women listed. But many have actual pages.
I am doing this so when a middle-school girl has to do a report on a geologist and she googles geologist, the Wikipedia list will link to more women.


Are you silly— an image to use on every page of a folder. This folder is taxes.


So the image is an ax cutting a paycheck in half? :thinking:


KEWL !! I started to edit a crappy history wiki last night. Those wikis are harder to code-- for me. Good luck with yours!


good one, but… this was late 1700s


They had websites back then? :hushed:


uh Donna, take away the ice cream. He’s on a sugar high.