2019 Hobbies and Interests - Webmaking


Your en. wiki doesn’t look like my en. wiki hmmm?


You know I was still laughing at my own remark even as you posted your reply. :laughing: But I only had one bowl - so far. Donna told me to start the dishwasher as she went to bed. I told her I would start it when I finished my ice cream so I could put my bowl in it. She remarked how I “always forget to run it and she has to do it in the morning… and we’re almost out of teaspoons.” (I do use a lot of spoons for ice cream.) As soon as she went to bed I started the dishwasher. I’m going to wash my bowl by hand, dry it and put it away… she’ll never know that I didn’t wait to put my bowl in (because I probably would have forgotten to run the dishwasher). :shushing_face: The dishwasher just finished. That’s out of the way! :triumph:


I see from the page history - link at bottom of page - that you’ve been doing this for a few months.
That was a great idea editing the page with your information/links. It makes the page better by having not just much more content, but raises the level of female geologists to where they should have been all along. Now watch someone say that some of these women are not “notable geologists” as stated in the 3rd sentence.


As you can see, I have lots of work ahead of me. I looked at the edit dates and can’t believe it has been 3 months since my last edit!

My first edit on Wikipedia was to try and fix the page of B. Clark Burchfiel, who was my dad’s thesis advisor. Originally, there was a vague statement at the top of the entry, something like “this page has issues”. I created a link to his university website and now it still says “This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification”. He has many publications listed, and the university webpage which identifies him as the author of those papers. I need to figure out what more is needed. In the meantime, I have started creating the women geologists links, which is more reward for less time spent.


It’s been 18 days since we last heard how you’re doing with the website you’re re-coding. Still at it or taking an extended break? Less catnip tea and more re-coding… :smirk_cat:


17 folders/all pages - done and validated 100%

5 folders / all pages - converted but need validated — some validated but need to fix other pages… grumpy!

13 folders, 2 of which are huge, need everything done.

20 loose pages, need everything done.

I’m putting val_d_ at the front of each folder that’s done. (Validated_done). Unfortunately, that breaks all links, but it helps me keep track of what is finished. So far, this has broken nearly 4,000 links between those folders/pages. When ready, I’ll just need to remove “val_d_” from each one and let the program update the links again – magic!

I’m struggling with the “13 folders, 2 of which are huge, need everything done”. So many photos! Need to switch each to
img class=“imglft” src (or ctr instead of lft)
from a long html code.

This site is table heavy. So I have to change long html table code to
table id=“narrow” style=“width:100%” and then, remove crappy html code. Like last night, I removed thousands of height=“number%” that was copied in as MSO coding. Never use Excel or Word tables on a web page (the site had former webmasters who did just that).

So long & short, I’m in a slump and it’s slow going.



Now that’s what we’ve been waiting to hear… the update, not that you’re in a slump. :wink:



18 folders/all pages - done and validated 100%

Starting the huge photo folder next.


Maybe I should get you some of that kitty prozac one of my friends gives her" bounce off the wall cat". While I could use some of the peppy stuff from 50 years ago. Times they are a’changing. Sure hope you have been doing better than I have.


Is that the stuff that let you see the aurora without having to travel north? :thinking: :rofl: :innocent: :roll_eyes:


You have my email address if you want to chat.


19 folders/all pages - done and validated 100%

Webmaking is like cleaning house-- pure drudgery.


20 folders/all pages - done and validated 100%. Yeah.


I always laughed when companies advertised that they could have you a website up and running in 10 minutes. The biggest problem most people have is having what content they want on it and having it all available. Sort of stupid to have a website up and running without content. And as the old saying goes with real estate, “location, location, location,” with websites it’s “content, content, content.” :wink:
Edit: See? Moving right along… you’ll be done in no time at all! :roll_eyes: Now grandpa and grandma are off to see our three little princesses. :kissing_heart:


Basically, Jim7. I’m sleeping alot and don’t have the energy of a wet goat.


Now, it is 21 folders/all pages - done and validated 100%. Yeah.

18 big ones to go!


Not wanting to take the wind out of your sails (as to your momentum in plodding along), how many folders total did you have? Or when you started this project, were there too many to bother counting? :upside_down_face:


I don’t know what you’re asking.

There had been many webmasters before me who put up things willy-nilly.

When I decided to convert to External CSS, I tore the site apart. Moved pages and whole folders. Renamed folders and pages.

I still have these big ones to do:
maps-atlas - huge maps
cemeteries – lots of tables
education e.g. schools, colleges
(different county 1)
funeral homes
(different county 2)
(different county 3)
military (every US-involved war)
(different county 4)

So that’s the list I’m working on, then adding val-d to the folder names when they are finished so I keep track better. In the end, I’ll remove val-d_ from folder names, and recalibrate the links between pages etc.

I was almost done with military, but it’s huge and I needed to do some easier folders— but there are no easier ones! Like I spent several hours today removing a font color from text, like (red) look here (end red). Font is depreciated in CSS. They use the word (span color=“color here”)text (end span). And, of course, change 1 thing, break something else… sigh.

I will be SO glad when I’m done.

By the way, THAT answer your question? LOLOL!


Sounds like you have a couple more years of work to do. I hope not.

Yup! :grinning:


I hope not but my attention is often split up.

Some days… it’s like watching paint dry. And realizing, I can’t see the wall anymore…