2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


2019 - Jan 1st to March 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions



Forgot what year it was and posted my after New Years Report in the 2018 Weather… which is appropriate I guess since it was about last night partly…
This will bring things up to show properly and I will come back once I’ve awakened properly… I also note I wasn’t alone there… @TerriB beat me by a bit… anyway our near forecast is pretty tame here in Cranbrook BC.


Jan 1st bumping up this thread (Discourse arguing with me! 2)


Midday weather - -11 C -20 WC snowing…warming up but will be snowing all day. It is heading from NW to SE, accumulations predicted around 1-3 cm …just enough to make roads treacherous! Hopefully all heading home after the holidays travel safe!

We will be above freezing by Wednesday…but with that may come some freezing rain.
The north is still in the “deep freeze”. But I see it is moving on to Manitoba and expanding in Ontario…and beyond and changing to a storm ahead of the cold.

Yeah not functioning on the date yet at that point of the morning! But here now!

EDIT: Midnight -6 C -12 WC has warmed up quite a bit already! Still forecast for 3 C tomorrow afternoon. The thaw freeze cycle always brings with it some issues.


Currently -7 C -13 WC (8 F) on the way up to 3C … what a breath of fresh air after the cold snap! The rest of the week look like -1, -2, until next Tuesday when we hit another cold snap.

Normally through Christmas and into January we really hit the deep freeze…-30 -35 -40 :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:(-40 F) are not uncommon…climate change.

EDIT: 1:30 pm. it started raining…those roads are going to be crazy slick tonight!


We are starting to warm up here and should also be running days around the low plus single digits…C of course.

and with that we are now showing some light snow most days and several with several cm…

Same as they always say… will wait to judge that though… they have been mucho overestimating that lately, even with storms forecast…
currently they are calling another big one for everywhere else but Cranbrook… sigh!

Next coastal storm

Might be fun or not… time tells all.


As they forecast, our temperatures warmed up. This morning it is -1 C - 8 WC (17 F) what a difference from a few days ago!

I see on the “Next Coastal Storm” they were concerned about the Sea to Sky road. I went through light rain, heavy rain, snow, and winds before I was half way up to Whistler. I wonder how people travel that everyday…or do most take the shuttles/buses. When it changes from rain to snow, there is that in between where black ice is a concern on this road. and considering you are travelling up the sides of the mountains…it could be some scary if you headed for edge! !

We had a light dusting of snow yesterday in the morning and rain in the afternoon. I think today will be the same. At this rate, we could be snowless in no time!

EDIT: I thought it was interesting that it is - 1 C (30 F) this morning in Phoenix, Arizona! Lots of “snowbirds” will not be happy!


I woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning… should be gone by noon - or earlier. High today about 41F/5C. We’re expecting rain on Saturday, then snow Monday night continuing to 12 noon on Tuesday, then changing to all rain for the remainder of the day and night with a few mixed snow showers in the early morning hours on Wednesday. We’re not getting any snow pack which has me worried about water levels in the lakes and reservoirs this summer - again. :worried:
Overnight low was 21F/-6C. It did get windy during the night with sustained winds of 21 mph/33 kph with gusts to 30 mph/48 kph. Currently it’s mostly calm. Got to go…


Seems climate change is making its way everywhere. We are concerned about moisture for farmers, but also the spring runoff from the mountains, which we usually see in June.


Sort of blah still… recent radar shows a large cloud of snow passed by already… and left a good dusting…
and there is another projected to be coming before noon… same radar look and feel… probably fizzle as well.
Mild temps all week shown on the forecast… but indicates some snow in the early week … again… probably a fizzle. All the while surrounded by severe weather alerts… I’m puzzled by it.

But glad to NOT be doing too much work out there as well… just chauffeur duty… sigh.

@Jim7 you will probably get more than enough rain from now til summer to fill things up… but I agree it doesn’t work quite the same as a slow melt…


I see there is a storm rolling in for southern BC…and of course the avalanche warnings. The RCMP have also warned about travelling in western southern Alberta.

Currently we are at 0 C -4 WC we hit a high of 5 C (41 F) …I think we may have been warmer this morning than Phoenix Arizona,…which was -1 C first thing this morning…cold for them!


We finished off our day with 0.01"/0.25 mm of rain and 0.1"/2.5 mm of snow. We did have a few flurries during the day, but with a high temperature of 39.9F/4C nothing stayed. We will have a nice sunny day Friday, but rain on Saturday… then snow from Monday night into Tuesday. They haven’t given an “official” snowfall yet as it’s still a little early - and things do change - but they are “hinting” at between 3" to 6" / 7.6 to 15 cm of snow… could be more, could be less. Then the snow is supposed to change to… RAIN! How could I have guessed? :laughing: I think I’m going to have to resign myself to making a snowman out of blocks of ice, then take a picture before the rain melts it. Or… just look at photos of other people’s snowmen. :unamused:


-6 C (21 F) and no wind this morning! Our high will be -3 C so we are almost there. Like the other day, I would suspect it will warm up much more than forecast. The problem with this weather in our area, is we have slush, water running during the day, and by 8 p.m. that is all ice. It is difficult to navigate sidewalks, driveways, etc without falling.

@Doug4 the weather has not improved in southern BC and southern Alberta. Hwy 1 closed in some areas due to avalanches/risk…Hopefully that all passes over the mountains today.


48F by 4pm with a dry high. But rain is coming… maybe…and dripping eastward.

My chest still hurts so another day of cat-sickness spent in bed. Cough!


@Doug4 looks like the Rockies are now in the mix…how is your weather…you seem to be in the alerts also…

Hours later and we are still -6 C (21 F) :smiley:


@TerriB Still sitting in our little bubble… all the snow went around or over us… we had flurries and some sprinkles, but it is already warming under sunny skies… most of what we had on the ground is vanishing except for the ice patches. All around us in the high country though it is quite different… but also changing… so most of us are content for now… I can see that there is some more coming our way, but the approach angles carry most of it through the same mountain ranges that have ‘milked’ all the other storms dry… and it recharges a bit around here and drifts over us this season… or goes way north and through Edmonton to you… just like the big Gulf air is always working up either the Mississippi / Ohio to the Great Lakes or up the coastal plain to New York… Just what you get in the draw… One problem with El Nino or La Nina years is that it will be different from ''normal" or average years… Thing is that we are getting more of those two types. and less ‘normal’. I saw the other day that the ‘BLOB’ is breaking up due to all the recent storms… and should be gone very soon allowing ‘normal’ to resume… Oh! The BLOB is the name given to an area of ocean off of Alaska and Northern BC… on the weather maps… it shows that the area is above normal temperatures for sea water there… and it does affect the weather… the name comes from the movie of the same name that starred some guy named Steve McQueen in the old days… big blob of goo eats all… defeated by youth…

I remember seeing that the day it opened… ah… multi movies at the same ow price, cheap popcorn and drinks, sit all day and hang out… and often tried to forecast whether…


That is interesting! I read about the BLOB some time ago. Will have to read up on what’s happening with it.


See the first video in this article and the article itself for changes in the blob in the past month



Yes we are currently covered on the Prairie radar with cloud from Edmonton heading southeast almost to Brandon but only light snow forecast…lets hope they get it right!!! That is not the system coming from Jaspar, Banff yet, it seems to be split on the alerts - Edmonton way and then southern border. I’m sure that will be around by tomorrow.


I saw that movie, and as you said about the multi-movies, I too used to sit through a few hours watching them with one of my cousins. I can remember when there were multiple movie theaters in the city and even in the outskirts - and that didn’t include all of the drive-in theaters! We have one drive-in that is still open - at least it was last year - just over the town line. It still gets a lot of business… so much so that someone else opened up a soft ice cream stand on the adjacent property and they get visited by the theater’s customers before and after the movies. Smart!

Our day here was sunny with some wispy, high-altitude clouds that increased as the day wore one. The high was 42F/5.5C. Wind were very mild with a few light gusts, but nothing like the past several days. The rain starts tonight and will continue into tomorrow… a not-so-nice thing for the children’s weekend off from school. Oh well… I guess they’ll just have to remain indoors and play with their new toys. :laughing:

That snow they were hesitant about giving a snowfall amount for (but hinted at anywhere from 2"-6"/5cm-15cm) isn’t quite going to all that it was “packed” up to be. Now they are saying we’re only going to get around 1"/2.5cm. Just enough to have to sweep off the steps and the the walks. I can forget the driveways again. :unamused: At this rate, I’m going to have to purchase a few barrels of white paint and paint my lawns and the tops of tree branches to give this place a sense of winter. :crazy_face: