2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Hmm. Snow’s getting a bit sticky to ski on at those temperatures but there’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothes.


And with minus zero wind chills, there are unsuitable insulation in old houses, old drafty windows, old leaky doors… heck, I got snow on the sill between the inside window and the storm window! And the daggone windows are rattling, while the plastic on the inside is “breathing” so the curtains move.


Pipes are still A-ok. Drip, drip, drip, plus flush on a schedule… oh joy.


I still have a few walls in the original part of the house where they used brick for insulation (from one of the many brickyards that used to be here many, many years ago). One of these days… Rip! Tear! And then slap myself and ask, “Why did I even start this project of replacing the brick with “real” insulation?” Aren’t 150+ year old houses fun to fix? :roll_eyes:


In this place, outer walls were “insulated” with bits of of bricks, bits of diamond-shaped BR tiles, odds and ends of cut wood, bits of cardboard, dirty cloth rags, old doll clothing, any old fabrics, like pieces of curtains, door knobs, cabinet / drawer pulls… Yes, the joys of old houses!

Did I tell you, in one of the two 9-foot dry wells (now in a crawlspace), I found a stack of very old girlie magazines? lololol I’ve not solved the mystery of how they got there!


All I ever found was a gold bracelet with a small heart. It was made in Italy and is 24k gold. I thought it was costume jewelry because it was next to some junk rings (kids). I also found an old engagement ring with a 1/4-karet diamond in it behind a baseboard when I went to replace an interior wall. A jeweler told me they don’t cut diamonds in that shape any longer - this was about 35 years ago. Now if I can only find a box in which someone hoarded (stored) a lot of money! :laughing:

And to keep on topic, at 5:35 PM it’s down to 10.0F/-12C, but feels like 0F/-17.8C! Skies are now mostly cloudy with decreasing clouds. Winds are picking up. I hope they lessen shortly until morning.


I’ve never had my heat set at 75F (turns off at 76F), but I do now!! They say it is -10F already with the wind. I tied my storm door shut (yes, anyone can cut the cotton twine if necessary) so it wouldn’t flap and break, plus to keep air out. Stuffing paper towels in anywhere I feel leaks. Geesh, reminds me of childhood with a coal furnace that missed some rooms. Brrr! Remember bundling up as kids, wearing caps in the house?

You know, firemen have those insulated suits that cover heads and necks. I want longjohns! LOL

BTW, now they say we got just over a foot. Looks like 10 inches on the garage roof.

I-80 & I-90 had many cars and semi tractor trailers off the highways or flipped in medians.

My BIL (who died in a house explosion a few yrs ago) used to be a long haul driver. Loved it. But diesel fumes gave him a severe type of emphysema… leading to him needing O2… and the 02 compressor exploded, blew out windows, and firefighters estimated the temp was nearly 1,000 degrees at the highest. Be safe on the roads… and safe in your houses…

It is now 8F . 14 mph winds -10 wind chill Icy roads. A line of rain is coming from north going SE. NO chance to see Blood Moon eclipse. :frowning:


That’s why the tractor trailers and buses were banned from the NY State Thruway during this storm. It’s currently 7.2F/-13.8C and the wind is blowing! Feels like -3F/-19C. How cold are you supposed to go down to tonight, Cagey? We’re looking at -4F/-20C and with the increase in wind, we’re going to feel like we’re going to be in -30F/-34C temperature. I have an electric oil-filled radiator in my workshop and so far that has kept it at 64-65F/17-18C down there. Our basement - because of the furnace and a radiator down there - fluctuates between 71-74F/ 21.7-23.3C… depending upon when any or all of the 3 heating zones calls for heat. I noticed out furnace comes on about 6 times an hour instead of its usual three. The basement is in the old part of the house, so I’m sure if I went down there now I’d probably find a couple of places where cold air may be leaking through. Back aches, entire right leg aches, right hip aches - all from shoveling. I think I may have an early night tonight… maybe midnight instead of 2:30-3:30 AM. I do have to get a bowl (or two?) of ice cream before I retire though. :smiley:

We had an old man… and I mean old… that used to work summers for the town mowing along the sides of the roads. The tractor he used was an old one with the smoke stack in the center. The fumes would blow back into his face depending upon which way the breeze blew. He ended up going out on disability due to “diesel fume” he had been “forced to breath.” This guy was in his 80s, smoked cigars his entire life, was a farmer and had diesel tractors on his farm. I think there was a little “the old guys take care of the old guys” at play here. (shaking my head). However, his “disability” didn’t last long as he passed away from lung cancer soon after that. I guess he should have worried about his own tractors. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: They say, “What goes around comes around.”


Commercial vehicles were banned on PA highways, too. But there are always some who defy authorities.

Haven’t heard updated forecast yet. TWC says 3F currently.

My throat is sore-sore now, my ears are hurting again, and my voice is gone again. I’m real tired after plumber on Fri and loading the dishwasher today (J2 washed not one dish! grrr). I waited till it finished cycles so I could make sure it wasn’t gonna back up the sink again. But that meant 45 mins in that drafty kitchen. Gonna put heat on my chest tonight.

I-94 Michigan had icy highways, so lots of crashes today…


1:15 AM ET: Temperature has gone down to -2.2F/-19C and with the wind chill feels like -18.2/-27.9C. Temperature still dropping… I think we’re going down lower than the -4F/-20 they said would be our low. Wouldn’t be the first time. Winds are still blowing at about 17 mph/27 kph with gusts reaching 25 mph/40 kph and once in a while a little higher. I guess I won’t be flying a kite tomorrow. :laughing:


Yes it definitely sounds like our “deep freeze” moved your way!

This morning we are -16 C -21 WC (-5 F)…what a warm overnight…when I was out trying to catch the blood moon it was -27 WC.

Should add the warm up caused some “black ice” sections and driving last night was already an issue…could be another “slick” day on the roads.


@Jim7 You wanted it. Super cold here, too. :frowning:

Cat needs 3rd winter coat.


Our overnight low went down to -6F/-21C, but with the wind chill it was like -26F/-32C. The wind is blowing the snow almost to white out conditions - especially down by the river. It’s hard to see the trees on the island. Our high today is expected to reach 7F/-13.9C. Currently at 9:45 AM it’s up to -3.7F/-19.8C, although one of the personal weather stations a couple of miles down river from me is showing -5F/-20C (without wind chill figured in). The sun looks like a dim undefined glow through the clouds and blowing snow. Wind gusts are currently averaging 26 mph/42 kph. The birds seem to be taking turns eating the seed in the driveway and walkway to flying up and sitting on my porch… they better stand out of the chairs (no pooping on those please! :neutral_face:).

Although today would be a “stay indoors” day for me, I think I’ll tackle just a tiny bit more shoveling in the driveway - maybe. Better yet, remembering what @cageycat said about cold drafts, maybe I’ll just stay indoors and check around the basement - especially around the door that leads to under the porch - for possible drafts. The remote thermometer down there is reading 72F/22C. The wind should make even the slightest cracks give a noticeable draft. Taking my coffee down with me…:wink:


Welcome to the deep freeze! :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face: Hopefully it passes very quickly and you get the warmer air that we are getting this week…-5 C (23 F) by Saturday.


Tomorrow daytime is supposed to be low 30sF. Go figure.


After a couple of days… well… here’s what I’m looking (unless they make changes).

An interesting week… lots of mixed weather conditions.


Your temperatures “soar” compared to right now!!! But rain, freezing rain, snow, sun, clouds…a real mixed bag of weather!


Just got home from seeing our granddaughters. :kissing_heart: I think they miss us. :grinning: Our high today reached 6.8F/-14C, but winds were steady at 18 mph/29 kph with gusts up to 39 mph/62.8 kph. Made for a chilly day. Got a little more shoveling done - some touch up. I’m going to leave where we let our neighbor park on one side of our apron. All day long yesterday her 3 sons hibernated indoors while we shoveled. Their mom almost got stuck trying to get out, but eventually made it. The only problem was that the boys didn’t come out until this morning to shovel her car out - at -2F/-18.9C not including the wind chill! Once she left the boys all went back inside and never came back out. I wonder how she’s going to park when she gets home from work. :thinking:
After all the shoveling I did, all I ended up with was a mild lower back ache. But this afternoon as I was walking from my workshop to the house, I started up the path I shoveled across the lawn from the bottom of the porch steps to the driveway. I had a cup of coffee in one hand and some tools in the other. I slipped! In a failed attempt to keep from spilling my coffee, I ended up falling almost face first onto the frozen lawn, spilled my coffee in the snow (and buried my cup and bare hand in the snow, and wrenched my lower back. When we went to see the girls it was constantly, “Grandpa! Pick me up!” :grimacing: I did, but it hurt like crazy!

At sunset the clouds turned a rosy red. Wind still blowing like crazy and at 5:35 PM it’s down to 3.2F/-16C. I think the weather service messed up showing our overnight low for tonight. They show 3F/-16C and that’s what it is right now! :thinking: I really don’t see the temperature hovering at this temperature overnight. Weird.

The wind blew a lot of snow around today making it seems like it was actually snowing. The sun did manage to peak through the clouds this afternoon to add a brilliant sparkle to everything - even the “air.” Wind drifts are everywhere and what was bare is again completely white. The town had a front-end loader down here in the hamlet with a snowplow on it to move some of the snow from the intersections. :thinking: I never had to have that done in the 19 years when I did the hamlet - even when we received 36+"/91_ cm of snow. :thinking: My first thought was the truck was broken down or there was a problem with the plow’s hydraulics, but my wife said she saw the truck down here also. I wonder what that was all about. Oh well… “new guys!” :grinning:


None even in our forecast! It was quite cold (for south coast UK!) overnight last night - the car was registering -5°C this morning as I defrosted it so I could see where I was driving, but it’s now predicted to “warm up”, with days of rain…


Sorry about your back, Jim. Ice 24 hrs (15mins on then off), then heat.

Tonight temp -4F
Wind Chill -10 to -15F

Tried earlier to turn furnace back to 70F, but too cold.

Going up to 30s tomorrow or Wednesday.

Miserable. I musta gotten too cold Fri & Sat with being in the kitchen. Good reason to not do dishes. LOLOL


Instead of ice, how about if I just stand outside and pull my coat and shirt up to expose my back? Then before I get frostbite and can run back instead to warm up… then repeat. :laughing:

Isn’t this weird? Now the temperature appears to be rising! It hovered at 3F/-16C for nearly 2 hours, then it slowly started to rise and now it’s up to 5.4F/-14.8C. And the skies are clear, still windy with strong gusts… and the temperature’s going up? Who dares to blow warm air here? :hushed: Don’t melt my snow! :laughing:

Edit: My wife just told me in Fairbanks, Alaska the low temperature this morning was -53F/-47C without the wind chill. :cold_face: Makes my overnight low seem like a cheap supermarket chill (on beer). :sweat_smile:

Edit: 2:55 AM Jan 22: After the temperature rose to 7.9F/-13.38C at 11:50 PM last night and hovered there for a while, it finally started dropping and at 2:57 AM is currently down to 4.3F/-15.4C. Winds have died down - finally - and it’s mostly calm to just a slight breeze. Clear skies.