2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


In the space of an hour this morning we’ve rain, sleat, snow, hail, rain, sunshine and now back to rain. And I believe we’ve got more booked for next Tuesday :crazy_face:
Actually, the snow flakes are looking quite thick and fluffy…for the moment…I dare say it won’t last :roll_eyes:


:open_mouth: Wow you have had all different kinds of weather in the last 24 hrs…!!
Your temperatures are great though…wish they were here.

-11 C -16 WC (3 F)…which is a major “upgrade” from two days ago when it was -32 C (-25 F)…
We are forecast for -6 C today…which will feel like a “dream” but then we plunge back into the cold until Saturday…ugh…

Winter…not my fav…:unamused:

@Doug4 looks like a system is bringing lots of snow central BC …is that moving your way…seems so on the radar, but then the alerts are for Merritt, Kamloops etc…


Yeh, it’s currently 1C (33F) and just stopped snowing, so we’ve probably got a whole 2…millimetres of snow…in the grass :laughing: I’d take a pic but it’s disappearing even as I blink :rofl:


I got nervous when the temperature started to “soar” last night, going up as high as 7.9F/-13C. But it finally leveled off and started it’s nightly drop - down to 0F/-17C. This morning is sunny/clear and just a touch of a breeze - not enough to keep the wind chimes playing their music. At 9:20 AM it made it up to 10F/-12C and is expected to get up to 24F/-4C. Tonight it will drop to 13F/-10.5C and tomorrow… wait for it… wait… wait… 40F/4C - but with that comes the rain. :unamused: It’s going to melt some snow! :open_mouth: But on the brighter side, they say we’re no longer going to get that 1/2-inch/12 mm if freezing rain. I’m okay with that… I guess. :laughing: Now comes the problem of melt and runoff. Isn’t winter fun? Look at all the different different types of weather everyone gets! Can’t say winter is boring, just a PITA! :rofl:


:open_mouth: what a change in temps in a short period! From snow to rain to melt and runoff… winter, spring, and on to summer?


I had a look at the radar on WNetwork online… I can see a fair patch south of the US border… near Spokane… but that is projecting to move along the border and a bit to the south…
There is some rain showing on the coast that might drift over in a few days and so on… none as big as the patch to the west of Edmonton and drifting your way @TerriB and a smaller one that stretches from the border up to Lethbridge, which might be what you WERE looking at but passed by…

I can say that there is a large discrepancy between the morning radio news which calls for 4 cm or more later… and the WN forecast for <1cm… same time period… I don’t see anything that worries me.
There is of course the activity near Colorado that is heading up toward Chicago and into Ontario… but that is fairly common… just like last week… ha ha.

@Jim7 Right on… everybody worries about the snow… but never thinks to get the drains open… for the melt…


My neighbor’s wife (across the street) is so worried about keeping the catch basin clear that she goes outside several times - during the storm - and clears it. (shaking my head) I guess it doesn’t sink in her head that each time the plow comes by it’s covered again. And when their friend comes and plows across the apron of their driveway so they can get in and out, again it gets covered. Why do something 4 or 5 times when you can do it only once? :roll_eyes: Where my apron meets the street, the curb was reduced to just 1.5"/3.8 cm high so we don’t blow tires pulling in. I always make sure to clear the snow along the edge of the apron so the melt doesn’t run down, hit snow and get kicked over onto the sidewalk and then run down my apron - to freeze. The joys of living on a hill. :smile:
Oh… and don’t forget fire hydrants where applicable (plugs(?) for Em? :smiley:).


Yes I see now even as the radar rolls it disappears near Kelowna…was huge earlier and there still is snowfall warnings to your west. (Like you have been saying they all have different forecasts! You are probably better with your local one).




This one near Edmonton: We aren’t forecast for snow until Saturday and then just snow showers.



They’re even threatening us with some :cloud_with_snow::snowflake: for Thursday…:scream:
:crossed_fingers: it won’t happen…


At least none that stay on the ground…:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Please no! :crossed_fingers: Even half an inch seems to cause major chaos for southerners (southern UK, that is!)… not quite sure why?!?


For us, it is Vancouver getting snow…no one can drive on it…one accident after another.:woman_shrugging:


For the “southerners” here in the states it’s because they don’t know how to drive - in the snow anyway. :laughing: Now as for the southern Brits… I don’t know… is it they don’t know how to drive in the snow or they don’t know what snow is? :rofl: Just kidding… :roll_eyes:


I always liked the first snowfall of year… plenty of accidents. I think it’s because people temporarily forget how to drive in the snow and it takes them at least one fender bender to remember. :expressionless:


60 F (15.5 C) here all week. (Sorry! :grin::face_with_hand_over_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:)


Oh you poor thing! Would you like to cool off? We have some cool weather on the east coast and our northern neighbors have as well. We can spare but a little, mind you. We don’t want to lose what we’ve been craving for all summer. :laughing:

Currently (12:13 AM) it’s 13F/-10.5C, cloudy/overcast. Today’s (23rd) will be 39F/3.9C and with that comes the rain in the afternoon… and rain until ~4 PM. And the temperature is only supposed to drop a whole 2 degrees F overnight (37F/2.8C). My snow is going to melt! :grimacing:

Edit: 1:30 AM: The temperature has been steadily rising since it hit its low at midnight. It has gone up 7-1/2 degrees F from 14.2F/-9.9C to 21.7F/-5.7C! The winds have picked up with gusts from 10-15 mph/16-24 kph. Huh? I know we’re to get rain this afternoon, but this is nuts. Sometimes our wind chimes sound more like someone fell into them! They’ll clang around instead of “singing.” :roll_eyes: So I’m guessing that our overnight low was at midnight. Sigh… :expressionless:


Well, we had ours yesterday evening; with 2 christmas trees in the bottom of the garden it did look Christmasy. Now we’ve got clear blue skies and the sun is shinning down and all that fluffy snow is melting :unamused: :disappointed:

It’s currently -1C (30F)


:snowflake::cloud_with_snow:A few weeks late for Christmas…:christmas_tree:…sort of like the postal service :wink:

We are on our “warm up and cool down” day. Currently -7 C -14 WC (6 F). We are expected to get colder as the day wears on…by mid afternoon -16 C and by evening heading towards the -20’s C (-4 F). It will be a colder Thursday and Friday and warming trend again on the weekend, but that brings with it snow. EDIT: 8:30 a.m. our winds just picked up from 0 to 35 in less than half an hour and from the north…that will drop the temperatures quickly!

Doug Sunday has now changed to a Wintry Mix…I think that is that cloud you were seeing.

And then there was the cold temps at Niagara Falls:


We finally got above - well actually at - freezing at 10:45 AM. It’s now 32F/0C! But that intense sun yesterday caused a lot of melting on our roofs, which ran down into the rain gutters where it promptly froze. By the end of the day the gutters and downspouts are all frozen solid. Overnight huge ice sickles formed at each of the downspouts. Now I have to thaw the downspouts before we get all this rain this evening… preceded by freezing rain. They only expect a glazing of freezing rain and judging by the magenta ahead of the green and yellow on the radar, that appears to agree. The storm system is in New York as we speak, but all that pretty snow is all north along the Canada-US border. Supposed to start raining around 6 PM (always subject to change) and end between 3 - 4 PM tomorrow. Heaviest rain during the night of course, so if there’s any problem most people won’t find out until they wake up… usually too late before damage is done. It’s going to be “uncomfortable” trying to thaw out the downspouts with this darned wind blowing. Winds are currently at 10-20 mph/16-32 kph.
The high today should be around 39F/3.9C and tomorrow? 50F/10C by late morning, then quickly dropping during the afternoon. Here’s our mixed bag of winter/spring-like weather:


LOL, could really be either, it doesn’t happen very often! In general though, they just don’t pay enough attention and take enough care in snow or icy driving conditions.

Sounds much more bearable than this…
but at least the snow has disappeared from the forecast! :woman_cartwheeling:

Either a bit late for Christmas 2018, or very, very early for Christmas 2019 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: