2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


We have a wacky neighbor down the street - I seriously think he’s lost it - who put up Christmas lights last spring and they’ve been lit up every night ever since! They blinked all last spring, all summer, all autumn, and now all winter - they’re still on! The elderly woman who lives across the street from him is complaining that if she wanted to see flashing lights all night, she’d have bought a house across from a shopping mall! :laughing: I think I’m going to string Christmas lights all around our house - and maybe mount a Santa, sleigh and reindeer on our back roof - this summer before it gets too hot. Then I’ll be all set for next season. The dead end street has a lot of little ones again, so I think they’d enjoy seeing “Santa on the roof.” :wink: :smiley: Of course they’ll be the same on the front porch roof facing the street as well. I’m just not setting up the Snowman snow gauge in the front lawn - yet… :laughing:

The temperature reached a high of 36.7F/2.6C this afternoon after the clouds parted for an hour. It became mostly sunny for 60 minutes, then the clouds were back. Winds are between 10-20 mph/16-32 kph, but mostly staying at the upper speed. The storm is moving right along as it approaches. The original time we were supposed to get rain was 6:15 PM, then it changed to 2:15, then 3:30, and now they’re saying… OMG! They’re keeping it at 3:30 PM - an hour away. The front is being led by a band of freezing rain, then we’re supposed to receive about 0.85"/21.5 mm of rain. I’ve knocked ice sickles where they formed late yesterday and overnight from the corners of the gutters at the downspouts, but I think the downspouts are pretty much frozen. I hope there’s a small path for water to flow down them. We have about 8-12"/20-30 cm if ice across the edge of the roofs. There’s no snow raking that off. :grimacing:
At 2:38 PM the temperature is down to 34F/1C and continues to fall. All the sun did today was add a little more ice to what it caused yesterday and last night. Bad sun! :smiley:


We plunged again…deep freeze :cold_face::cold_face: this morning we are back in the Extreme Cold Warning with temperatures near -40 C (-40 F).

Right now it is -24 C WC -34 C (-29 C) they expect the winds to pick up more this morning and then by evening things should settle a little bit.

Last time this floated over to your way Jim !! Yikes!!!

EDIT: 8:00 a.m. We have dropped in temperature a little since I posted…now WC -37 as those winds pick up…SSW 16 kph…I’m sure we will reach that -40 C they are predicting.


We’re still getting rain - since yesterday. After a very slow start, we’re up to 0.37"/9.4 mm. Rain is supposed to come down harder than yesterday and end around 6 PM. (It’s currently 11 AM.) When I got up this morning “the fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife.” (@EmeraldEyes, this was one of our sayings that I couldn’t think of when we discussed fog in a post a while back. There was a cargo ship heading down the river. I heard the fog horn when it was a little upriver near the Port of Coeymans, but I couldn’t see it as it sailed past the boat launch at the foot of my street. The fog horn was blown every minute to two minutes and I could hear the engines, but no visual. I also couldn’t see the island straight across from me. It’s still foggy, but now I can see almost down to the river… nothing past the shoreline though.
Our high is supposed to be this morning, then the temperature will be dropping all afternoon - like it did a couple of days ago. Overnight low tonight of 23F/-5C - not too bad. Tomorrow’s high of 33F/0.5C. What a mixed bag of weather! Now I’m starting to feel like @EmeraldEyes and @Helen! :rofl:


Got dug out of the latest snow flurry the other night… -11C /12F right now and warming up to -2 / 28F or higher this afternoon… but forecast to be above 0 and mostly sunny for a few days… Better get back to going and trying to get the van back here again… It decided to stop over at Lynnes the other day… and it’s a few hundred road metres to get it back… I want to get some things at the store and then go and see if cleaning up the connections and maybe another charge will start it enough to drive all or part way back to here… sigh… Thanks to @TerriB for allowing me to dump my feelings a bit… all I can tell is that there is a problem with electrics… so I’m starting with the primary stuff over again… but I do know the cable ends are shot… so start with that and work my way up the chain… have to see if I can eventually isolate problem circuits… this time started down hill when I tried to ‘toot’ the horn… heard it and then poof… and still off. Good thing I like puzzles.


Poor Doug, you seem to be having all of the problem we’ve had with our old car, our daughter’s vehicle and our grandson’s car - all at once! :hushed: Our grandson’s car wouldn’t start. There looked like a big, fluffy, bluish fuzz ball sitting on the negative terminal and a slightly smaller on the positive. Had to replace the battery that was many, many years old (original) and the cables, and a few other wires that also went to the positive terminal. His horn relay croaked a few months later and his horn sounded like a wounded beast in the forest! :laughing: Daughter’s car: alternator stopped charging her battery. Our old car (Taurus): Ignition coil assembly quit. And just days before taking it off the road, the driver’s side window relay in the dash decided to stop working and just make a rapid clicking noise. If your cable ends are shot (corrosion), you’ll probably end up cutting back a bit to “clean” copper and reinstalling the terminal clamps - if the cables are long enough. New terminals on any other wires that also go into the main terminals, etc… What a pain…
Want to hear a good one? My wife just now informed me that when she and my son were checking out our “new” vehicle, he noticed a wire just hanging down - in the engine compartment in the corner where the battery is - not connected to anything! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not going outside to check this out at the moment as it’s raining pretty hard and the fog is getting thicker. Why couldn’t she have said something when it was nice out (warm and sunny)? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :laughing:
Good luck with your repairs and may Murphy and O’Toole find someone else to mess with. :wink:


Thanks… at least I’m dealing with ‘whether’ again… Hey it’s a used vehicle… I just don’t normally buy in November or end of October like this one… like some nice weather to do the trouble shooting… and fixing…

M and O seem to have played with the weather too… it’s not warming up as much and the sun is gone right now… maybe tomorrow… still going to work on it though… got some new clamps… that look way to small… oh well they don’t say they are any special
size… have battery posts shrunk recently… mine look like always… the new ones look smaller… or need to spread out… a bit.



Rain, rain, go away! It still raining - heavy at times - and now they’re saying it’s not going to end until 8 PM! What happened to 6 PM? :confused: And to top off all this rain (0.93"/23.6 mm so far), according to the radar, we’ll be hit with freezing rain in about 30 minutes or less… followed by snow for a couple of hours. :roll_eyes: Our high today “soared” up to 46.8F/8C, but that lasted a whole 10 minutes before starting back down. It’s currently down to 38.1F/3C at 4 PM. Overnight low of 23F/-5C. It’s been raining so hard that I can check the rainfall amount and it’s higher than it was a minute or two before

I heard several calls for pump outs for several different fire companies. One person called and said they had over 18"/45 cm of water in their basement. There was also one structure fire in one of the hill towns. :hushed:

Since I started writing this post we’ve received another 0.02"/0.5 mm of rain. I had to go outside and dig through a snow bank my son made right in the middle of the wye in my driveway. That’s the lowest point where the water is supposed to drain off and run across the lawn to the catch basin to the old town storm drain! Our driveway was half flooded before I started. Thirty minutes later and I had water running! Yes!
Just checked again… another 0.01"/0.25 mm of rain. We’re getting wet and all of my snow is disappearing, and fast! :grimacing:


@Jim7 That is the exact weather we had. The rain went on for an entire day, stopped, then started again. Then, freezing rain and some snow. Ice was bad, is still bad.


Well, @Jim7 my weather held as it was scheduled… the cloud was brief and the sun warmed things up…
Turned out just a tad cooler than -3C but the sun was more than enough with no wind in the sheltered corner I was parked in…

As to the ‘WHETHER’ problem… the answer is that after some cutting and cleaning and a new clamp, plus a top up of the charge since I took the battery out again to explore… one of the neighbours observed… quite correctly… that he was watching a connection point move when I was undoing the other end… I finished what I was doing and looked to see what he was on about… lo and behold he was talking about the main power terminal post where the battery cable feeds the fuse block… and I reached over and unscrewed the nut with bare and cold fingers… corroded inside as well… fixed that right away… it was likely the whole culprit… more news at 11…
Now parked at home in my spot… more work to do to be sure… but when reconnected it started better than since I bought it… stupid thing… but I did get a nice day out of it… I have to thank him for the observation… I missed at that point because it was moving, but with the fuse panel loose it just appeared to be moving with that… I would have found it eventually, but I told him I would check it… but he went out…
Now have to clean up and find Lynne who was taking a cab to dinner… I’m walking.


@cageycat The rain finally stopped… 1.49"/37.8 cm. Temperature is down to 35.1F/1.7C and it’s breezy with some fairly strong gusts. The dampness in the air makes it feel chilly outside. (I’d rather have it 10-20F/-12 to -6C without any dampness and breeze.) While the storm has moved off, there are still remnants of snow trying to make their way down from Lake Ontario. But as they approach, the cloud cover breaks up. I “may” see a few flurries during the next couple of hours, but probably none at all. Most of my snow seems like its gone. There is still a covering of snow/slush on car roofs and the trash barrel lids, but nothing on the roads and walks. There was just too much water from the rain for anything to stick and stay. We didn’t get much of the freezing rain. It was too warm and wet for that to build up also. Now everything will freeze overnight. :slightly_frowning_face:

Do you mean she didn’t wait for you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing: Glad to hear you (or your neighbor) found out what appeared to be your lack of electricity. Stay warm and dry.


-21 C -27 WC (-14 F) winds are down to E 6 kph which helps with the cold. We are no longer under the Extreme Cold Warning :wind_face: but that snow Doug talked about earlier this week is coming our way now and we are expecting blizzard conditions and 10-25 cm of snow :unamused::unamused: and a possibility of freezing rain!!! :grimacing::grimacing:

On the flip side…of the earth …and the weather…


@Jim7 It was by agreement… and logical… one of the few times…

She lives at the southernmost point of the area in question… the van broke and was ‘fixed’ there…
We agreed that right then the important thing was to get the van home… and that she didn’t feel up to walking to dinner… which was at the northmost point of the area… I live about 2/5s of the way to there… but have to go around the perimeter of the block we share… at the point of the decision, I didn’t know yet if it would start up… but packed up to carry the tools home if needed by hand.
Takes a while to order the cab for her… and we agreed that I would come back and tell her if I didn’t get it to run… and she could proceed to order it if she stuck her head out and didn’t see where we had parked it occupied… by me. Since I could walk from my place to hers in two minutes or less and to the restaurant in 5 minutes… it was the cab that was in question… not intent… and I needed to wash up and get a clean(er) shirt… Anyway, I stopped in the mall for some ATM time and to tell someone that the van worked enough to go home with it. Caught up to Lynne after she had been there about 10 minutes… just served her first coffee… after I escorted her home by cab and kept walking two minutes to my place… I do have to get her walking more as the weather improves… I shovel snow to keep loose, her method is to sit and watch TV… ha. ha… Today she is supposed to be out to socialize and exercise a bit on her own…

@TerriB Yes… that is warm… I saw that there are large wildfires in Tasmania (as I remember the news story on TV) Wild weather there but it is their Summer vs our Winter… wonder if and when it will get that hot up our way… or even the USA… who already seem to be seeing hotter summers.


You didn’t have to give me an explanation, Doug. I was just kidding. My wife wouldn’t have waited for me in such a situation - especially if she was really hungry. Of course she would feel bad about heading out without me. Yea, I believe that! :rofl:

Woke up this morning to everything a sheet of ice. With all the rain and snow melt, anything that was wet became a coating of ice. The hill (street) was glazed over and a lot of cars were sliding down or tires spinning going up - until the town truck came down through. That part of my driveway that was flooded ankle deep drained beautifully once I dug through the snow bank and made a path across the lawn to the catch basin. The stone driveway sparkled this morning in the sun with just a fine coating of ice on the stones. The sparkle is long gone as the snow melt resumes and water is slowly making its way across the driveway. At least it won’t get deep like it was before. One winter I didn’t dig through the snow bank and we had about 6"/15 cm of ice across the driveway that had to be chopped and pushed across the driveway and into the gully. It took 4 of us (me, my wife and 2 neighbors) almost 45 minutes of grunt work to clear the ice. Definitely won’t let that happen again!

Overnight temperature had only dropped down to 30F/-1C, but by noon it had risen to 38F/3C. It’s partly sunny and a mild breeze (4 mph/6 kph) with light gusts blowing so it’s pretty nice out. The breeze should help some areas to dry. The high today… I think we’ve already reached. The cloud cover has increased and the temperature dropped 2 degrees F and is currently 36F/2C and steady.
Tonight’s overnight low to be 15F/-9 and tomorrow’s high to be 28F/-2C.


@Jim7 Consider me your early weather warning…

Last night, forecasters said we will be at -40F (minus 40) windchill on Wednesday. I think I just heard local people lose their upper dentures! Move over “Drop the mic”.


:laughing: You reminded me of the time one of the older guys I worked with. We were having lunch at the town garage and he sneezed. Sent his dentures flying across the floor! :rofl: When it was suggested he have them refit so he wouldn’t lose them again, he replied - he sometimes comes up with stuff that I say - “Nah! I’ll just go back to the funeral home and get another set.” :laughing: Then he looked at me and winked. Without saying anything I just nodded in approval. :grinning:
Here’s what our forecast has - for now… But what is weird is that for 1/31, they show 4F in the graphic, but in the line graph below it where I marked “5 AM” it shows -1F. OMG! I just realized our anniversary is the 29th! I think I better come up with an idea about something for my bride of 47 years. :hushed:

  1. Believe the cat, not the chart.

  2. Better not bring her Flying Dentures. lol


Cagey, your area and the mid-west made our 3 PM news. I heard on the radio that the mid-west is going into a deep freeze with wind chills down as low as -50F/-45C. Keep your fur on… and any you can scrounge up from your 8 other lives. :smiley_cat:
Edit: It’s almost down to freezing already… 33F/0.5C at 3:30 PM.


Told ya so.

I gotta get the kitchen bay window covered, but I can’t (physically) do it. Will need to cover back door, too.


There isn’t anyone around - even close by - that can do that for you? Is there a senior citizens center around where you could call and get someone to come down and do that for you?

I told my wife this is the first time in 42 years where I didn’t get the apron and the front part of the driveway completely bared. It’s really bugging me that there is still one knee-high snow bank running down the driveway. Right now this part of the driveway and the apron is only about 1-1/2 car widths wide. It’s supposed to be 3 car widths wide! And the snowbanks on the front walk on either side of what is cleared from the walk and apron is still over waist high… and now frozen. I’m not touching that - even not going to try to chip away at it little by little. Back is still aching from when I wrenched it when I slipped the other day. Have to save my back for tomorrow when Olivia and Eva come down for a “sleep-over”. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s a shame we can’t have Brianna come down also, but I think her mother would be “lost” at home without her. :grinning: You know how moms are when their 1-year old isn’t around - jubilant? :laughing: Nah… she’d miss her baby. Maybe next year. :thinking: :grinning:

And to stay on topic, it dropped down to freezing (32F/0C) at 4:30 PM, it’s now slowly going below freezing. No more water running through the stones in the driveway.


Jim, I already called for help for Monday. If not, I’ll force J2 to help me. It’s 70" across, but it’s the height that is the problem (from ceiling to about hip level, meaning climbing a ladder which I can’t do anymore). I can’t afford a real fall.