2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Don’t do anything that could cause you to fall. You have enough problems already. Have J2 do the climbing. Monday is a long way away when the temperatures are already going to be cold before that.
I just looked at the weather radar and there’s a snow storm entering Illinois and heading your way! Looks like more snow for you. That must be the stuff we’re supposed to get next week? :thinking: Seems like that should only take a day to a day and a half to get to me - unless it’s extremely slow moving. Still some broken snow clouds streaking across New York from the Great Lakes. But everything seems to be moving due east and of course… north of me. :roll_eyes:


We saw this one on our news…

Weather - -13 C -21 WC (-5F ) we are under a Special Weather statement



:laughing: My wife and saw that from down at the riverfront. It was one of the “Day Liners” - takes people on short cruises from Albany down to Coeymans and back. Some of the cruises run farther down the river before coming back, depending upon the itinerary. From the riverfront we can see the bridge that takes vehicle traffic over the river also. The railroad bridge in immediately on the “up river” side of this. A short while before this ship broke loose, I watched a cargo ship go down river (on its own power (no tug)). Once they retrieved the cruise ship, a tug pushed a barge up river. I wonder if that had to wait.
It was relaxing to watch the ice flowing down river on the tide today. Sometimes ice from one side to the other, and once in a while large open spaces in it. The other day a cargo ship went down and I could hear the ice crunching as the ship plowed through it - from my house! I on’t think the Coast Guard ice breaker has had to do much so far this year. The river has been relatively ice free for most of the season so far. Just keeping our fingers crossed we don’t get hit with an ice jam and everything floods. A lot of areas aren’t that much higher than the river. But such ice jams are fairly rare.


Temperatures are warmer however it came with a blizzard!!!
-13 C -21 WC (-5 F)…
It started snowing lightly during the early morning and is steadily getting heavier. … I wouldn’t doubt we make that 10 - 20 cm (3-7 inches)

EDIT: highways are starting to become a mess, travel only if necessary alerts, and central to southern half of the province will have 70 -90 kph (43-55 mph) winds will cause zero visibility on the highways.


Supposed to snow from 9 AM until around noon, then change to rain until around 5 or 6 PM Sunday. Here’s our forecast for the next week. It one of those back and forth weeks… sunny but cold one day, then cloudy but warm the next, then the cold returns. Snow, then clearing, but the cold comes back and we don’t get back over the freezing mark until the 4th of February. As you can, only a tease of snow. :unamused:



We are under a wind warning however it was warmed up substantially in the night…hence the freezing rain that has covered most of the highway systems…but snow is expected today again.

3 C -4 WC (24 F) :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Temperatures will drop as the day wears on and snow will move in…over the ice…Monday commute should be a fender bender! :unamused:


It started snowing at 10:05 this morning. Only received 0.1"/0.25 mm the first 20 minutes. Haven’t checked to see what it’s up to… the granddaughters are still here. :laughing: Winds have picked up with some fairly strong gusts… enough to make you turn your back to it. Birds and squirrels making a mad dash to eat before everything gets covered. Hoping for 3"/7.6 mm - the upper of the 1-3".


Just as I posted it started to get noisier outside…sure enough winds are NW 45-50 kph gusting to …69 kph (42 mph) and it is raining/snow shower…oh the weather…how it defines our day!
:open_mouth::open_mouth::unamused::unamused::worried::worried:…what next!


:thinking: Slush? :laughing:


Changing by the minute from snow blowing to slushy roads, walkways, etc. :wind_face::snowflake::cloud_with_rain: Freezing rain right now, -4 C -14 WC winds N47 kph doesn’t seem to be as gusty…but out in the open of the highway must be sticking to the roads and most “Travel is not recommended”.


So much for our snow. Supposed to get between 1" and 3"/2.5-7.6 cm and all we got was 0.2"/5 mm! Then the clouds broke up, the sun is shining for the most part or when the clouds do come back… strong filtered sun. The temperature has shot up to 38.1F/3.4C and still going up! My snow! :grimacing: We haven’t received any rain yet. They said the snow was going to change over to rain for a few hours, but so far nothing. They are still saying the wintry mix will end around 6:15 PM. :roll_eyes:


I put the heat up for last night. This AM, got too warm. Up to 23F. Headed to 39F for Monday. Go figure!

Weds - Thurs still supposed to be 8F and 3F plus windchill. Winds predicted at 10mph… doubt we’ll get that -40 windchill. Who knows. Last I heard, -25 on Wed Thurs into Fri.


On a run of nice weather… clear sunny with some clouds… around 0C + / - a few… and light winds…
Not sure I will count on that much… but I’ll take it… managed to find time today to clear some drainage as the snow and ice are melting slowly…

I’ll state since I’m here that the van is still working fine after several days… so I think that is now closed for the time being…

My neighbour came up with a mystery for me… just before dark yesterday he spotted something ‘gold’ coloured in the creek across the street… he wondered what it was… I took a photograph or two and was able last night to ID it was an older Nintendo 3ds xl (older style, dang it) someone is missing…
This morning we set out to get it out… and I adapted some reaching poles… one with a net and one with a metal protrusion to try and move the thing around… due to the really strong current right there it wasn’t happening… needed to tweak the design… but I was running out of time… today was Lynne Day for her travels and meal etc… plus a few things that didn’t get done for other reasons… ha.
So now being in close proximity to it I used one of the poles to steady me and with a measured 4 inch shallow and 6 inch deep spot… I said to heck with it and stepped in (10 inch wellies rubber ) grabbed it and stepped out using one pole to push on the stream bed to help me up on the ice step…

HaH… Of course now I’m stripping it down slowly to get the gravel out… and to dry and clean it… hoping that it might yet work… looks good so far, but it was on the stream bed for at least 24 hours…
Don’t think they are even water resistant, but haven’t found that much inside yet… so who knows…

Got to run… I need sleep and this is my night…


After all of the howling winds (64 kph was our strongest) freezing rain, snow, our temperatures dove to the deep freeze again. -18 C -27 WC (-16 F) The sun is actually suppose to come out today. Temperatures will continue to drop to -32 C (-25 F) by evening, as the winds pick up again this afternoon.

Weather related:


Surprise! Woke up to about a centimetre or less of fresh snow… not in our forecast… but always possible. Still mild and still calling for partly cloudy later… Got to check to see how @Jim7 has been making out… our news was making large noises about a big dump up near the Watertown NY area… but that is in the lake effect zone… just like we are in a snow shadow this year…
I just did the walks here to prevent ice forming… 5 minute job… now breakfast time. and coffee…


Here in upstate New York our temperature dropped to 12F/-11C. At 9 AM when I first went outside it was up to 18F/-7.8C thanks to clear sunny skies. However, the wind is making it feel a little bit colder. High today is expected to be around 23F/-5C. Overnight tonight the low will once again be 12F/-11C. Tomorrow the temperature will get a little above the freezing mark and that’s when the snow arrives - 3"-6"/7.6-15 cm… a “baby” snowfall. (I like the big drops in case you didn’t know. :laughing:)

Some time during the wee morning hours some clouds must have passed over the Albany International Airport as they’re showing they got 0.3"/7.6 mm of snow. Of course nothing here and we’re just 20-25 miles/32-40 km south. I’m wondering how our friends (and ex-neighbors) up at the mountain lake in central NY are faring. Last year in the middle of a big snowstorm, they lost power and couldn’t get the generator to fire up. And it was “Brrrrr cold” as my youngest granddaughter says. That particular night their overnight temperatures was down in the -10F to -15F (-12C to -26C) range (without wind chill). Ah, the joys of living on a mountain top lake. Want a cold shower in the summer? Jump into the lake! It never gets warm. :laughing:

Looking forward to adding a little more of that white stuff that makes winter “winter.” :wink:


Jim… it was +1F this morning. Going to 30s but…

Plunge to -5 night. Weds-Thurs supposed to be downright frigid! Thanks Canada cold fronts :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: They’re lowing my snow down to 2"-5"/5-12.7cm! Not fair! Up north is going to get more! Arrrgh! :laughing: Currently at 1:35 PM we’re sitting at 24F/-4C. Not going to get too much warmer as the temperature usually starts dropping around 3 PM - sometimes before that.


Earlier that snowfall warning and snow storm heading into Ontario dipped down your way, maybe it is now staying up north! They are forecast for 10-15cm (3-5 inches) of snow!

We are currently -17 C -29 WC (-20 F) so much for a warm up. The sun is out, but the winds are sweeping snow across the roads. They are suppose to die down by evening.



Snow was a washout again this evening…it got rained on :unamused:
But it looks like we’re in for some…but I won’t get too excited :roll_eyes:
I don’t like the minuses though, that’s just too darn cold enough :face_with_raised_eyebrow: