2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


I had one of those before - years and years ago. I left a 6-pack on the side porch “to get it nice and cold” is how I said it. Of course I forgot and by the time I went out to get it, every can was full of beer slush. Poured out sort of chunky. :laughing: Didn’t taste quite like a simple cold beer. :neutral_face:

So the storm is over for you then? Our barometer is still falling. Currently at 29.64" and dropping every 10 minutes or so. Still snowing… have about 3"/7.6cm on the ground. It’s not supposed to end until around 12:45 AM, but that time always changes - sometimes later, sometimes earlier. Now if I can just get my wife not to help me shovel. She made a snowbank all along the gully and I had to shovel the snow over that and into the gully where it “disappears.” As soon as I talked her into going back inside I went along the edge and shoveled the snowbank down into the gully. :shushing_face: Now when I go back out after the snow stops, I don’t have to lift the shovels full of snow so high and throw it up high, just lift slightly and toss. :wink: (I learned that all on my own when we had to clean intersections in the spring. With the tailgate down on a dump truck, we’d have to sweep the sand into large piles, then shovel it onto the back of the truck. I always started by throwing it toward the front of the box, but one guy would keep on making a pile across the back of the truck. Then everyone had to throw the sand even higher to get it over his pile. (Got the foreman to give him an “easy” job on another crew. Then no one on this crew had to kill themselves shoveling heavy wet sand. :sweat_smile:

One good thing is that the winds are calm, it’s a balmy 28F/-2C and the snow looks beautiful both on its way down and on the ground. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Before heading to bed I have to make sure I shovel beneath the pine tree and toss out some more seed. I’m sure the deer will get to it first, but they don’t get it all. :grinning:


Nooooooooo not over, just starting. BP keeps going down, then rising again, then down. Tomorrow will be worse.

Mother Nature is having a fit.

I’m so cold. brrr


Now they’re saying our snow should end at 12:30 AM, and after a reprieve, snow again in the afternoon/evening. :laughing: Then 3 days of part sun… then 3 or 4 days of rain! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: My snow will be gone… again! :unamused:

Edit: I just looked back at the snowfall amounts as it has been coming down. The rate is at 0.2"/0.5cm every 20 minutes. And now they say it will end at 12:15 AM. (I told you that time always changes!)


I had a dental appointment today which is in the next town over, didn’t even consider the snow. The roads here were gritted but just as I crossed the towns border I noticed the roads weren’t gritted there, I was entering a thick fog as well as heavy snow, I was a stretch of country road with several hair-pin bends so there was no turning back. My nerves were shot by the time I parked up and crossed the road. Stupid me put on a pair of boots with absolutely no grip on them :confounded: But I made it there and back again in one piece and without incident :roll_eyes:
So my hubby asked me again this evening: “you’re not going out anywhere tomorrow…are you?” :laughing:


9:10 PM: My wife told me a woman from Buffalo, NY just posted that schools in Buffalo will be closed until next Monday due to the snow and the -30F/-34C for the next few days. I bet @EmeraldEyes would love having her kids home from school for a week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And maybe her son would finally get to “play” with the scammers on the phone. :wink:


So glad to hear you made it without a fall!! Not what you would need in your healing process.


So what did you say while you were trying to get circulation back into your white knuckles? I can just imagine your face as you traveled down the road. When my wife drives in that kind of situation, her eyes are bugging out of her head, a white knuckled grip on the steering wheel - and heaven forbid… don’t talk to her while she’s driving! :laughing:


Yep, that’s me, white knuckles, clenched teeth, don’t talk to me, even the radio can be an unwelcome distraction :laughing: I think it must be an age thing, I never used to be like this :thinking:

-2C (32F) This morning and we had more snow overnight…on top of the frozen stuff last night:roll_eyes: Feeling guilty pushing my 3 out this morning whilst I’m tucked up cosy and warm at home. My hubby left an hour earlier, he walks the two and a half miles into town to the station.
Just got a text from my son to say the main roads are pretty clear this morning. So it’s just the minor residential roads the council are ignore due to their cost cutting measures. So I might just go out later and clear the car and drive just in-case :wink:

But our couple of inches of snow are merely a minor dusting by comparison to what’s going on over your’s and Terri’s side of the pond with the polar vortex reallycold and -45 degree temps temperature%20plumets reported all over the news this morning :grimacing:
I’m feeling icy chills forming around me just thinking about it icecube
Oh, hang on…that might just be that the heating’s gone off Shivering2 better go put it back on again :laughing:

Looks like the sun is trying to burn through the fog now :smile:

You guys take care, keep safe, keep warm and stay indoors ItsSnowing%20Outside


I’ve gone into hibernation…doing as little outside as possible. So far my vehicle has started each time I have gone out…so that is good! This morning -24 C -36 WC (-32 F). We are out of the Extreme Cold warnings but now need a warm up, which looks like Thursday…but for the day only…and then we head back into the cold. Our core temperatures starting Sunday will be in the -30’s and then windchill. Most likely we will be back in the -45 range…:unamused::disappointed:


Windchill -22F

Heat set 75F but “feels like” 55F inside.

Turned on the kitchen hot water last night to rinse a few dishes. Took a full 5 minutes of icy cold water to come through before the hot water came. Brrrr. Mind you, those pipes cross to the opposite basement “side”, then at least 12-15 feet to an unheated crawl space, then up about 2-3 feet. Brrrr

Feet are ice cold again. Gonna wrap up and nap for a while. Keep warm @TerriB It’s coming for ya @Jim7 teeth-chattering cold.


-13C this morning… cloudy at the moment and the radar now shows that we are going to catch some snow starting in an hour or so… and continuing on and off til noonish… I looked, but it doesn’t look like @TerriB will catch any of it or little today… but we only cover to1:30 or so MST… so 2:30 CST there.
at that time the edge of the snow cloud will be over to North Battleford and drifting south…
We are looking at a bunch more over the weekend though so I’m hoping for some warm sunny time to loosen things up in the ice regard… they love stopping up drains with snow and ice at our works dept. but they did come in and scrape a lot of it away… and plow it into the gutter by the catchbasin… of course.


So I should tell her she’s getting old? :thinking: Nah… she’s 2 months younger than I am. I used to tell her I married a spring chicken. :laughing: :wink:

Just don’t start it and say “good, it starts”, and shut it off. That will knock your battery down faster than the birds eat all the seed I set out every day - several times. Stay inside unless absolutely necessary.

Sounds like those pipes are not insulated. The hot water loses a lot of heat running through cold pipes like that, having to heat the pipes before they’re warm enough to let the “good stuff” through. :grinning: I have to have both hot and cold water pipes insulated in my basement. In the summer the cold water pipes sweat so much they drip (a lot) all over everything. An old timer - when he and his wife came down to visit and play card games in the summer - would tell me every time how cold our water was. Must be all the trees shading the ground over the water main and the service line coming in.
At our son’s house, the bathtub and shower the girls use for their nightly baths is upstairs and the farthest away from the water heater. My DIL is always complaining about how long it takes for the water to get warm. And I’m always telling her there’s a lot of cold water in the line that has to be pushed out before the hot water reaches the faucet. Doesn’t seem to sink in. I think it’s just because she has no patience. Everything has to be instantaneous for her. I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum… laid back, tons of patience, and I can wait for hours if I have to. :smiley:

Always keep your feet warm. How would you be able to run around the house with cold feet? :smirk_cat:

Now as to the weather… Snowfall amounts varied by region and locally. Our total snowfall here was 6.4"/16.3 cm. Nice fluffy stuff which was easy to shovel - except for out by the street which was slush and salt encrusted… and heavy. Went out twice to shovel, getting half done the first time (but not the car) and the second time started out at the apron of the driveway and worked my way in, pushing the snow into the gully. I got a little over 1/3 of it done before deciding to clear the front walk across the driveway. That was over twice as deep from the plow. That was a mistake. By the time I clear that heavy snow my lower back politely told me I was finished - and it was only 1:10 AM! I had only been shoveling for 2 hours (the second time).
Overnight low only dropped to 16F/-8.9C and it was calm all night last night. A breeze came up between 3 & 4:30 AM… enough to get the big wind chimes going. This morning started out mostly sunny with strong filtered sun, but by 9:45 AM most of the clouds have move out. The sun is shining, there is the slightest of a breeze, so it’s a beautiful day. Current temperature at 10:07 AM is 20F/-6C. Wish I could send these conditions to @TerriB and @cageycat.
This afternoon we’re supposed to get snow showers (1 PM) and our high is supposed to be 25F/-3.9C. Winds will be picking up with sustained winds between 15-25 mph/24-40 kph. Overnight low tonight of -4F/-20C with the wind dying down to 5-10 mph/8-16 kph so the wind chill won’t be bad. :sweat_smile:


The pipes are insulated… with those foam tubes that I sent down the line as far as I could. Reminds me… wonder if anyone plugged in the heat wrap above the work bench for the water main? hmmm not sure if I can get down there to check.

You just keep your cold temps, we got enough. I can see the plastic on the kit bay window “breathing” today… suck out… blow in…

Cannot wait – 50F on Saturday.


Just finished spending 2 hours shoveling. Got everything done except for about 15’ of the driveway up near the carriage house - parking for two cars side by side. Shoveled (again) a wide path up to the door beneath the porch for the oil man… Oh no! I didn’t shovel a path over to the cooking gas bottle! Will have to do that before the sun goes down… wouldn’t want to catch a chill. :rofl: Our high reached 28F/-2C and stayed there for a good 35-40 minutes, then the clouds started moving in and the temperature began its slow descent. The sunny and clear skies was nice while it lasted. Water was dripped off everything with the sun beating it. Now all of that will freeze. :expressionless: Currently at 1:22 PM it’s cloudy and overcast with bands of snow moving in. According to the radar they’re not too far away - where my wife was born in Gilboa, NY near the Schoharie Reservoir. Snow squalls to continue until around 6:30 PM. Tonight it goes down to -4F/-20C (without any wind chill). Things should be “crunchy” come morning. :wink:


It is heading for us…


Currently -22 C -33 WC (-27 F) … they are forecasting only 1 cm of snow. It seems to be moving southeast and we may end up just getting the edge of it.

Kyle tells it how it is in the cold:


The NWS issued a Wind Advisory for us from 2 PM until 10 PM tonight. Winds of 15-25 mph/24-40 kph with gusts of 50 mph/80 kph. And some bands of snow are approaching… just about 30 minutes away. TV meteorologist said the squalls could be heavy. I remember some years back when we were forecast for “scattered snow squalls” and got dumped on - 6"/15cm in a little over an hour. Then high winds blew the snow, drifting it across the roads which caused multiple accidents. People don’t seem to slow down when they can’t see the road and will plow right into snow drifts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@TerriB So far we are past the ending time for the clouds… and not even a small dusting here… warming up a wee bit though and the sun is trying to poke through…

Side note… I’m happy with the van so far… going to run over and extend the quarterly insurance… won’t do a full term until I’m very happy… so far it has cost just under a dollar a kilometer… for insurance… ha !


Great news!!! Glad it has all worked out well!!!

It is sunny right now…but I can see clouds to the east…so I would imagine those are the ones that are bringing the snow.


It just started snowing about 5 minutes ago - a white out! As I was looking out the window (debating whether I should shovel a path to the cooking gas bottle) visibility went from me being able to see the island in the river to not being able to see half-way down the street! :laughing: Before I looked out the window, I was at my laptop and noticed it was getting dark very quickly. That’s what made me get up to look out. It looks like “white rain” but is being blown sideways at times. Not going to do that shoveling in this… not even going out to move our car (that’s what I call our Honda Pilot (small SUV)) back close to the house. I’ll clean it off when this is done and move it back afterward.

Edit: Okay… 20 minutes later and the snow squall passed. Received 0.1"/2.5mm of snow. But during this event, the temperature dropped from 24F/-4C to 19F/-7C. That was quick! And it’s still dropping fast. I guess it doesn’t want to wait to get down to -4F/-20C that’s supposed to be our overnight low. Now they say the snow squalls should end around 7 PM (one hour later than originally stated). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My wife just told me there was a 21-vehicle pile-up on the New York State Thruway near Batavia. A NYS Trooper was also injured in the pile-up. They must have had a white out out there also. I decided not to go out and clean off the car and move it back. There are 24 slate-colored juncos and a pair of chipping sparrows all trying to eat before it gets dark. They can eat… the car can wait. :wink:
Although the snow stopped for now, the wind is still howling at times, and the temperature is still dropping fast. It’s going to be a cold night for anyone venturing outside. :cold_face: