2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


It warmed up -15 C wc -19 C (-2 F) however that comes with a Winter Storm Watch…10 - 20 cm snow…Friday we head back into the cold temperatures. -28 -31-37 C we can look forward to in the next week, plus windchill.

Our weather lately is comparable to Russia’s Vostok Station in Antarctica…although I hope to never get to their coldest temperatures…

“The lowest natural temperature ever directly recorded at ground level on Earth is − 89.2 °C (− 128.6 °F ; 184.0 K ) at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983 by ground measurements”


Looks like ours is holding, but there are variances between sources… -9C / 15.8F and cloudy but warming a it…
Should get close to 0C later… maybe… Now looks like tomorrow will be either snowy with 1 to 4cm but warmer… or alternating rain / snow and warmer or intermittent rain and warmer… hmmm can we choose?

Anyway the rest of the weekend is for snowy and heading colder as forecast before…

Radar shows a bunch of stuff heading into SK and a bit in the Midwest as snow but projections are flaky as we know… Lets just say that the edges of the Vortex cold zone are highly variable depending on what it runs into on the other side of the boundary. Good luck with it.

@EmeraldEyes Yes to the hoax story, but that sort of thing does get people thinking about the possibilities in extreme cold weather situations… but is not the best way to do it.


The usual weather forecast…they cannot seem to get it right lately!


I guess that the Vortex has them running in circles trying to get it right!:rofl:


so true…:rofl::smiley::smile::smiley::rofl::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face::wind_face:
I’m hoping we are out of it. Extreme cold warnings only on East side, snow on west side.


I would be too! Shame on that guy spreading “fake news” (lies)! Something like that is not funny at all. Imagine if a lot of people took it upon themselves to go out into this bitter cold looking for homeless people “to save” - and end up frostbitten or worse for their fruitless effort. That person’s Twitter account should be terminated! :angry:

As for the cold… Usually when we get an oil delivery we shut the furnace off so any sediment in the bottom of the tank doesn’t get sucked through the filter and shorten the filter’s life… or plug it up causing the furnace to shut down. This morning when I told my wife the oil company was here, she shut off the furnace while I went outside to unlocked the door under the porch where the tank is. Later, as I was going through the forum posts my shoulders and back started to feel a little chilly. I looked at the thermometer in the kitchen and it was showing 69F/20.5C instead of 72F/22C. Switching channels I saw the basement temperature had dropped down from the usual 71-72F to 62F/16.6C. Checking the remote shut down switch at the top of the basement stairs I found it was still shut off! Arrrgh! Now the furnace will be running non-stop for over an hour to bring the entire house back to @Helen’s “beach” weather. :wink:

We woke up to -5.6F/-20.9C this morning, but no wind - just a slight breeze with mild gusts. I actually sat out on the porch in the sun (clear sky) for 15 minutes drinking my coffee (which did get cold fast) and watching the birds eat the different kinds of seeds I through out this morning.

Currently at 1:24 PM it’s shot up to 9.7F/-12C. They say our high may be as high as 14F/-10C. My wife hopes so. It doesn’t really make a difference to me either way. I’ve got nodding to do! :laughing:


Well, with weather like this
(and yes, it is snowing as I type this), where am I going to want to be?!? :desert_island::sunglasses:
Hint: NOT at the beach! I live close to a beach (of sorts)…

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