2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Well now… I’m just heading for bed… and I bet you went a while back… or should…

Just had a look around the radars… nothing on ours of note… bet we get clobbered…

Speaking of which the Eastern coast of US and inland shows one of those massive rain bands coming north at your way… our time projects 4 to 5 am which would be 6 to 7 your time roughly… shows a wide band of rain pushing what the radars says is snow or similar ahead of it… but warming in your area… I bet it’s all water though… good luck with that… meanwhile I’m trying to figure out what happened to our blizzard warnings… another fizzle I think… but I can see where it did drop a lot… just not here…


I’m still awake. Our local forecast was for the rain to originally start around 4:15 AM, but then they moved it up to 3:15. I just looked at the radar and the front - freezing rain - is only about 2 miles/3 km southeast of me. The rain is right behind that. The temperature has been hovering at freezing (32.0F/0C to 32.9F/0.5C) for the past several hours. Winds are calm, 80% humidity, BP of 29.14. I have to look outside at this moment because now the radar shows the freezing rain directly overhead. Checking… Yup! There’s a light freezing rain falling at this moment. It should be all rain within an hour or a little less. Depending upon how slippery it is between 9 and 10 AM will decide whether I bother to go to the Post Office for my mail. Anything can always wait until Monday. :grinning:

Edit: As of 4:33 AM we now have 0.79"/20 mm of freezing rain. Looks like it should change to all rain within the next 10 minutes… then rain for several more hours. :roll_eyes:


Hopefully your temps have gone up @Jim 7 and that is wet rain and not freezing!

Currently -9 C -14 WC (6 F) …our forecast to Tuesday is about the same, and then we take that “cold dip” again into the -20 's. After the warm weather we had this week, that should make for some bumpy frozen roads and icy spots on the sidewalks and driveways. More sand and salt!!!

Remember earlier in the year we talked about the city trying wood chips on the roads Apparently they are trying this on some of the industrial area roads. I haven’t seen it so far. Would be interesting to note whether they work like sand and salt, whether there are run off complications - does it jam the catch basins, etc.


It did… after getting 0.79"/20 mm of freezing rain (they said we’d get a glazing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). By 11:00 AM we had received 1.25"/31.75 mm of rain. Currently there’s a lull with just a drizzle falling. The rain isn’t supposed to end until around 3:45 PM. Current temp is 37F/2.8C, BP is 29.02" with 92% humidity. It would have been much nicer if this were that lovely white stuff! :wink: :laughing:

I would think that wood chips would absorb moisture and become slick themselves. As for catch basins, it would indeed wash into and eventually plug up or at the least have an impact on the water flow through the pipes. A good “flushing” amount of rainfall and/or melt run would force most of it down through the pipes, but it all ends up at the end of the line where it would most likely build up. They can also build up in ditches, restricting water flow as well. If enough builds up at the intake side of a culvert, the water - always finding the path of least resistance - can run over the pipe and expose it, or wash out the edge of the road, or run across the road. Sometimes simple solutions raise complicated problems as in more maintenance of ditches, culverts and catch basins. Either way, wood chips will take time to break down, but before they do they’ll collect and build up somewhere and will have to be dealt with in the end.
As a side note: Even with sand, we used to have to go around every spring and clean up the built up sand in the intersections of roads at the bottom of hills, in dips, along the edges of roads, and eventually the ditches - every spring. This chore also tied up a couple of the crew into early summer. The material usually cannot be reused as aggregate the next winter because of all of the debris that gets swept up along with it, but most of it is reused as packing around new culvert pipe installations, among other uses.


I agree. I think initially they may have thought they had a “green solution”…however the complications as far as the catch basins, further downstream etc. could be a major problem.


One other possible problem is if the wood chips get contaminated with road salt. That would render them useless for reusing for planting. That would only spread the salt over a wider area. :grimacing:


Currently -5 C -13 WC (8.6 F) The winds picked up during the night and howled!! Currently SE 32 kph.
We are forecast for snow today, so if the winds stay up it will make for slick snow drifted roads out in the country.
Snow is in the forecast for Monday also.


Snow? What’s that? :thinking:


@Jim7 Wait a bit… you are due for some… at least your area is shown to be ‘expecting’.

I woke up to a good dusting that I didn’t see on the record last evening… but as always, it’s the mountains and it can be quite local… coming or going.

@TerriB seems to be getting more… and for a while as well… to come that is…

We are again going to straddle the 0 C mark for a while… but not by much, so flurries and minor amounts it will be. for now… Of course today is our regular trip to the Health Unit for someone I know… ha. Just for some minor things… but weekly… so it is my day to relax and drive… not sure how that works… but then who does.?


I see from the Southeast that wind is pushing more our way. Off and on, shouldn’t be much of accumulation, but will make those sidewalks and roads slick now that we went through that “thaw freeze cycle”. Seems this is going to be how our winters go from now on…less severe temperatures, more days with above 0 C temps and then plunge back into the -20 C . Climate change. Although it seems like a good thing, less cold, overall it has major effects on our industries … farming being the main one.

EDIT: I see Coquihalla is getting yet another winter storm…80 kph winds and 15 cm snow! That will stop travellers on that road again!

SECOND EDIT: 5:20 p.m. we are now under a Special Weather Statement for Monday…70 kph winds with snowfall!!! Blowing snow and cold temps! roads will be terrible…not going out of town tomorrow!


Our day wasn’t too bad. It reached a high of 44.4F/6.9C with a lot of sun in the AM. Shortly after noon the clouds started moving in with earnest and the winds picked up considerably - 15-25 mph/32-48 kph. We did get a brief snowfall that left a dusting on everything - for about 20 minutes or less… thank you wind for blowing that away. :roll_eyes: As the sun started to set the clouds slowly decreased and by 8:30 PM it was clear, breezy with some strong gusts. By midnight the temperature had dropped down to 23F/-5C, but felt like 15F/-9C.
After midnight the winds started to die down a lot (10-15 mph/16-24 kph), but there’s still those gusts that make if feel cool. At 1:30 AM the temperature is 21F/-6C and the wind chimes are still making music! :laughing: Overnight temperature is supposed to be 16F/-8.9C. The high for tomorrow (Monday) should be 28F/-2C. And to think my wife wants me to do some yard work. :laughing: Not going to happen! I picked up all the fallen limbs and branches today, but don’t tell her! :shushing_face: :wink:


By 4:33 a.m. we had a Blowing Snow Advisory: The winds have already started but their speed has been downgraded from yesterday’s forecast:

“A cold front will bring strong northwest winds of 40-50 km/h and blowing snow to much of southern Saskatchewan today and tonight. Blowing snow will develop from west to east beginning later this morning. Visibility will be reduced to 800 metres or less in blowing snow. Travel is expected to be hazardous due to reduced visibility in some locations.”

So a “Stay where you are” day! Many of the school buses in the rural areas will not run today. Traffic on the highways, country roads, will be reduced, Semi trucks will still go unless the roads become slick or their visibility is affected, then they will hunker down also. Already there are many Highway advisories from the west side of the province.

For the kids, a day off school if their buses do not run, and this was their first day back to school after Christmas holidays!

Currently - 4 C -12 WC (10 F) Winds are WNW 32 kph. Windchills later in the day will reach -30 C (-22 F)


Freezing rain / snow / sleet mix. Cold, but climbing to 46F.

Plastic ripped off my kitchen bay window. Gotta put it up on inside, if I can. Not so nimble climbing up on chairs and tables nowadays, and my cat persona cannot reach the ceiling.

hmmmmm Perplexing realities.

:older_woman: vs :cat:

Did I mention, I’m really again-sick. Again-sick comes just after
thought-it-was-better-Sick, but Ain’t-So-but-I’m-too=-busy-to-be-sick.


It has only been 2 h since I posted our weather…we have dropped in temps to -7 C -17 WC (1 F) :cold_face: since and winds have picked up to 36 kph…and snow showers…here we go! :worried:

5:20 p.m. CST -13 C -25 WC (-13F) Winds WNW 42 kph


Here in eastern New York we had a fairly nice day. While the overnight temperature was 16F/-8.9, it did go up to 24.8F/-4C… but in the past hour it’s dropped down to 23.9F/-4.5C. The morning was partly sunny with a mild breeze, but as the afternoon wore on more clouds have been moving in. At 3 PM it’s now cloudy & overcast. We’re expecting some snow tonight and into early tomorrow morning, but - as usual - it’s going to change into rain… and melt! :unamused: I wonder how cases of that spray snow I’ll have to buy in order to “dress up” the trees, hedges, porch railings and the lawn to make it look like winter and not just “feel” like winter. :thinking: :crazy_face: It would probably be cheaper just to rent a snow making machine and hook it up to the fire hydrant across the street. :laughing: :shushing_face:


Jan 8th: We got hit with 0.3"/7.6mm of sleet with very little snow mixed in when it first started coming down at 2 AM. It’s now 3:25 and it looks as though it’s winding down now. (My porch floor sounds very “crunchy” as I walk across it - kind of like the sound my neck makes when I tilt my head from side to side :laughing:). The winds are at 10-20 mph/16/32 kph and it feels cold although it’s currently 29F/-1.5C - up from a low of 23F/-5C at midnight. With the clouds moving out the temperature will be dropping again. Daytime high is to be 43F/6C and the winds are supposed to continue at 10-20 mph/16-32 kph. Guess I won’t be flying any kites today. :crazy_face:

Edit: 6:20 AM: I’m off to start my car and join several of my neighbors who are already scraping the ice off their windshields - and freeing their wipers. :roll_eyes:


Still slightly windy compared to yesterday … WNW 29 :wind_face: …that should settle down this morning. The southwest corner of the province had over 70 kph winds. … with the snow…like a wall across the highway.

Currently -16 C -27 WC (-17 F) :cold_face:mostly cloudy. This is our day time temp today, so I guess we have already reached it!!! It will be cold until Saturday.

As unusual as it is…Vancouver got snow last year also…Sea to Sky highway is to Whistler where I took the photos of Shannon Falls.

EDIT: 4:10 p.m. and our temp is slightly colder than this morning…-17 C -27 WC but winds are less at 23 WNW…bitter cold when you have to face the winds. Highways are better, but still very cold to be travelling.:scarf::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


Parts of Ohio and PA had small tornadoes around 11 am today. Mostly affected trees in rural areas.


We were forecast for light flurries over tonight and around -7 C… but a look at the current radar projections shows a huge area of snow, in parts heavy, approaching from the southwest… and the early flurries didn’t even show… remember what I said about not trusting forecasts of light flurries… I fear this is one of those… see you in the morning or not… but I will try not to laugh… it hurts to much… I’ll have to check out that PA storm… and I think it was almost in New York stat by the time I saw the first report this morning…


We’ve had rain since 11 PM last night… still raining and will continue into today, but changing to a heavy wet snow just before the morning commute. While the upper elevations will get anywhere from 4-8+ inches/10-20 cm of snow, we in the river valley are only forecast for a coating to up to 2"/0.5 cm. :unamused: The temperatures will be dropping throughout the week. Local TV stations have been giving tips on keeping your pipes from freezing. A meteorologist also noted that the coldest part of the winter we’ve had so far was actually back in November - technically still autumn! He said we’ll be matching and beating that cold. Glad this new vehicle has heated seats! :smiley: :laughing: Oh, so far we’ve received 0.18"/4.5mm of rain. BP is down to 28.85" with 95% humidity.

Edit: 3:30 AM: I just looked at the weather radar. The part of the storm with the snow and freezing rain is between 20-25 miles/32-40 km west of here an bearing down. The rain has slowed down considerably… the “calm before the storm”? :roll_eyes: