2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


@Jim7 I heard part of a news broadcast in your area saying there was some rain changing to freezing rain, black ice on the roads, and snow. How does it look this morning?

We are currently the same temperature -17 C - 27 WC (-17 F) but our winds have changed direction and have died down as the storm has passed. ESE 18 kph.


Only the higher elevations may have gotten it. We stayed too warm. Not even any snow - again.:sob:


Cannot imagine just rain all winter…although it was quite nice in Vancouver without snow on the lower elevations! :thinking: my future is without snow!

I’ve lived all my life in one of the provinces that has “winter”, could be a nice change! People say they miss the snow when they move, however, I bet if you asked them: Do you miss scraping your windshields? Do you miss windchills? Do you miss putting on multiple layers of clothes to go outside? Bulky boots? face masks? toques? They would ALL answer no…they just miss the “white stuff” that blankets the ground, especially during Christmas season…and then they could do without it! :slightly_smiling_face:



Cold and frosty this morning, currently at 4C (39F) but at least it’s dry . . . but the rain comes back on Saturday for the week :unamused:


Just getting up to go and deal with a bit of the flurry debris… lots of it this morning… not the <1cm forecast… but not as much as I’ve ever seen… on the other hand that was from a band that went through overnight… plus the one I described at supper time… OH radar shows another band in about an hour and another after that mid morning and another about an hour after that one… not to mention a storm moving up the west coast that could do the same in a few days… ha… flurries… thank heaven for the mountains to the west of us and south for that matter that milk the clouds… So… I might get some done before I have breakfast… and then start prepping to work on the van and Jimmy to get a better battery I hope… also found what might be a reset method minus a tow and dealer conspiracy… wish I had done better research… but it seemed a nice van.
and was til yesterday… ha…

Anyway it might get to @TerriB sometime… and it looks like @Jim7 is getting some visiting from Ontario in a while…

I also found out A reason my radar stays mostly clear of snow bands… the one version shows the results hourly… and that one last night hit only in between the bands of snow… thus the projection was only showing clear sky… the other updates every ten minutes or so… and shuts down while it updates… briefly, but I seem to look only when it is updating… thus clear until it is obscured… go figure… I still need new source of raw data… I bet the BLOB has vanished now… and normal has returned…

Got to get a small coffee and go do some exercise to wake up… then breakfast…

Edit: A little while was more like 3 hours… but moved a fair bit of snow… still not quite ready for vehicle work though… although part of what I was doing was access to the Jimmy and battery for removal… and use…
and part just helping folks clean out… their cars… got the building sidewalks clear before they got to be ice…

Now getting another coffee and my breakfast… and going back to it… with some overlap accessing the van again… good news it was more like 10 cm of snow or 4 inches… light and fluffy for now and moves easy…
the second band fizzled here a bit but there are more coming later on… the one big one is likely coming to Saskatoon a little bit… but according to the same radars that projected our second band… ha ha.
Albany seems ready to catch part of a band coming down from Kingston and I don’t see anything in the radar that says rain… but that is possible… but by that time it might be cool enough for snow… good luck to all.


Once our rain ended - had a few quick showers after I left to babysit - we finished up with 0.24"/6 mm, The rest of the morning was cloudy/overcast but was windy. By 2 PM the sun came out (partly sunny) and we had one very long and loud boom of thunder (they did forecast thunder between 2 & 3 PM). The sun stayed out until 4 PM and simply vanished again behind the clouds. Our high reached 40F/4.5C and has since dropped to 34F/1C, but the winds and high gusts are still here. Sustained winds of 30 mph/48 kph with gusts to 46 mph/74 kph make it feel like -12F/24C. No good for kite flying. :roll_eyes:.
A second system - albeit a broken one - is coming down from Ontario. Should start to affect us around… now. They did say at 5:30 PM, but nothing is falling yet. A quick look at the radar shows the snow to in the northwestern part of town, so I guess it’s going to be a little late on arriving. However, these snow bands are not that wide or as long as the last system - which was more of a big blue blob covering most of PA, NY and Ontario at the same time. These bands are shorter and narrower with some “dots” strewn in between for good measure. :laughing: Looks like someone trying to develop a design for wallpaper. :laughing:
Our overnight low tonight is supposed to be 28F/-2C but the wind chill - if the winds don’t die down - will make my coffee get cold very quickly when I step outside. :unamused: I’ll have to wait and see if we get any snow out of this second round before I believe it.


No doubt. This round you may see snow stay on the ground!

EDIT: Our winds picked up again and a few snow flakes fell. Currently -12 snow shower and -24 (-11 F) WC Winds are still blowing from ESE 37 kph.


:laughing: It’s got to reach the ground before it can stay on the ground. Nothing as of yet and they’re saying the system should finish passing through by 10:15 PM. Looks like another storm fizzled for me, but those to the north, west, south and east of me were all getting it. :confused: It’s like someone set a dome over me and the snow moves all around me. The rain always manages to drop on me. Good thing I wasn’t having a parade. :rofl:


You have had many snow showers around you lately that have not produced snow in your area…just lots of rain…


Just a quick report… we had about 10cm last night of snow… today it fizzled a bit, not very much as last night but about a <1cm as forecast… and now they think it will warm up and either melt or produce rain in places… sigh.

As for the ‘whether’ , good or bad got the battery disconnected on the van… but far from able to get it out… still a few secrets to that puzzle… outstanding… on the other side… the ‘good’… no power no locks… to tired to keep playing in between snow shoveling and excuses… but I did manage to test the key again… and the lock isn’t now… the steering can turn with the key in… and the gear shift lever will move, but no idea if the gear will actually shift… it is an automatic… still the Park setting only differs from neutral by the pawl pin preventing movement… so we need to test that… I’m hoping it will achieve neutral and park pawl off… it would make sense for that to happen if there was an emergency situation to move van away from… say this had happened in the middle of the highway… or a track… cut the cable and push… steering seems to be possible though…
I’m happy with progress though… but not GM engineers…


Our snow was not that much!!! I’m thinking about 2 cm …but with the winds it was hard to tell except for the snow drifts! Some shovelling to clear the sidewalks again. Doug hope you get dug out! and get your van going.

Currently -10 C -17 WC (1 F) a warm up of 10 C since last night! Wow that doesn’t happen very often. Maybe we are going to hit that warm up of -1 C by Saturday.

Weather across my country from 6 C to -26 C (42F to -14 F)


Ours wasn’t either! Zero… Zilch… Nada! - Just rain… But this morning around 8 AM it did start to snow with an expected ending time of 10:15 AM. The only problem is that it’s not reaching the ground around here, save for a few flurries. After 45 minutes we received a whopping 0.1"/2.5 mm which was immediately blown away by the 10-20 mph/32-58 kph wind. :unamused: I just may have to resign myself to admit the snow has forsaken me this year. :sob:
At 8:45 AM the temperature was 28.6F/-1.9C, 66% humidity and a BP of 29.06" - up from a low BP of 28.84" yesterday morning. Our expected high for today is to be 30F/-1C.
Edit: Overnight temperature tonight will be 16F/-8.9C, tomorrow’s high 23F/-5C and overnight tomorrow 13F/-10.5C. Not quite as cold as @Doug4 and @TerriB, but then again I am “down south” as compared to them! :smiley:


Just another quick report… @Jim7 we were cooler… but now starting this day at -2 and rising to low single digits for a week… mostly forecast as sunny and clear of precip… except for what THEIR radar shows coming toward us even today… so who knows whats happening and I still have other things to get done…
@TerriB is near Saskatoon, so a fair way further North than I am… I’m almost at 50 degrees Latitude… so like most Canadians not living in Southern Ontario… I’m in the southern part of the country… but hoping the coming melt goes slowly… will have to clear the only catch basin in the area later. and… note it doesn’t service our area… but clearing in does keep all that water from getting here as well… ours is about a kilometre to the east down the road with the plowed in gutters… even a bit of cold is terrible for ice that forms at night… and like I said it’s straddle 0C with small fluctuations… and I have things happening… like Lynne has an appointment… and I might have to take her by bus… ha… only because they don’t do sidewalks and bus stops very promptly and slush is almost worst than ice… I wouldn’t rest from worrying about her falling again… and landing in that slop… easier and less angst to take a break and just escort… which of course means shutting down and going on with that instead of car stuff… but I still have this morning to get some work…
No new snow since a flurry late yesterday… so that is minor… Did some more reading on it and I don’t see any major complaints about swapping the battery operation… just about the access due to bad design complexity… and many changes trying to fix a problem that is probably not that bad when you have done it once… but is hard to explain… or doesn’t exist in your vehicle just something worse… sigh…

Thankfully I like puzzles, but there are limits to time available…


I think it was my daughter’s Grand Jeep Cherokee that had a plastic bar at the back side of the battery that was bolted down - a hold-down clamp. The only problem was that I had to use a socket with a long extension in order to reach the bold head. It would have been so much easier if the clamp had tall sides and a top running between with a hole in the middle to run the socket down through. I think I prefer those hold-down clamps that went all the way around the top of the battery and had access holes for both the front and rear bolts. They were the easiest to take off and put back on - but then again, they used more plastic and cost more… especially with all the different battery sizes.

Hope you can get the van started soon. It’s awful working on such things in the cold and wind. Been there, done that, don’t miss it at all! :neutral_face: If you do have a long bolt to replace the existing short one, that could make it easier for future removal. Just have to find a way to anchor the top somehow. And a nut to thread up part way to provide the downward pressure at the hold-down clamp at the base. How you figure out a solution to that once you get the computers reset. Good luck and may Murphy and O’Toole (?) stay away from this job! :wink: :laughing:


Good to hear no new snow and warming up!! Yes tread safely on those sidewalks!
Hope the battery operation goes well!


just using the reply method for speed… going out…

Operation is going well, mostly access problems to remove the old one… strange installation set up…

On the good news… already above 0C and mostly sunny… just can’t work for a while.

Also… the transmission shift lever not only moves… but it does pull out the pawl and the van will roll…

and while rolling one can turn the wheels properly… tough steer but doable… and the brakes will stop it fine…

So I should be able to get it back to ‘home’ fairly easy… especially if I find my tow strap the parking is mostly level but my spot has a drainage grading of only a few degrees uphill… might be able to pad and push as well as tow…


Got nice and warm in the sun today… had to deal with escort duty as it were… the walking was still hard on someone… but we got done… while she was at appointment I met with one guy who was interested in Jimmy, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have that much… to buy… and that means likely not to get fixed up a bit… just for around town… ha.

Looks like the next few days will be perfect for winter repair efforts… warm sunny days and calm to boot… until Tuesday when it starts to change…

Should be able to easily vacate the ladies parking spot tomorrow… and at least make it down to nearer my spot if not into it… I think I have the jigsaw puzzle aspect of the Montana figured…I found two, not one set of nuts that need removing but by trying to move the fuse box, seem to be pivoting on that two poiints… so I’m going to loosen them off tomorrow morning if we don’t get any snow… or just a dusting… I also found there was an alternate spot to insert the hood support and that holds it well open… much better… new old cars are a pain… I’m actually hoping to get enough done to see if it will reboot and maybe start up… but small steps are best… I’m pretty sure non of you are likely to come over to push pull by hand right…? Whats a few thousand or less kilometres… thought so!.. That’s OK I’m working on that part… want to go take things easy tonight and rest… might look for my tow straps… or more likely what were cargo straps from a Hercules transport…
Flat tow they should work OK… I just have to figure out where to attach them on the van… and then whatever we might pull with… BTW the other guy took his truck out again today and back…,again… so it’s just me, myself and I at the present… Now I can get back to getting my life in order again… ha. Hope everyone has nice weather and may your ‘whethers’ work in your favour…


Well, if you want to push it over here I’ll take a look-see at it. Can’t guarantee I can fix it though. :laughing:
Remember the old classics? You could climb right into the engine compartment if needed and fix it without having to take off dozens of other parts to reach the broken one. Those were the days.

We had lots and lots of bands of snow today - and as they got to me they sort of slide over to my left and right. And those that did come right over me disappeared, then reappeared on the other side of me. What? All we got all day and all night were a few flakes you could count on both hands (slight exaggeration there). :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Our high today was 29.3F/-3.5C. The winds at 15-25 mph/24-40 kph with gusts up to 40-50 mph/64-80 kph made it feel a wee bit colder. Currently it’s 26.1F/-3C at 11:20 PM. Our low tonight is expected to be 16F/-8.9C, a high tomorrow of 23F/-5C and tomorrow night down to 13F/-10.5C. Winds are stil bowing but not as hard as this afternoon. They’ll be back again by morning however.
No snow… no snow… no snow… but at least it’s not raining. :rofl:

And @Doug4, if it’s any consolation, here’s something that may cheer you up. During a snowstorm a few years ago a young woman slid into a ditch. As I stopped to offer to tow her out of the ditch, this guy also stopped and practically knocked me over to reach her car first. He offered to pull her out of the ditch and she agreed. I watched in amusement as to where he was hooking up his tow cable… on his front bumper! Needless to say as he started to back up (with a slight jerk), his front bumper came flying off! :rofl: As he unhooked his cable and was trying to push his bumper back on - it was hanging by one side - I told the young woman I would pull her out of the ditch. I hooked up my tow chain to both of our vehicles and pulled her car out of the ditch - gently. No problem! That guy just stood there with the dumbest look on his face. After the unhooking my chain from her car, the woman thanked me and left. Then I helped the guy push his bumper back into place and wrap his tow cable around it to hold it off the ground. He left with a murmured, “Thanks.” I chuckled halfway home thinking about how his bumper went flying up in the air - one side anyway. Just thought it would give you a chuckle to start your day’s project with. Hope it lets you fix it quickly.


Wouldn’t that be great! Especially in warmer weather!
Yeah a little far to go for a “push pull”. Hope it goes well!

Your warmer weather must have floated our way…currently -13 C (8 F)…that’s it… no wind!!! After days of blowing snow and cold, it is such a refresher to have the winds down. Even though the sun was out for a little yesterday, turn into the direction fo the wind and it was like instant “brain freeze”… Ugh…winter…:persevere:…only …maybe…100 more days…and it might start to feel like spring!


First… the weather seems to be holding near and around 0C and clear mostly… and no precip or little of either variety pending… It has lowered overall to a few degrees cooler than was forecast… most days to come will be only up to +1 or so and a few below freezing most nights… so I have to get things progressing… in fact I just finished breakfast and will start dressing soon and get out there… I can get out of her parking spot with just a little help… already… but she is in mine… ha.

Next @TerriB Thanks to you for caring… but I think it will all be good eventually but now driven by priority…
And back to @Jim7 I think we need to cut this back to PM now… but I’ll later on send you one about towing a 3/4 ton Jeep out of a muddy spot… they were Army Reserve and in over the axles… I was driving a Datsun roadster 2 seater with soft top… Not a problem… of course… got to run and get ready… a tow strap I had and been tripping over is now hiding from me… lazy thing.