2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


Just about 45 minutes to sunrise… should be able to see soon… ha ha.


I think you are two hours behind me…its 9:30 CST here…sunrise :sun_behind_large_cloud: already, however cloudy!


I guess… during Daylight we are the same… we use Mountain Standard… but when you stay standard time in the summer we shift by 1… normal would be 1 hour like now

Just left a note for the lady whose in my spot that she might be good to go home later… I can certainly get backed around into another open spot with relative ease… still looking for my tow strap… stupid thing has been sitting in a box for two years and always under foot… NOW it’s hiding of course…


It seems it stayed a little bit warmer than what it was supposed to go down to last night. The temperature bottomed out at a mere 16.9F/-8C. Out of all of those multiple, side-by-side bands of snow that moved from Lake Ontario SSE to me, nearly every one slid over to either side of me just as they got within a few miles/~6 km of here. Not impressed at all! If they had all come right over me, I could have - should have - gotten a whole lot of snow… or at least a decent amount. Of what did come down and was blown my way, I could count the snowflakes on my fingers and toes. What a tease Mother Nature has been to me this year!
There was a structure fire in one of the hill towns last night. It took the firefighters some time to reach the scene as up in the higher elevation they did get snow which made for slow traveling. Turns out it was on the road my wife’s cousin used to live on, but was farther in the woods. And the farther you go in, the narrower the road is. Oh those backwoods roads. :grinning: On the good side, it was only a large shed (could have used as a garage, but it had double-doors for personnel only). On the bad side, it was a total loss. Of course those high winds helped to fan the fire greatly. At least it didn’t spread to the house.

Today is sunny and mostly clear - just a few scattered clouds. The winds are mild - as compared to yesterday - only 10-20 mph/16-32 kph. Actually pretty nice right now as the temperature has risen to 21.9F/-5.6C. Still, my finger tips got a little nipped as I was feeding the birds this morning. The beggars! :wink:

Edit: Our high for today was 23F/-5C. Currently at 3:00 PM it’s down to 21F/-6C and slowly dropping. Now they say our overnight low will be 15F/-9C. Winds are still blowing but not quite as hard as earlier. Hopefully they’ll die down more after sunset, but they’re saying 10-15 mph/16-24 kph. Oh well… what can I do… still waiting on that white stuff… anybody got some to spare? :smiley:


You are more like Alberta time, than Vancouver time…Alberta is currently an hour behind us, Vancouver two hours.

I’m sure she is just glad to have a space to park in for the time you were there.

Currently -12 C -17 WC winds SE 10 Temps have remained stable…they are still forecasting we will warm up to -1 C tomorrow!


A cup of hot cocoa, mini marshmallows and a little real whipped cream will make the day seem not so chilly. :yum: Or you can do what I usually end up doing… having multiple cups of coffee - saving the hot cocoa and other ingredients for my girls. :laughing: Oh no! My wife went grocery shopping and I forgot to tell her the girls ran out of the mini marshmallows! She’s been gone for almost 2 hours (buying the store out?), so I think I’ll be running to the local store later on or in the morning. Oops! She’s back and I have to help carrying the bags inside.


Hot cocoa does make a cold day better! :yum:

Morning weather -12 C -19 WC (-2 F) with mostly cloudy skies, winds SSE 18 kph.
Still forecasting -1 C today…we will see if we get there!


Slept in today… just been puttering around charging one of two batteries… and having a coffee… breakfast waits in the wings…

Woke up to -3C / 26F and a small flurry going on… grey right now, thing the fog is rising now… starting to see the expected blue sky through it looking up… supposed to get sunny and up to +2C / 35F

Should be about right to get the van put back together… but that will chat about on the random thoughts thread.


We actually did get down to 13F/-10.5C overnight. I also slept in, not waking up until almost 11 AM! I got almost 8 hours of sleep for a change, but now I’m behind on getting things done around here… and the birds are letting me know they’re not too pleased with me sleeping in. :roll_eyes: :laughing:
Today is sunny and clear with a mild breeze blowing. At 1:15 PM the temperature has made it up to 27.5F/-2,5C, but our expected high is only supposed to be 28F/-2C. The winds are 5-10 mph/8-16 kph which adds a slight chill. BP is 29.92" with a humidity of 35% - dry! Drying conditions are expected to continue until next weekend… they’re calling for snow! :smile: Only 3"-5"/7-13 cm. Bummer! We could use a good drop of snow… say maybe 24"-36"/61-91 cm? Now that would suit me just fine. :wink:
Overnight low tonight is supposed to be 11F/-11C. Lots of stars out last night and will be tonight, but of course there’s no meteor shower around when I get clear skies. :roll_eyes:

Edit: It’s now 2:00 AM and clouds had moved since shortly after midnight. It has only dropped down to 17.6F/-8C and there’s a slight breeze blowing - enough to make the wind chimes sing softly. (How’s that for a current weather conditions report? :laughing:) Anyway, I don’t believe it’s going to get down to 11F/-11C like it had originally been forecast. Tomorrow is supposed to be partly cloudy (isn’t that mostly sunny?) with winds 5-10 mph/8-16 kph. A decent day. The high is expected to be around 25F/-3.9C and for overnight tomorrow they’re calling for a low of 10F/-12C. We’ll see…


Is that your lowest temp to date?
No meteors when there are clear skies only cloudy skies…:unamused:
Hopefully by the 20th we all have clear skies to see the Blood Moon :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


No it wasn’t. We had 10F/-12C on 22 Nov. followed by 6F/-14C on the 23rd. More recently it went down to 9F/-12C on the 9th of December. Temperatures have been all over the place this winter season. From 6F to 60F (-14C to +15.5C) and we haven’t even had our “January thaw” yet! Crazy… and no snow to speak of - it always seemed to rain immediately after and it was gone. So far this winter we’ve only received 21.5"/54.6 cm where I am. Bummer…


We didn’t quite make it to the forecast high…04 C was it. This morning -14 C -19 WC (-2 F) hopefully today we get at least the same day time temps. Getting rid of as much of the icy stuff off the driveway as possible during this warm temps…get back down to the asphalt and it will be easier to walk on .

EDIT: 2:30 p.m. the northern part of the province has a snowfall warning now, and northcentral has a freezing rain warning…should make for very slick roads again.


Ah…I see…so that’s why we’re not seeing any snow…you guys are stock piling it for the tourists and skiers :laughing:

Well, the forecast is trying to predict snow for next weekend…they can keep it :unamused: They wouldn’t give it at Christmas when we needed it, so we don’t want it now hmmf :smirk:


Your area and @Jim7…maybe you are going to skip snow this year and move right into spring?


Well my spring bulbs are halfway up and some of my roses have buds opening so fingers crossed they don’t get snowed on and flatten them to ground :grimacing:


Oh wow…(April will be the earliest for us to see that!) I hope for “no snow” in your area so they bloom!!!


You’re right Terri, April it should be but we’ve even got the bluebells halfway up in the rose beds, so not ready for flowering yet. :grimacing: We’ve just such a mild and warm autumn/winter it’s confused the plant life.
I have had daffodils and tulips opened up in some years past when a late snow has come along and just flattened them all :unamused:



I hope not! I hate spring! All that mud! Okay, maybe one week of spring and then jump right into summer… :wink:

Edit: Do you see what I see? :grin:

Now if I can be blessed with the upper numbers, that would make my day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ok that forecast says you are getting a “snowstorm” over the 19th-21st…is that the system currently moving through the southern states?
Now to see if you actually get the “snow” or “rain”…


Don’t jinx me now! :rofl: Unless the temperatures take a high rise, they look as though they’ll not be melting the snow before it reaches the ground. As soon as my wife gets home (from a wake) I’m taking her feather duster outside as she comes up the porch steps and I’m going to “dust off” my snow shovels. :laughing: She’ll probably make some smart remark like, “You’re sick!” :rofl:

Edit: I just looked at the weather radar which shows a snow storm moving along the east coast, but that looks like it’s going to head out into the ocean by the time it reaches lower New York state. There is another small system (just gearing up?) moving across the U.S. from the Rockies. That shows all snow. That may pick up moisture from the Great Lakes and could be the one they’re talking about. Then again, a high pressure system could push that coastal storm up to me. I’ll have to keep an eye on which one (or maybe both? :heart_eyes:) gets to me.
Now, in order to “keep” the snow longer, maybe I shouldn’t shovel! :grin: My wife would probably lock me out if I did that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: