2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


My area is supposed to be “ground zero” for the leading edge of this snowstorm. Keep saying a foot or more.


Only a foot? We’re supposed to get 12+" on Saturday night with the remainder on Sunday. The storm must be going to pick up moisture from Lake Erie as it comes in. Isn’t this lovely? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :laughing: All I had to do was to sweep off the remaining snow from my front walks. The temperature has just gone above freezing and most of the roads are bare. I guess I have time to shine my shovels. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Nah… I just still to nodding and whittling away at my “honey do” list - which seems to be getting longer instead of shorter. I just returned from my son’s house where I spent 90 minutes while an inspector did his thing with the solar inverters and circuit panel, etc., taking pictures and readings. The guy from the solar company said he was going to replace one of the inverters because it wasn’t working properly. He called the manufacturer who told them they want him to send it back to them because it’s their new top-of-the-line inverters and shouldn’t have had any problems. They definitely want to find out what went wrong. :roll_eyes: Out of all that time there I never got chance to see my little girl… she was up for her nap. :frowning: But I did get to see the dog! :laughing: I think I’ll take a ride back up a little after 3 to see all three of the girls. (Am I having withdrawal symptoms? :thinking:)

Edit: My wife and I were just watching the local weather forecast. The meteorologist said they have folks from The Weather Channel there to learn more about predicting/forecasting the weather for this area since it is so hard (with all the different types of topography in a relatively small area. Anyway, the “local guy” was saying that on Monday morning - with the temperature dropping down to -4F/-20C - the wind chill will make it feel like -25F/-31C. Reminded people about their pets. As my youngest granddaughter says, that’s “brrrr cold.” Still lookin’ good for a decent amount of snow with a snowfall rate of 1"-3"/hour (2.5-7.6 cm/hour). the great news is that the sleet and freezing rain will stay well to my south and east. So this snow should be nice and fluffy! The cold may make it impossible to stay outside to build snowmen. Isn’t there always something to mess up snowman building? :frowning:


Getting worried about this month’s gas (heating) bill. Gonna be high with trying to keep the back of the house warm enough so pipes don’t freeze. What a PITA. :frowning:

Would hate to live with electric baseboard heat-- my former teacher who died last Oct had huge elec heating bills and was only living in 1 room for the winter months… Glad she’s not struggling with that anymore.


I remember not that many years ago when the electric company was trying to get everyone to switch to electric heat, electric hot water heaters and electric stoves. Within two years - after a lot of people switched I guess - they were telling people to cut back on their electricity usage. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused:

With my electric and fuel oil bills, I arranged to be on a budget payment plan. They take the previous year’s usage, divide that by 12 and that’s what my monthly bill is for the next 12 months. Every June they do a reassessment and make adjustments - either way - accordingly. That beats getting socked with extra high bills in the winter and for those couple of months in the summer when the air conditioners are running. Our fuel oil is on a “keep full” plan, so no matter how much or how little we use, they come every 30 days and top off the tank (275 US Gallons). No if I can only do this with our grocery bill - especially my ice cream. Having that on a “keep full” plan would be awesome! :laughing:

Our high for the day reached 35.6F/2C. Winds stayed mostly calm to just a mild breeze. Mother Nature kept on teasing me with flurries for the better part of the day. And when I tried to ignore that, she increased the size of the snowflakes. That stinker! But I still ignored her and she finally gave up and ended the flurries. :wink:

My granddaughter, Eva (5), came home from school today and showed me a snowflake she made by folding a coffee filter and making several cuts in it. It came out really nice - especially after she decided to color it blue… and red… and yellow… and… :laughing: I told her we’ll have to frame it. She liked that idea. :kissing_heart:


Well I finished touching up and then took Lynne for lunch and to get her meds on the way back…,

She cancelled her day program… she said she wanted me to take a break… since I get going and don’t stop very often… actually I stop very often, just pace myself… I under stand Jim well… it’s enjoyable to get the job done and nice and neat… not to mention you get to see many of the dumb drivers who believe that shoveling out…
is a waste of time… hmmmm… why? because they believe that I will push them out… nope… that I will shovel them out… depends on who… I guess… or lend them my shovel that I’m using to do what I need to do… NOPE!.. and so on… My take is that if they can’t get out of their parking space, it is probably best… they don’t get onto the street… at all… They also seem to believe that I work here… NOPE. so I have no obligation except to a few older clients in the building… who simply should not be doing things… but need to get out… so their stuff I do… and let them help a bit… again if they are having trouble it’s not the time to be out. Then there is the town walkway I adopted… which is doing well… one thing is that we have not had all that much snow this year… two small falls with melting away in between and this one is so far a total of 6 inches or so…(to lazy to convert) say 15 cm. If you look at the Weather Network Radars for here, we have a massive lobe of the Pacific Coast Storm coming in around midnight to start. And more behind that… really impressive looking heavy end of the scale image… but their forecast is for <1cm…/ 7/16 of an inch… type for the whole day Saturday from midnight… @Jim7 should tell those guys to study this area if he thinks their forecasts are tricky… ha. South Eastern BC is a mystery box… just guess and it is or isn’t… 50/50.

Good luck to all out that way, but my read of the radar in the area seems to show that the rain might get there instead of the snow… just like here, it’s running the front along the lakes…


:cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face: Since yesterday I have had trouble warming up…

-26 C -37 WC (-34 F) …ugh…I may stay in and do my house cleaning, wash, anything not to go out. Although I am meeting friends tonight for supper. Oh well, only a few more days and it “may” warm up.

Yesterday I expected that tire alarm to go off, as my tires did sound rough. but all okay…just the cold. This is not the sort of weather you want to have a flat tire or blow out! Changing it yourself could lead to frostbite in a minute, and tow trucks could take hours to arrive.


Gray here today… 0C / 32 F and calm… we had and might be about to have a simple dusting… mostly sticking on the car metal and glass surfaces or it wouldn’t be anywhere… All the large clouds passed by and are heading up @TerriB s way… so warm MIGHT be not far away in relative terms… there seems to be a new push of cold air coming down from the Arctic along with another storm…
Not sure what followed the front to the south side of the US border… but that may yet affect the south or east…

Tired of second guessing the weather experts… but this time the radar lost out to the forecasters… has to be the computer messing up in the projections… which are only guidelines…


Now this is snow…



I wonder if @Doug4 would be game to shovel that house out. I’m sure the owner would provide a snow rake for doing the roof. :thinking: Of course I’d be willing to lend a hand. Now if we just figure out who will pay the air fare! :thinking:

The Governor of New York has declared a state of emergency which forbids any tractor-trailers and buses on state highways. Better park them, drivers! Sorry! My county (Albany) has also declared a state of emergency. And they’re asking people - politely at this time - not to travel unless it’s absolutely necessary.
I guess if I want any snacks for the next 2 days I’d better shoot up to the village before the snow flies in a couple of hours.

Looking at the weather radar, I noticed that the lower portion of the storm has a lot of rain with a couple of leading pockets of freezing rain. Our local forecaster said last night that this should stay about 70- 90 miles south of here, but what’s that to a storm? It better stay down there and not mess with my snow accumulation!
Currently at 12 noon it’s 23.5F/-3.6C, gray skies (like it’s been for days) and just a mild breeze at the moment. The winds will pick up as the storm approaches and over night and tomorrow get stronger. When the temperature drops below 0F/-17C tomorrow night, they say with the wind chill it will feel like -32F/-35.6C. Apparently authorities have found a couple of dogs frozen solid that had been left outside. What in the h*ll is wrong with people?! :cry:


I see our Polar Vortex has made its way to the East…bundle up!! :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


I put an extra pair of socks on when I wear my moccasins outside. :laughing: Really, I just wear them if I’m only going to be outside for less than 10 minutes. Still, my ankles get cold. I suppose I’ll have to wear my work boots for a few days with the temperature getting on the chilly side. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not that interested in shoveling that place out nowadays… but it would be a fun project… I see the front is already opened up… I would assume that it is built to shed such snow on it’s own… steep roof’s and perhaps tin…
I think that it would be dark colour as well… IF it has closed in attic spaces… in the old days they would open the access hatches and just let it warm up a bit… and off it would slide… but that wasn’t on top of a mountain… not much firewood around like in a forest… could be costly… hard to say… snow rakes are fine, but you have to use them from the side… and how much depends on the roof design / material… You do not want to stand underneath the roof line very much… The only sheds I’ve cleaned in the last few years, with a rake, were tin roofs and if you went diagonally from beside the roof, you could underpin the snow and it would slide… often hard… It was on a 20 by 36 foot machine shed… unheated… but threatened to dump on my buddies mobile…
I told him that he had to pay attention and not let the neighbours roof build up that much… bring it down in smaller amounts more often… he had dislodged one corner of it… and the part that came down sheared off a tree that was growing in the line of slide… 4 inches diameter and taller than the eaves line by 10 feet… cut like a saw when the icy under layer cut through it… another reason for not standing underneath in direct line…
I also dislike standing on top… shoveling… so far I’ve only had a ride over the edge on small structures with small roofs and not much height… hard to anchor to those.

As for frozen dogs… I say chain the owners outside in the same conditions if it is so good to do…

@Jim7 Just what do you call moccasins… the term is very broad… I use many, but what you seem to describe is probably like a camp shoe / boat shoe with a synthetic sole… and I picture it as a fair weather ankle high for sure… Even the ones I have on have a molded rubber sole and are made in China… ha. so not likely to fit my idea of moccasin other than the basic design… just cheap at WalMart etc… and okay for running out for a second…in the snow… mostly due to the open top…


I let my wife use our snow rake - once. She pulled the snow right down on top of herself! :rofl: She looked like Frosty the Snowman’s wife! :rofl: Needless to say she got disgusted… and cold… and handed me the rake back and went inside (to thaw out?). :laughing:

My moccasins are leather uppers but with a waterproof sole for lots of outside wear. I’ve seen knock-offs of these same moccasins on a website of a company in Spain for US$95! Of course there’s the Chinese copies you can get for as little as US$15-$25. I think those have plastic instead of rawhide stitching. That will break quickly in the cold as soon as you squat and flex the shoe. They really are fair weather footwear, but I always seem to stretch the limits on many things - even my wife’s patience. :rofl:


Snowing here already. And cold.


Just started a little while ago here in eastern New York. I watched with envy as the leading edge of the storm was tracking north of me - up near Saratoga Springs… a good ways away. They had snow for almost 2 hours before us! Not fair! :pouting_cat:

I did make it to the store just to pick up a few odds and ends (and some something to munch on later tonight). Was that store crowded! You’d think we were having a major storm or something. Now if it was going to dump 3’/~1 metre of snow at once, I’d call that a storm! Whatever happened to those good old storms we used to get? I hope they’re not a thing of the past. :worried: By 3:25 PM we got 0.1"/2.5 mm of snow so far - a long way away from “something useful” (as in to play in). :laughing:
And just to keep my wife on her toes I casually mentioned how the sky looked all day… off-white. She said, “You mean gray?” I replied, “No, off-white… like dirty snow.” She poked my shoulder and said, “Will you stop already with the snow?” :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In snowfall Part 1, my town at the “epicenter” got 3 & 1/2 inches from this afternoon’s steady white flakes. Part 2 due to start in about 4 hours and last into Sunday night. They say Part 1 was heavy snow. Part 2 is supposed to be drier, and with 35mph winds they expect it to blow into white out conditions.

Want some sent to you Jim?


Yes, we got our smattering of snow as predicted yesterday, unfortunately it didn’t get beyond Winter Hill :angry: The kids came home from school telling me about the snow fall, I said “what snow fall” :confused: Guess it all got washed away by the rain :unamused: Anyway, were supposed to get some more on Tuesday . . . more of the same :roll_eyes:


Better get stocking up on your icecream Jim :icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream::icecream: :wink:


Yeah, we’ve been under driving restrictions since this morning. Runs on bread, milk, and eggs. Store shelves bare here.


Could you blow some of the more decent stuff my way too please Cagey :grin: Haven’t had a decent snow fall for a few years now and what we did get was gone in a day or two :unamused: