2019 - Jan 1st to Jan 31st - Weather Reports and Descriptions


We’re getting it already, but if you have any “extra,” by all means! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My wife just told me someone from Medusa (NY) - a hill town in the western part of the county - reported hearing thunder. That must be where the cold front is hitting the “warm” front. Currently at 8:23 PM it’s 13.6F/-10C, snowing and just a light breeze. However, now they’re saying there’s a possibility of the warm front reaching us and the snow changing to sleet and freezing rain. Nooo! Keep it just snow! Puff! Puff! Puff! Help me blow that away! :pleading_face:


Did that - yesterday and then picked up more this afternoon! :laughing: My wife opened the freezer and 1/4 of it is ice cream. She just turned, looked at me and shook her head. What?! :laughing: And she had a small bowl after dinner.

Edit: The local meteorologist just announced we’re looking at a wind chill temperature -30F/-34C for morning. That’s going to make it chilly when I shovel the snow off the ground to feed the birds. :neutral_face:


You need a feed box with a cover on it. Lift up the cover and fill it up with food.

Pittsburgh PA and southern OH are the leading areas for rain, moving northeast. The below zero wind chill temps for tomorrow night concern me-- got taps dripping and furnace set higher than I’ve ever run it, just to keep the pipes semi-warm. Vent open in basement to get more heat into those crawlspaces. By the way, there’s got to be a joke somewhere for having to flush the toilet on a schedule just to keep it (water in pipes) “moving” in freezing temps.

And whatever man thought it was a good idea to put plumbing along outside walls needs his head examined!

OK ready for spring.


:rofl: When my wife and I were outside a short time ago, I brushed the snow off the porch railings. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I wanted to keep them clear so that when I put some bird seed on the railings in the morning, the birds won’t have to stand in the snow. :wink: “OH NO YOU’RE NOT!” was her reply. Got her again! :smiling_imp: (But that’s not such a bad idea as we have have birds lined up on the railings before when freezing rain hit.)


And what…their little claws froze stuck to the rail :laughing:


Of course not! When it blows onto the railings, they all hop down and huddle against the side of the house. And we’ve cleaned up enough of their droppings to know! :unamused:


EDIT 10:50 p.m. The winds picked up and we have already gotten 3 inches of snow and it is still snowing and blowing…our only forecast was the possibility of a “snow shower”?.. and cold is still here…currently -18 C -32 WC (-25 F).

We are still forecast for mostly clear sky for the Blood Moon tomorrow night!


We’re finally getting over the “slow” part of the storm - snowfall that is. As of midnight we’ve only received 3.7"/9.4 cm. Now the good snow should start falling (it better!). The temperature as of midnight was 10.2F/-12C and is expected to go down to about 4F/-15.5C. Currently the winds are fairly calm with gusts only to 8 mph/13 kph. But by morning the winds are expected to pick up and the wind chill is supposed to be -30F/-34C. I’m not sure if I want to go out and shovel or not. I could leave the snow where it is and enjoy it a lot longer if I do. Now the only thing that may mess that plan up is if we get the sleet and freezing rain they’re saying may make it up here. Giant bags of doo doo! :rofl:


We got snow! Yeah!.. and now sleet… :unamused: That makes it awfully hard to make snowmen with the grandkids. We got off to a slow start yesterday - was driving me nuts thinking we weren’t going to get very much again - but just after midnight the rate of snowfall picked up. When I got up at 8:55 AM we had 11"/27.9 cm of snow. But it had changed to a snow/sleet mix - I was watching that on the weather radar last night - and this is going to continue for a couple more hours before… changing to snow/sleet and rain? There’s a lot of green and yellow on the radar heading toward me. Nooo! :open_mouth:
As of 9:30 AM we’ve (only) received 11.3"/28.7 cm. I was hoping for close to double that amount by now, but I guess I have to take what little we got. :wink: :rofl: Humidity went down to 87% from sitting at 100% up to 2 AM… BP is at 29.27". The snow/sleet is still coming down, so now I have an excuse not to shovel. I looked at my front walk out by the street and across the apron of my driveway… a lot of snow piled up all the way down from the corner to the lower end of the apron. I think the most I’m going to do is to cut a path one shovel wide from the street into the driveway to give my son someplace to bust through when he comes down to plow me out with his 4-wheeler. Or I could just not do it and when the guy comes to plow out the apartment house driveway and parking lot next door, ask if he’ll plow me out also. I’d rather my son not burn up the 4-wheeler getting through the snow the town plow has shoved 15’/5 metres into my driveway. That’s high, heavy and fairly packed snow. Beside, we’re not going anywhere… I stocked up on ice cream! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl:


I told you I was sending snow your way. :slight_smile: :ice_cream:


Light snow showers right now…-17 C -27 WC (-16 F) a little bit of a warm up. Hopefully snow stops, clouds part for the Blood Moon tonight.


Thank you! :heart_eyes: We have 12.5"/31.8 cm so far. About 5 hours more to go! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But those couple hours of sleet I could have done without. :unamused:
All I’ve got shoveled thus far is one set of steps off the porch, one sidewalk from the steps out to the driveway, a wide path from the steps around to the door beneath the porch (so we can get oil deliveries), and a 4-wide path halfway out to the car. Then I had to take a break. When I go back out I’m going to shovel a path to the bird feeders first! Poor little ones have been out here several times without getting anything to eat. They must be wasting away to nothing! :laughing:


Nice looking day here… no new snow or forecast… all week…days around freezing nights cooler…

All that despite the radar showing a large band moving north and east just south of us looking like it is coming anytime within hours… radar… baghh!

Speaking of which… I was looking over at the East Coast area… funny how all that Storm around @Jim7 seems to look like it runs up to the New Brunswick border, slows and then refuses to cross the Gulf of St. Lawrence. I’m sure it is or will cross, or else it’s going to go north… or worse park there and snow… which has happened in the past… I see you will get a pause for a bit and more later on… don’t see any green though.

@TerriB Mine doesn’t even show anything in your area so the flurries must be light…

I’m hoping for clear skies here tonight… although eclipses through nice billowy clouds can make nice photos…

Hope all are getting through all right…


Yes right now they are more snow showers. I don’t expect it will add much to the 3 or so inches we got last night. It quit snowing and blowing about 1:30 a.m. I think this is the bottom of that big cloud that was moving northeast from Alberta, as Meadow Lake (Further north) and up to La Ronge are forecast for more snow.


Let there be light-- sun’s been shining all day. But, the wind is fierce!


It just stopped snowing again. We had about 45 minutes of just flurries while I cleared off the car and moved it out of the way to shovel. By the time I got halfway through shoveling what I pushed off the car, it was snowing again - big flakes. By the time I finished clearing what came off the car, the car was coated white again (it’s a black vehicle). Oh well… Stopped to have a cup of coffee and rest my back for a bit before I go back out and tackle what the town plow just pushed across the sidewalk and apron of the driveway. Then I’ll be digging the neighbor’s car out. She’s going to have a back operation soon and can’t do anything like this at all. Another few hours of shoveling there. Later on I’ll be out widening the driveway along the gully running up to the carriage house. But hey! I did shovel out beneath the pine tree, filled the hanging basket, toss some seed on the snowbank and sidewalk… and some along the edge of the driveway by the hedges. The chickadees and juncos and a lone cardinal were happy! :grin: At 2:55 PM the snow has stopped for now. Guess it’s going to be snow showers on and off from here on for the next few hours. Then I can get down to some serious nodding. :laughing:

Edit: I just realized that the temperature dropped 1.5 degrees C in 30 minutes. It is supposed to go down to -4F/-20C tonight with 20-30 mph/32-48 kph winds and wind chill of -30F/-34C. I’m glad the kids don’t have school tomorrow. It will be slightly on the chilly side standing on a corner waiting for the bus. :hushed:


Ian, want some snow? :grin:

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Eh, now you don’t want the snow?? Careful what you wish for! And watch your back.


Yes, lots please! When can I go skiing?


Oh, I want the snow, but if Ian doesn’t have enough to ski on, then I’m sure I can spare some. We’ll get more this week anyway. I was a lot disappointed in the all we got was only 13.0"/33 cm. I was hoping for the 20+"/50+ cm they originally said we were going to get. But this was better than the “dustings” we’ve had so far. I just finished shoveling everything except for the front walk out by the street. The town plow has is completely covered from curb to the hedges waist high! I am not moving several tonnes of snow from that walk! The town can get that when they do snow removal. When I was looking at that walk, my wife told me, “Don’t even think about that!” I think she’s afraid I’ll have a heart attack. :roll_eyes: Heck, I didn’t even work up a sweat shovel for all those hours. Paced myself, took a couple of coffee breaks, etc… Seven hours and I’m done… although there is a few spots I could always widen the driveway to park two cars side-by-side. Then the whole neighbor could park here. There’s room for at least 11 or 12 vehicles here already. If I did what I’d like to do, maybe another one or two vehicles. But I think my wife would get that cast iron skillet out and bop me first. :woozy_face:

We have lots of hills here. Even a road that’s almost 3 miles long - all hill - that runs up to the highest hill in the county. :laughing: I’m sure all of the ski resorts got a good amount of snow in the mountains as well. Now if you don’t mind skiing in -4F/-20C temperature with a wind chill of -30F/-34C, then be my guest. Me? I’m staying inside and aggravating my wife! :smiling_imp: :rofl: