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In case anyone is sick, like me, we got fresh batch of catnip tea all ready. :cup_with_straw:

:face_with_thermometer: :cat: (nobody better say a word about taking a cat’s temp).


I was thinking about it. :laughing: Whenever my wife tells me she thinks she may have a fever, I tell her, “I’ll get the thermometer while you bend over.” Why do I always get a scowl from her? :confused: :rofl:


Jim7, it is a wonder and a marvel you have survived this long! :laughing::laughing:


Could it be my great (twisted) sense of humor and maybe the fact that I don’t take married life seriously? :rofl: :crazy_face: :roll_eyes:


I thought it was because she regularly found reason to bop you!

We don’t have a bop emoji.


I’m sure @EmeraldEyes has one somewhere in her vast collection… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m sure she does… and more than likely we’ll see it show up. :roll_eyes: :wink:


I was feeling better today. But I had to set up appts for next week, and I did some work on my webpages, and checked in here a few times… stayed up way too long… and then a friend stopped by, further delaying my nap…

I forgot to turn the heat back up before I laid down, and woke up breathing too-cold air… and my chest hurts again, and my back (lungs= bronchitis I keep trying to avoid), and my ear, and throat… Fevered again…

My daughter (in another State) has had URI symptoms, TWICE. This is the second time I’ve been sick. Just enough to be miserable, like any cat with “ick-sick” (no, I didn’t forget the 1st ‘s’). Thing is, I haven’t been out of the house, so how’d I get sick the first time? My 2nd J-friend has been around, but she’s not sick. Maybe germs hitched a ride with her, though?

Ugh. Anyway, PM if you need me. Back to bed now.


You realize that all these “bugs” are here all year long, and the only reason there is a “flu season” and why more people get sick (colds, etc.) in the winter is because of a lack of sunshine (Vitamin D) hitting exposed skin. You’ve got to get out more often - after you’re better of course - or maybe sit where the sun shines in your window. You’ll just have to adjust your monitor to avoid any glare. :wink: You could be very right about the germs hitching a ride on your friend - she could have been an unwitting carrier. :open_mouth: :grinning:
Get yourself better ASAP.


J is in rehab after her knee replacement (hope the torture continues-- from the evil cat!). I can’t easily get out without help… sun or no sun. The ortho said my ankle/foot bones look like Swiss cheese already, post 20 yrs into my ‘changed life’. But I’m already taking Vit D, and C, and multi-vit.

Here’s the article about colds and Vit D, from 2017: A Bit More Vitamin D Might Help Prevent Colds And Flu

P.S. Dairy still gives Vit D. No sun required… except for bone health.


Ah, but when your skin manufactures Vit. D, it’s being absorbed into your body a lot faster and a lot more than if taken orally. As with anything taken orally, your body “flushes” (to put it politely) a lot - if not most - of it. Of course there are a few things that your body will absorb most of - especially of organic origin. Most of the manufactured stuff is secreted. One example is Magnesium. Magnesium Chloride (organic) is mostly absorbed (~ 87%) as compared to Magnesium Oxide (inorganic)(12%). Of course, the Magnesium Oxide is so much cheaper to produce, that’s why that’s used to fill your prescriptions. Magnesium Chloride can be purchased over the Internet however, and that is more readily absorbed and stored in your muscles until your body needs it (for rebuilding cells).
Anyway, Cagey… Sit in the sun in your living room, in short sleeves. It’ll do your body so good. At least 15 minutes a day.


The meds I’m on will make me burn at far less exposure. lol


Ah, my wife was on a medication that had a warning about being in the sun also. Of course she never read the warning - or the pamphlet. I read it because it was a “new” medicine for her. It’s a good thing it’s winter because if it were summer, she loves to get a deep tan. :roll_eyes: I keep on telling her, "Remember what Nancy’s (my late SIL) skin looked like? Alligator skin! She was always deeply tanned. The sun damaged her skin that bad over the years. At least my wife uses sunscreen now instead of tanning oils. :unamused:


Remember when teen girls used BABY OIL to tan? Shudder. Worst burn I had in my life at Ocean City, NJ when I was around 15-16 yo. Laid without clothes on sheets re-soaked in cold water several times a day… Fevered for 2 days. But I sure looked good that darkly tanned when I went to conferences in my white halter-top dress! Whoo hoo.


:rofl: Yes i remember! My older sisters, my wife and her friends all used baby oil.
When I was somewhere between 8 and 12 years old, my family went to a beach and I actually fell asleep on the beach - on my stomach. When I woke up I was as red as a lobster! I was burned so bad I was out of school for 2 weeks. The weekend before I went back to school, my oldest brother took me to the old city of Albany landfill - that had closed, covered and seeded - to fly a kite. We had a box kite and 1,000 feet of string. The old landfill was at the top of a hill from where you could look across the river and see the city of Rensselear (NY), so you know there is a great updraft! I got the kite so high up we could no longer see it. My brother told me to bring it in - and I couldn’t! My back, shoulders and arms still hurt so bad. But when my brother tried to bring down the kite, the string broke. He told me (in a worried voice - or so I thought at that time) that he was afraid an airplane would fly into the string and it would wrap around the propeller and the plane would crash. I guess I was around 8 years old because I believed him. :grimacing: All the way home I kept on looking back over my shoulder and up into the air - looking for either my kite or an airplane falling from the sky. :unamused:
My only other time of getting a bad sunburn was when my wife and I brought out children to a private lake for 10 days. I spent a whole day sitting in an aluminum rowboat fishing from one end of the lake to the other. I was wearing shorts… period! No shirt, no shoes or sneakers. The sun literally cooked the tops of my feet and my legs, not to mention my back, chest and face. When I made it to shore and tried to step out of the boat, as my feet would spread - as they do when you take a step - I nearly screamed as the skin was so tight across the tops of my feet it felt like someone was ripping it off my feet. I had to drive 12 miles to a doctor’s office and when I got there I couldn’t get out of the car. It wasn’t until the doctor and nurse were leaving for the day that I called over to the doctor telling him that I needed help but I can’t get out of the car. He hurried over to me and as soon as he saw me, he called over the nurse and said they have to get me inside. That episode put me out of work for a couple of weeks. My wife had to put silver oxide all over me which made me look more like an eggplant - the purplish color, not the shape! :rofl: I was bandaged up all over as well. That was the worst burn I ever had.


Same here. Factor 50+ (the highest available in the UK) at least gives me the chance to go out in the sun. I blister… :scream:


My oldest granddaughter, Olivia (6-yr old) has very fair skin and burns quickly and often. Now Eva, on the other hand, has a darker complexion and tans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her get a sunburn. We’ve yet to see what happens with Brianna (1-1/2 yr old) as her first summer she was kept very well protected against the sun - much to her dismay (and fighting it constantly by fussing when sunscreen was applied, taking off her sun bonnet, etc.). :laughing: She does like to wear sunglasses like her big sisters though - the little “movie star!” :laughing:


Cagey, remember, cats like to sit in the sun, so put on sunscreen which also helps to moisturize, get a cuppa catnip tea and go soak in the sun for 15 mins. That’s what I’ve been doing too. Of course I have the two cats to help me. One likes to drape himself around my shoulder and the other likes to sit on my knee ready to dig in her claws if something startles her.


You mean she doesn’t knead your knee with her claws? Lucky you! :smile_cat: Angel seems to love to bury her claws into me - wherever - and gets annoyed if I jump or move. :pouting_cat:


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