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I knew you had some! I like the 1st and the 3rd the best, although the 2nd also describes my wife - threatening! :laughing:


And there ya have it!

Nobody mess with the sick cat or you’ll get bopped.

You know one of the hardest things to do? Keep an oversized heating pad against your chest. I ran out of TheraCare Heat Wraps.


I always thought cats got better quicker than people. :thinking: I hope you’re feeling well by the end of the day. Could it be all that romping around you cats do every night that’s wearing you down? :smirk_cat:





Kind of like grandkids and grandparents, huh? :laughing:


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Love that one Cagey. Hope you feel better. I am at the moment. Hopefully, everything stays on even keel for a few days so I can get caught up. I am so tired of not getting things done.


On the other side of the apartment house next door to me is an old garage. The garage is built into the hill (sideways so it faces out to the street). Over the years, living beneath - and eventually inside - have been a family of skunks, a family of woodchucks, and now a feral cat has had a litter in there. This afternoon I spotted a solid black cat walking up over the bank by the carriage house and sneak beneath the Ford Taurus I just took off the road a short while back. A squirrel was sitting in front of the carriage house eating a peanut. :innocent: :roll_eyes: A second squirrel showed up, spotted the cat and gave a warning. Both squirrels took off running up a tree. The cat left and went back down over the embankment. I told my wife that this isn’t the same black cat we’ve seen for years. That one has white paws. My wife told me one of the other neighbors had spotted the female coming out one day with the kittens. This was one of hers. Great! Now instead of just one cat stalking the birds and squirrels, we’re going to have a whole litter to deal with. The neighbor tried to catch one of the little ones but they won’t let anyone get close.

And Cagey, I’ll have you know that Angel decided she wanted to lick my face while I was asleep. She took her paw and tried to turn my head - with one nail buried into the skin on the side of my nose. Of course my head turned! Ouch! I had to hold onto her paw and back her claw out of my nose! Now I have a “boo-boo”! :sob: :laughing:


I have pneumonia. Starting to feel a little better now. But I learned my lesson yesterday when I stayed up about 5 hours and got fevered again. :face_with_thermometer: On antibiotic B.I.D. and high dose steroids. The spot in my chest isn’t hurting as badly as before.

I tell ya, I’ve been sick for weeks now, 2 incidents before this time. It started after I saw my Dr in early December and HE was real sick! I’m gonna charge HIM for making me sick LOL. Was sick over Christmas. Don’t want to be sick on birthday. :cake: :ice_cream:

Glad you had some better days. :slight_smile: :+1:


Angel was just trimming those nose hairs!

If you can, borrow some Live traps and catch all the kittens and momma. Wife won’t mind if you take them in, I’m sure. Socialize them, and get em fixed, then re-home them. (hint: You could send them to Helen?)

Ya ya, going back to bed now.


Ah, I don’t have hair on the side of my nose almost next to my eye. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think she was just using my nose as a “head handle” to turn it toward her. :unamused:

I don’t think my wife is going to want another cat with a litter of softies. :smiley_cat: I have an idea… @Helen can come over on her holiday, catch the cat and kittens, then bring them home with her. Sounds good to me! :wink:


Thanks Cagey, I’m not sure I’d want kittens sending through the post. At the UK end, the Royal Mail doesn’t always have the most sparkling reputation, they could easily get lost in the post. :crying_cat_face::scream:

Not a bad idea, do you think the cruise liner would mind the extra trip right the way across the Atlantic (it’s only supposed to be going part of the way across!)? Wouldn’t be til later on in the year though… :smirk_cat::heart_eyes_cat:
And I’d have to check with the “boss” first, just to make sure he was OK with more kitties around the house! (I think the answer would probably be no, no matter how much I pleaded with him)


If you could persuade the Caption to make a little side trip over here first, you could catch the cat and kittens, bring them back on board and drop them off at the restaurant when you arrive at your destination. See? Works for me and should work for you! The felines will have a new home with tourists and chefs to provide for them and your hubby wouldn’t have to worry about bringing any home. So it’s settled - unless the Captain won’t buy it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s a bit more than a little side trip! I’ve just looked at the world map and realised why I failed Geography at school all those years ago - I’ll not even be halfway to Canada on that trip. Even further out of his way to get anywhere near the US, I don’t think my bank balance would cover the running costs of that diversion! :scream:

LOL, when I mentioned the “boss” I meant the cat! :heart_eyes_cat:


Which cat? We’re ALL bosses!!

yeah yeah, I’m supposed to be sleeping. Coughing is making that a bit difficult.


A certain cat :cat: will fit… mew… mew mew… me-www…

packing 1 bird water bottle … 1 bag Cat Chow… 1 bag catnip-- oh, forget that, I’d tear up the clothing, lol

Oh no!! Now you guys have me going off topic!! Ok… a song…
I’ve been toooooo sick
to see the dark sky
I only hear clock-tick
I don;t know whyyyy!
I’d like to stick it in a sock
But… we have no clock
Hickory-dickory dock!
Mice fall every hour—
from the high clock tower!

2019 Meteors and Sky Watching

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Oh heck, what topic is that :open_mouth: is there even a topic confused6 I’m so confused crazy%20confused%20doofus

Think Cagey needs more catnip
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c6IEsAq-vk :joy::rofl:


True, of course!
In this case I was referring to the meezer that thinks of me as his adoring slave, food dispenser and sometime bed-warmer… :smile_cat:

I don’t think there was even room for a small cat-toy in my suitcase last time I packed. For the first time ever I actually had to sit on the suitcase to get the lid down enough that I could close it properly.

I think seeing as it’s Cagey’s Lounge that anything she posts is ON-topic?! :thinking::no_mouth:


You’ll just have to learn to pack things more densely! I started laughing, trying to picture you sitting on and bouncing on a suitcase while trying to snap the locks. I hope you don’t have to go through that at the airport. That would be a sight to see! :rofl:

The topic has the word “Lounge” in its title, so I would imagine anything goes… unless it is by chance supposed to be kitty-related. :smirk_cat: If so, there’s always the Tomnod Tavern. Oh wait! “Tavern”… isn’t that alcohol-related? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not posting a picture! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not that I took any, I was too busy trying to get the case shut.

Nope, all done in the privacy of the hotel room. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: