2019 Jan 1st to June 30th - CageyCat Lounge


Tsk! How did the catnip lounge turn into a plumber’s bar? LOL

just to finish this off—

This guy was here about 25 minutes. Long enough to replace the flapper for the toilet. He lowered the water level in the tank rather than raise it like I asked which I didn’t see until later. (gotta call them about that).

He managed to ruin the garbage disposal. Sounds like a jackhammer now!

And, he was to give an estimate for 2 items.

THEN, they don’t give receipts-- they print and mail it to you! Same with the estimate!!

And those small things that took less than 15 mins cost $85 — no way! where’s that post a review page???




Hey! The Discourse system edit software didn’t edit your post by removing the multiple :rofl: and :money_mouth_face:! It must be :sleeping:


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Testing testing testing testing
Are you awake bot bot bot bot???


I saw where a trucker won the US$280 Million PowerBall. First thought was @Beverly1. Then I saw it was in Brooklyn, NY. Sorry Bev, wish it could have been you! :frowning:


This got me thinking of how it used to be on the town highway department here. When someone who had cleared out a lot of brush would call to have it chipped, we would chip everything, pick up all the smaller branches and toss them into the chipper, rake whatever else was left on the lawn/side of the road and toss that into the truck, and finally sweep the road clear of all the chips that had blown out. By the time we finished and drove away, one would never have know there had been a brush pile there at all! And some of these brush “piles” were over 100’/30 metres long and over our heads. I think a few landowners got carried away clearing and cleaning up their woodlots. One in area I can remember not being able to see into the woods for more than 20’/6 metres. When this guy got through, I could see 1/4-mile/0.4 km./402 metres. It looked like he was going to set up picnic tables all around and had very wide paths running all over - almost like a state campsite. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m sure the deer didn’t mind being able to run through, but it afforded them less hiding places. Oh well, that was years ago. I’m sure it’s grown back in by now. :neutral_face:




It must have been the sand. Okay, maybe the cat was “nipping while driving.” :smile_cat:


Certainly looks more like a CAT Nap to me… or was one before the accident…:wink:


I had wanted to post this in the Tomnod Tavern, but the Discourse software said I had already posted 3 consecutive times and to let someone else post and I could reply to that. Humph! So here is what my post is:
Here’s something to make you smile, grin or smirk… or hopefully even laugh! My wife and I went out onto the porch to smoke a cigarette. She sat in one of the chairs (which had a little snow on it thanks to the wind). I, on the other hand, brought out a cushion one uses when hunting in the winter. It heats up when you sit on it. When we started to head back inside, my wife commented on how her butt was cold. When I told her mind wasn’t, she turned around to told me to feel the cold on her. So I said, “Squish, squish, squish” and pinched her butt - 3 times! :smiling_imp: :grinning: She turned, slapped my hand and said, “I didn’t mean for you to feel my butt like that, you fool!” Then she went into the house. See? I still keep her on her toes, but it’'s hard to keep on my best behavior. :innocent: :rofl: Oh well… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


How many faces can spot? :grin:


10 ??? (enough ?? to let me post)

EDIT: 11 found another


At least 10, I’m pausing for coffee and then a recount… ha. clever art

Edit: I may have another, but I’m not sure… I see it, but it doesn’t jump at me well… still need to aborb my coffee… but still fun… my problem is that I see other things that could be faces, but don’t fit what I think the rules would be… ha ha… what’s new… still I reject a silhouette as a face… a face has some detail as seen in the more obvious ones… also possible I can’t count straight this early…


With a glance I see 10 faces, but I am in a hurry. I have to run up to our daughter’s house to let her dog out. Maybe I should just bring her down here seeing that our daughter is coming for dinner anyway. And to think my wife just finished mopping the floors. :laughing: Wet dog footprints and drool gonna be all over! :open_mouth: Happens every time! :laughing:

Edit: Okay, I’m back. Now that I have a little more time… 11 faces, but still checking. :wink:
Remember that beach scene where we were supposed to find Melissa (@Mel_Nod)? I glanced at that again (saved it to my clipboard) and figured there’s a lot of different people we could look for… those with business clothes on, those fully dressed in casual clothes, those in swim wear, how many males/females, how many with hats/sunglasses, etc… I’ll make a list of what to look for and post that in the “Find Mel” thread (or whatever the title was).


But we only have 10 fingers, so how can we count higher? :crazy_face:



Spotted this on Twitter a couple of days ago - :eyes: I saw 10 then, and still count 10 now…!


Yup. 10 fingers so, using binary you can count up to (2^10)-1 = 1023 (but I still only see ten faces, 5 on each side of the tree.)


I see 1 in the dirt, right side, looking up.


Still can’t see that one.