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Still see 11…:smiley:


Yep, that’s what I see - 11.

I think that one you see in the dirt is not meant to be :thinking:
Now you’re on the mend, maybe you should to ease off on the catnip now Cagey :rofl:

I got it on FB, so it’s doing the rounds, but it didn’t reveal any total number of faces, but I’m still seeing 11.


I think when I saw it, the most people had seen was 10. Took me a few recounts to get to 10, but I can’t see any more than that…
Here are the ones I’ve spotted… (hidden using the Discourse “Spoiler” feature that I’ve just found!)

Can anybody point me in the direction of number 11? I can’t see any more no matter how many times I look at it!


It’s a grumpy “old man or baby face” #4.


I’m not saying “nuttin!” :rofl:

:smiley: That’s the last one I had found, but I wasn’t about tell and spoil it for everyone.
So… if anyone want to see face #12? I “made” it by scrolling the picture up and stopping it just above the man’s collar (left side of tree trunk). Here’s what it looks like: An old man looking down to the ground, forehead and nose pressed against the tree. And if you really want it, # 13 is the jaw of this man. This face is looking up with the forehead toward the tree, back of head hidden by tree root. Is that cheating? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


??? Havent been able to see that one…


Look at the cut off I posted above. The old man’s forehead and the bridge of his nose is pressing against the base of the tree. The top of his eye is just below the top edge (the outer corner of his eye is immediately below the 2nd “e” in “forehead” directly above. His cheek line runs from below his “eye” down to the left of his nose and almost down to his jaw which run up and to the right from the tree root. It is a little jagged (from clothes).

The second face here (#13 if you will) is made up of this jagged line with the mouth being barely visible and just a button nose. The eye is the small slit and he has pointed brow with a sloping forehead. The top of his head (partially cut off) comes back down between the “p” in the word “up” and the “w” in the word “with” in the text above it.

I just noticed on the right side of the tree is the silhouette of an open mouthed person facing down - with the top of the head against the tree. The short piece of the head comes almost straight down, slopes to the right (forehead) and the nose below that. The upper lip is at the same angle as the forehead, then there’s the wide open mouth and chin. The lower jaw goes up (and to the right) to the neck which becomes a continuous line as the top of the tree root. :grinning:


Told you, in the dirt. :wink:



  1. Went to P, heard toilet tinkling, did a little jig. Got winded. Went back to bed but left heat up to help toilet.

  2. Took dishes to kitchen, plus ones in sink. Loaded dishwasher. Got winded. Back to bed. (Run dishes later.) Feet got icy, so still re-warming them.

  3. Tired. naptime…


On my IPad, the word forehead is on the right side of the tree. The face you’re talking about is n the left side.


Thanks Terri! I had spotted “something” there, think my brain decided it was a bit too cartoonish compared to the others…


I don’t see that one, but spotted this one:


When this was first posted, I was looking at that but the “Pig’s snout” on the left, just about the woman’s eyes, jumped right out at me. I laughed at that.
But if we want to get into stretching our imaginations into the cartoon world, in your post, look above the woman’s forehead. I see two heads (cartoon characters), one in the corner and the other to the right but in the foreground. To the right of the 2nd head is right hand in the upright position. Now I can see another head - a woman’s head. Her right cheek is bordering the thick black in front of the woman’s eyeglasses. Both of her eyes, her curled hair and right cheek are clearly visible. I’d do some more checking, but those 2 doe with the 3 late fawns are outside at the moment. My wife was outside and just came in. They didn’t seem to mind her being on the porch. (She trying to muscle in on the trust I have with these deer? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) :grinning:


I think there may be a slight chance that Angel could be just a bit spoiled. :smile_cat: Donna is watching the Super Bowl while sitting on the couch. Angel walked in, looked at her and started meowing at her, then just walked away. I told Donna that she was sitting on Angel’s couch. Angel followed me out to the kitchen where I proceeded to put some treats in her treat bowl. When I stopped, she just stood there, looked at the bowl and then at me - twice! So I put some different treats in the bowl as well. Then she walked over to it, sniffed at the two different flavors I put in the bowl and “decided” on the one she wanted to eat first. Spoiled or what? :smirk_cat:


This guy on YouTube has a bunch of videos where he gives his cat different food next each other and sees which one the cat prefers. Very entertaining:


That cat ate quite a bit! But then again, that salmon was to the cat as ice cream is to me! :yum: :laughing:


Oh my I’m exhausted from trip to the Dr. Not even raining yet. Hurt all over.

Mew :crying_cat_face: Mew :crying_cat_face: Mew :crying_cat_face: Mew :crying_cat_face: Mew :crying_cat_face: Mew :crying_cat_face: Mew :crying_cat_face:



:rofl: Nibbles, my daughter’s old cat (17 or 18 years now), loves to lie across the top of the back of the reclining chair my daughter sits in. Today while I was working on the clothes dryer, I heard a lot of commotion upstairs. I knew my daughter was working and it was only the dog and two cats up there. When I got up to the top of the stairs and looked around into the living room, there lying across the top of the recliner was Abby the dog! She never looked up at me, but just lay there “pretending” she was asleep like Nibbles. Nibbles in the meantime decided he would be a lot warmer sleeping on the radiator cover in the dining room. Guess he needs the warmth as he is old and skinny now. He’s been my buddy since Donna and I first started caring for him at 8 weeks old while our daughter was at work. I’ll have to hunt up a picture I took of my wife taking a nap on the sofa with Nibbles the kitten on her chest. Both sleeping like babies. :grinning: Now Cammy on the other hand, usually takes her naps under a bed. Probably figures the dog won’t bother her under there. She only comes out when I call her - and tell her, “Grandpa’s got some treats for you!” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

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