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ewwwwy ewwwwy-- STOPPP! It’s not even cooked! ew, ew, ew, giving me a bellyache. he’s gonna be throwing up, ya know?

going be4 I puke


Cats can cook? And here I thought that wood fire I smell every night was one of the neighbors’ wood stove going. I bet those feral cats are out in the woodlot at the cul-de-sac having a cook out. I wonder if they invite the deer and fox. I know they won’t invite the coyotes. I think it’s because they eat too much and don’t have the best manners.


Jus’ so’s you know… When I travel on my cloud, I bring along my Sunny-Side grill. I fish, but plop those fish right onto the grill. Sun cooks em right up! Course, I like my eggs a bit runny. :smiley:

:cat: mew


Hey, Cagey… see the newbie? Robert9 posted in “Northern Lights”. Joined at 2 AM this morning (ET).


:astonished: You mean you’ve never eaten Gravlax, you’ve never lived :drooling_face: :laughing:


I think he was just advertising Jim :wink:


It did sound that way, but I was giving him the benefit of doubt - being a newbie nervous about what to say in his first post. I have seen other forums riddled with spam on and off… sometimes with multiple posts repeating the same thing. Most annoying and a waste of band space.


Thanks whoever flagged it. Other option (if I hadn’t had Dr appts) would have been for me to remove the ad and then Jim’s post would hang well too. :fleur_de_lis:


Yes, yes! 2 & 1/2 cups of it.

Mix thoroughly.

*No bake fudge.





:laughing: Our grandson used to have a race horse named “One Sock Mike”. He had what looked like a white sock on just one front lower leg. The poor horse was in his field near a highway when a car and a truck collided head on. The accident spooked the horse and he ran down toward the stream and broke (shattered) his leg in a hole (ground hog?). Our grandson and his other grandparents still miss him.




:rofl::rofl::rofl::laughing::laughing::laughing: I know I seldom make sense to my self! Good thing what with the mood I’ve been in lately. Very blue and freaking depressed. I have got to get my act together. Otherwise it will start affecting my physical health again, as I’m sure you know all to well.


Ack! This blue gives me comfort-- listen…

I believe music heals, even if it just allows us to grieve…

When my sister died, I spent every evening/night listening to the entire soundtrack of Somewhere in Time. It let me cry, sob, reach toward the heavens…

Now, if I can find a soundtrack to break this inactivity I feel… :slight_smile: Guess they don’t make a Clean House Depression soundtrack!



Despite the rest of the lyrics, these are words that stick in my mind when I sent the link to my sister when she was feeling really down with a broken arm and some painful skin condition on the soles of her feet…a stress related condition due to work.

'Cause this just don’t feel right to me
I want to raise your spirits
I want to see you smile…

Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been thinking
I want you to be happier, I want you to be happier…


Short… Shy…

Note: Turn off by 0:19 unless you like irritating sound effects.


Maybe I should have posted this in “Smile for the Day”…

After I cleaned out the litter box tonight, I told Donna that it looked like Angel (:kissing_cat:) had diarrhea. She asked, “What made her have diarrhea?” So I said (holding my smile back), “I don’t know. She was sleeping so I couldn’t ask her.” Donna went on about her business - for nearly ten minutes - then I heard her say, “You idiot! What did you think? Angel was going to tell you?” Now smiling, I said, “Well, if she was awake, then I’m sure she would have told me.” For some strange reason, Donna started ignoring me until nearly her bedtime (about 6 hours before I’m ready). I think she’s starting to catch on to my dry humor - after only 47 years. :neutral_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Once again I had a conflict as to where to post this… being it deals with a female. But since the female in question is a feline, here is where it goes. This afternoon after waking from her 4-6 hour cat nap, Angel came out into the kitchen meowing at me. She had a certain tone in her voice that meant she was annoyed and means business. At first I thought maybe she was out of food, water or treats. Checked everything… all good. So I got the comb out to give her a good combing… she didn’t want that. Then she started meowing at me again - as though she were scolding me. Finally I realized that maybe her litter box was a “mine field.” Yup! That was it! Just after I finished cleaning it, in struts Angel. At first I thought she was just going to examine how good of a job I performed. But nooo… she stepped right in and did her business. I left the room to give her some privacy. :roll_eyes: Once she came back out to the kitchen and started munching on some treats I went back in and cleaned her litter box again. I think maybe she’s been in cahoots with Donna and is making her own “honey do” list. :confused:



I must have eaten a half a head of cabbage (at least). Does that count as magically delicious? It was delicious! :yum: And I did listen to quite a lot of Irish music - both in English and Irish.